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Smackdown Recap 02.29.08

Smackdown Recap from Tucson, AZ:

Smackdown opened with footage of the Wrestlemania 24 press conference featuring superstars like John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Big Show facing off with boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Joey Ryans & Jay Garland vs. Big Show
Handicap Match

Show took on two amateurs in a handicap match as he returned from WWE. Michael Cole announced that Show will be in action against a pro boxer next week, in an exhibitian match.

Show took out his frustration on his two undersized opponents early.. After slamming Ryans down, he rammed Garland into the corner of the ring. Soon after, Garland got to his feet near the ropes, but Show grabbed him and chokeslammed him down. Show then tossed Ryans to the corner and mocked a boxer as he through jabs to the midsection. Show gave a right hand to Ryans in the center of the ring, leveling him for the pinfall.

After winning, Show got on the mic. Show discussed a rumor that Mayweather will face Oscar De La Hoya after W24. Show said he wants to squash the rumor, because he's going to break Mayweather in half at WM24. Show said he might be the one facing De La Hoya, and the 20 million payout Mayweather is getting "may not be worth it".

Winner: The Big Show wins via pinfall over Joey Ryans & Jay Garland.

Make a Wish event shown in Phoenix, Arizona featuring superstars like John Cena, Maria, and Rey Mysterio. On March 30th 2008, Make a Wish will grant 50 Wishes for 50 Kids with the help of WWE and Raven Simone. According to the footage, in March John Cena will grant his 100th wish for the foundation.

Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore vs. Deuce & Domino

Domino threw his shirt in Yang's face to start the match, then took him down to the mat in a headlock. Yang moved away on an elbow drop and gained momentum enough to tag in Moore. Moore quickly dropkicked Domino down. Moore flipped to the side apron after fighting with Domino in the corner. Domino managed to grab Moore's legs and threw him outside the ring.

D&D started to doubleteam Moore in the ring. Moore tried to battle back against Deuce, but Deuce dropped him to the mat for a beatdown. Deuce continued beating up Moore then knocked Yang off the apron. Moore finally moved away from the ropes when Domino tried to jump on him. Yang tagged in and started to use quick moves against his opponents. Yang knocked Domino to the apron and Deuce hit Yang from behind. Cherry helped by grabbing Moore's leg, allowing Domino to hit him out of the ring. Inside the ring Yang was able to gain control and score a moonsault on Deuce to win it.

Winner: Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore win via pinfall over Deuce & Domino.

Backstage, Edge talked to Vickie about where they can go on their honeymoon. Edge said he wanted to take her to see Canada, and Vickie told Edge she loves Canada and Canadians. Just then, Ryder & Hawkins came in. Edge told them tonight that Ryder will face Undertaker to get payback. Edge told him not to worry as he and Hawkins would "have his back".

Footage was revisited of Chuck Palumbo's match against Jamie Noble. After the victory, Palumbo beat Noble around the ring and outside it as Michelle McCool looked on.

Jamie Noble vs. Chuck Palumbo

Noble was accompanied to the ring by Michelle McCool. Early on Noble took it to Chuck in the corner with punches and kicks. Palumbo recovered and picked up Noble to ram him into the corner. Noble countered Chuck in the corner then used his legs to squeeze Palumbo's arm over the ropes. Palumbo regained control, then tossed Noble out of the ring for more punishment.

Palumbo kept beating up Noble outside the ring, until Michelle came over to yell at him. Chuck started to stalk Michelle and Noble attacked him from behind. Noble tossed Palumbo back into the ring and started to work on his arm. Noble got to the corner ropes, but Chuck climbed up as well and suplexed Noble off to the mat. Noble failed at a pin then took out more frustration on Noble with punches down on the mat. Noble countered a Palumbo move to trip him down to the mat and pull his arm back. Palumbo managed to grab the bottom rope, breaking the submission, then got up to give a solid shot to Noble. Noble seemed out cold, and Chuck picked him up for more slams.

