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2008 Judgment Day Predictions

Sunday May 18th marks the 2008 edition of WWE's Judgment Day Pay-Per-View! On the card there are 4 titles up for grabs including WWE title, World Heavyweight, WWE Tag team titles and the Women's title. Tensions will be high at this event as we also have several feuds going on involving the likes of JBL and John Cena as well as Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. Who will come out on top? Here's WWE Characters the Blog predictions for the 2008 Judgment Day event...

WWE Champion Triple H vs. Randy Orton (Steel Cage Match)

We saw a reverse image of what's to come at Judgment Day on this past week's Raw. Triple H tossed Orton into the cage wall, causing Orton to fall to the outside. Then we saw HHH climb to the top and stare down at Orton as the show ended. Expect to see Triple H climb the wall after a Pedigree, leaving Orton in the ring this time. There's no reason to expect Triple H will lose the WWE title this quickly, unless perhaps William Regal turns the lights out.

Prediction: Triple H successfully escapes the cage to retain the WWE title.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison vs. ECW Champion Kane & CM Punk

This should be the only real title change on the card. Kane and Punk have what it takes in singles matches, and as a tag team they will be no different. In the past Kane has teamed with other superstars like X-Pac and RVD to take the tag titles. In this situation, it will probably lead to Kane and Punk having the titles, with Punk eyeing Kane's ECW title, or even trying for it here.

Prediction: Kane & Punk win via pinfall to win the WWE Tag Team titles.

Undertaker vs. Edge (World Heavyweight Championship Match)

The World Heavyweight title is currently held by no one, thanks to Vickie Guerrero. This of course will be part of Edge's plan to try to get back the belt he lost at Wrestlemania 24. Expect the Undertaker to win here, and maybe even use the banned Choke hold to do it, leading up to more punishment from Vickie and compay on Smackdown. Either way, Taker wins, whether it be by Chokeslam, Tombstone or Submission. The win will add yet another "title reign" to Undertaker's impressive resume.

Prediction: Undertaker wins via submission to capture the World Heavyweight title.

Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Melina (Triple Threat Match)

With the exception of the recent Fatal Fourway, these sorts of matches usually favor the current champ. The reason it will favor Mickie James here is that tensions are high between Beth and Melina. The two heel divas are at odds and will probably end up beating each other up to the point Mickie James can score yet another pinfall win.

Prediction: Mickie James wins via pinfall to retain the WWE Women's Title.

JBL vs. John Cena

The best guess here says this match will somehow put Cena on the sidelines so he can work on and promote the movie 12 Rounds. Cena seems to have been taken out of the title picture for now, but it would be great to see him battling Triple H within the coming year for the WWE title. Expect JBL to do the same thing he's done to Jericho and Finlay/Hornswoggle here and possibly cause Cena "some harm".

Prediction: JBL wins or gets DQ'd, and sidelines Cena so he can work more on the new movie 12 Rounds.

Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

Two things to remember here: first, Batista vowed to find and hurt HBK if he found out he faked his injury during their match at Backlash. Second, Batista isn't involved in any matches on the card. I'd expect if Batista doesn't come into play here, he will in the main event match featuring Undertaker and Edge. Batista interferes here to knock out HBK, or cause the DQ. It may not make Batista popular with the fans, but he'll definitely gain Jericho as a fan. On a side note, the IC title does not appear to be at stake in this "feud match".

Prediction: The Animal Batista interferes in the contest leading to a Jericho pinfall or a DQ.

Feel free to leave your own thoughts and predictions for the various matches by commenting below...Also, be sure to check back here Sunday night after the PPV (11 PM EST) to get all the recaps and results from this PPV event!

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