Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Floyd Mayweather's Big WWE Payout

According to various sources including, Floyd Mayweather will receive a gross payout of $20 million for his Wrestlemania XXIV appearance against Big Show. According to the site, that figure is more than just one or two of Mayweather's 39 professional boxing matches earned him.


"For WWE to cough up that kind of money for this one-time event, with no commitment beyond March 30, is amazing," said Leonard Ellerbe, who worked for months negotiating the appearance with World Wrestling Entertainment. "It tells you all you need to know about the financial power of the WWE, that they could afford to pay Floyd Mayweather $20 million."

"It's a great achievement for us, but it's just indicative of where Floyd is as an entertainer," Ellerbe said. "Ric Flair ran up to Floyd, wanted to take a picture with Floyd, said he and his wife were Floyd's best fans. All these wrestlers wanted pictures with Floyd, Lindsey Lohan wanted a picture. All the celebrities that have been calling me since this was announced, Eddie Murphy, you name it, you wouldn't believe it.

So is Mayweather worth it? This match won't be the favorite on the card as it's already drawn criticism from WWE fans and analysts all over as more of a farce. It wasn't the originally planned concept WWE had, for just Big Show to face Mayweather one on one, as it was intended to be a tag match involving Rey Mysterio, MVP and possibly Oscar De La Hoya. WWE may have spent its money better on acquiring more celebrity names or former wrestlers, such as Hulk Hogan and The Rock to be a part of the huge spectacle.

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