Chuck jumped off the ropes at a fallen Noble who moved away. Noble continued to try to win it as he grabbed Chuck's arm for another submission hold on his arm. Chuck managed to knock Noble down, then picked him up for the Full Throttle.

Winner: Chuck Palumbo wins via pinfall over Jamie Noble.

Backstage in an office, Teddy brought Maryse to see Vickie Guerrero. Maryse started to praise Vickie as the best GM there is and the prettiest of the divas. As Vickie gloated, Batista came into the office. Batista asked to represent Smackdown at Wrestlemania 24 against Raw's wrestler, Umaga. Maryse said he is "the animal" and Vickie said Batista can have his match.

An advertisement was shown for Wrestlemania 24 featuring highlights of various superstars. WM24 is just 30 days away. Michael Cole announced that John Legend will sing "America the Beautiful" at Wrestlemania 24.

Batista & Kane vs. MVP & Great Khali

Early in the match, Khali forced Kane into a corner near MVP to start kicking him. MVP slapped Khali to come in and continue punching Kane. Kane whipped MVP to the ropes then tossed him up over his back. Kane followed with a dropkick on a seated MVP then tagged in Batista. Batista gained control of MVP, and he and Kane started to isolate MVP to keep him away from the tag. MVP tried to gain momentum off the ropes and run at Batista, but Batista hit a huge spinebuster. Khali pulled MVP out of the ring to help him out. MVP and Khali stood outside the ring looking in at Kane/Batista as Smackdown hit commercial.

When Smackdown returned, Batista faced Khali in the ring. Khali hit a huge punch on Batista which sent him out through the ropes. Batista gained composure and go back to the apron where he grabbed Khali and brought him down by his neck on the ropes. Batista came into the ring, but Khali soon knocked him down. After isolating Batista in the corner near MVP for a bit, Batista escaped when Khali missed on a punch. Kane tagged in then came into the ring with momentum against Khali. Khali was able to level Kane as well, then tag in MVP.

MVP and Khali worked on Kane. Khali took control of Kane with a headbutt then distracted the ref so MVP could choke Kane in the corner. MVP tagged in to try to keep Kane away from Batista. Kane fought back from the corner, but MVP tripped him down for a hold. Kane finally mustered up the power to pick up MVP and slam him down, but MVP was able to counter again on a worn down Kane. Khali tagged in yet again to continue beating on Kane. Khali was about to go for the vice grip but Kane countered and put a chokeslam on. Khali elbowed his way out. Kane finally escaped when MVP came in. Batista made the tag and started to ram MVP in the corner, then whip him to the other for a clothesline. Khali made a blind tag to MVP's back, and as Batista slammed MVP down, Khali came in to level Batista.

Khali went for the vice grip, but Batista blocked then drove Khali down with a serious spinebuster. MVP dove into the ring to save the pin. Kane came in and gave a boot to MVP's face, then Batista hit the Spear on Khali to pickup the win!

Winners: Batista & Kane win via pinfall over Great Khali & MVP.

Eve Torres, winner of the 2007 WWE Diva Search came to the top of the ramp. Eve discussed the meaning of the night before Wrestlemania, the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Footage was shown of Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson, who will be the next inductees to the 2008 WWE Hall of Fame class. The Rock will be presenting his two wrestling forefathers at the induction ceremony. Tickets will be on sale starting tomorrow in Orlando for the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Commercial was shown for Wrestlemania 24 featuring Kelly Kelly as a Baywatch type lifeguard. A man faked drowning so he could get Kelly to try CPR on him, but Mae Young ran over to push Kelly off him, then did the CPR herself.

Jesse & Festus vs. The Miz & John Morrison

Before the match, Miz and Morrison presented "The Dirt Sheet". On the Titantron, Miz and Morrison pretended they were interviewing Jesse about being abducted by aliens. Interview footage was spliced in to make it look like Jesse was answering back.

