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WWE Diva Victoria

WWE Diva Victoria

Victoria has been one of the top heel divas in WWE for some time now. She's captured the Women's title twice and has been a favorite in almost any WWE diva competition that takes place. Here's more info about WWE Diva, Victoria.

Real name: Lisa Marie Varon
Billed Height: 5ft. 8in (1.73m)
Billed Weight: 155lb (70kg)
Birthday: February 10, 1971 (36)
Birthplace: San Bernardino, CA

Lisa Marie, known to WWE fans as "Victoria", has been into athletics even since she was much younger. She was a cheerleader since sixth grade, and while a senior in high school she was selected by NCA (National Cheerleading Assoc.) to cheer at the halftime of the NFL's Pro Bowl. She attended the University of California studying biology, and eventually worked in a job involving organ donation. While at this job she was into fitness, as an aerobics instructor, and eventually a competitor in bodybuilding contests. She was part of several ESPN2 Fitness series and contests, and even met fellow diva Torrie Wilson at a Miss Galaxy competition in 1998. Victoria had also met Trish Stratus through fitness competitions. Victoria was unable to get a contract with WCW despite having the help of friend Torrie.

It was in 2000 that Victoria came to the WWE, thanks to meeting the WWF's Chyna during bodybuilding sessions. Chyna encouraged her to submit a tape to WWE. Victoria was hired by the WWE soon and portrayed the "lead ho" for the Godfather's "Ho Train" gimmick. After her brief role in WWE she went to Memphis Championship Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling. She came into contact with the likes of Ivory and the Basham Brothers here. It was on July 7, 2002 that Victoria made her WWE diva debut. She claimed Trish Stratus had betrayed her, and this eventually led to a feud between the two. Victoria was able to capture the WWE Women's title at Survivor Series 2002 during a Hardcore Match against Trish. The feud continued, and wrestler Stevie Richards came into the mix, starting a relationship amongst the two.

Victoria lost the WWE Women's title to Trish at Wrestlemania XIX, but regained it in February 2004 at a Fatal Fourway Elimination Match (against Molly Holly, Lita and Jazz). Victoria lost the title to Trish Stratus again in June 2004 at Bad Blood during another Fatal Fourway. Victoria has held the title just two times and never again since 2004. Victoria continues to be a major diva heel and competitor on the Smackdown brand in 2007-08 as she has aligned herself with wrestler Kenny Dykstra. (info source: Wikipedia)

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