Monday, January 7, 2008

WWE Raw Preview 1.07.08

Tonight WWE Raw Roulette takes place in the famous Mohegan Sun casino! The show concept was originally designed by Eric Bischoff, and will feature matches determined by a simple spin of the roulette wheel. It first premiered in October 2002 in Las Vegas and had matches like a "Vegas Street Fight", "It's Legal in Nevada Match" and a "Vegas Showgirls" match between William Regal and Goldust.

In 2003, Raw held another event of this kind in Salt Lake City, Utah. This time around it featured matches such as "Capture the Midget" between Rosey and Hurricane. It also featured an intense diva steel cage match between Lita and Victoria.

The Royal Rumble is approaching and several superstars are looking to prepare for the event. Ric Flair is looking to keep winning or he must retire. Since he was attacked by William Regal last week, he surely has revenge on his mind for tonight's Raw. Triple H was also affected by this as Regal cost him his spot in the Royal Rumble. There's also Jeff Hardy who won't be happy after Randy Orton sent his brother Matt to the ER last week. These superstars and others will all be a part of the unpredictable event.

A spin of the roulette wheel will decide the fates of many wrestlers on Raw. What matches will be in store for the WWE superstars? Catch Raw at 9PM EST on USA, Monday nigh to find out!

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