As the bell rang, Festus became his monster self and attacked Miz. Festus threw Miz around the ring, then slammed him down. After the beatdown, Jesse tagged in to use quick moves against Miz. Morrison tried to distract Jesse but Jesse punched him off the apron. Miz slipped out of the ring and got Jesse to chase him around the ring. Morrison clotheslined Jesse down around the side of the ring.

Miz and Morrison went at Jesse in the corner, doubleteaming him. Jesse managed to tumble underneath a clothesline attempt by Miz and Morrison, then tagged in Festus. Jesse came into the ring to clear it of Miz, then Festus did a finishing face first slam on Morrison for a pin.

Winner: Jesse & Festus win via pinfall over The Miz and John Morrison.

Raw Rebound revisited the incident involving Mr. McMahon vs. Hornswoggle in a steel cage. Finlay tried to intervene and stop the match, but JBL came down to attack. After cuffing Finlay to the rope, JBL beat up Hornswoggle around the cage with Finlay helpless. On this past week's Raw, Mr. McMahon demanded an apology from JBL for what happened. JBL came down to the ring and informed Vince that Hornswoggle is really Finlay's son, and he will prove it. Michael Cole said that Finlay will be at Raw live this coming Monday night.

Balls Mahoney vs. Big Daddy V

V took control early on, knocking Balls to the mat, then stomping on him near the ropes. V whipped him to the ropes for a serious side slam. V put Mahoney in the corner then ran at him to splash him. V followed this by picking up Mahoney on his shoulders then slamming him back.

Just then, the lights went out and Undertaker's bell tolled. Taker walked down the ramp and got into the ring with V. V went at Undertaker, but Taker ducked then kicked V out of the ring. With Balls left alone in the ring, Undertaker grabbed him and chokeslammed him down.

After Taker slammed Mahoney he grabbed a mic and demanded that Edge bring his "minion" down to the ring to meet his fate.

Winner: No winner due to Undertaker's interference.

Zach Ryder vs. The Undertaker

Taker chased after Ryder to start the match. Ryder slipped back in under the ropes and Taker walked towards Edge/Hawkins at the bottom of the ramp. Ryder did a slide dropkick knocking Taker down outside the ring. Taker recovered the grab Ryder and hit him into the ringpost. Taker beat up Ryder some more before tossing him back into the ring.

Inside the ring, Taker continued to dominate and put Ryder in the corner. Taker landed several punches, then tossed Ryder over the top rope out of the ring. Undertaker went out after Ryder, then stared down Edge as he attacked Ryder more. Michael Cole noted that Taker is master of mindgames and was sending a message to Edge here. Ryder got in a low blow to catch Taker off guard, then tried for a quick pin.

Ryder tried to punch away at Taker in the corner, but Taker continued to shove him away, then slammed him face first to the corner. Taker started punching Ryder repeatedly then stomped him down in the corner. Taker whipped Ryder to the opposite corner, then clotheslined him. Taker used a sold boot to Ryder off the ropes, followed by a legdrop. After a failed pin, Ryder got up and Taker clutched him around the neck for a chokeslam. Taker slammed Ryder down then stared down Edge. Taker wrapped up Ryder with his legs around his neck/shoulders. Ryder quickly surrendered giving Taker the win.

As Taker kept the submission locked on after the bell, Edge and Hawkins jumped in to the ring to save their teammate. They tried to take out Undertaker, but Undertaker fended off the attack, driving Edge out of the ring to watch as he beat up both Ryder and Hawkins. Taker reapplied the submission hold to Hawkins with Edge watching from the ramp in horror. Taker picked up the World Heavyweight Belt, continuing to stare down Edge as Smackdown left the air.

Winner: The Undertaker wins via submission over Zach Ryder.

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good to see balls on his first smackdown

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u know what would be awesome... 2 out a 3 match b.w big show n Floyd...1st boxing than wrestling than mma... hes getting paid 20 mill(more than alot of the wrestlers yearly amount) y not make it interesting

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