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Smackdown Recap 05.16.08

Smackdown Recap from Grand Rapids, MI:

The Smackdown show opened with highlights from last week where Vickie Guerrero announced the Championship Chase to determine the Undertaker's opponent for Judgment Day. Members of the Smackdown roster who were previous title holders competed in singles matches which produced 6 men for a main event Battle Royal: Kane, Big Show, Batista, MVP, Matt Hardy and Finlay.

Batista was able to survive by using a headscissors to pull Big Show over the top rope. Batista appeared to be the winner, until Vickie showed up at the top of the ramp and announced Edge was just cleared medically to compete. Edge rushed to the ring and knocked Batista off the apron to win the tournament. Edge will now face Undertaker at Judgment Day and the winner will be named World Heavyweight Champ.

As Smackdown opened, Edge's theme music hit. WWE Superstar Edge emerged on the smoke-filled ramp along with Ryder & Hawkins pushing Vickie Guerrero in a wheelchair. Also present were La Familia members Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely. Everyone made their way down to the ring where Edge spoke first on the mic. Edge discussed being cleared medically and how it was a miracle he could compete and win last week's Championship Chase. Edge then vowed to beat Undertaker at Sunday's Pay-Per-View to become the new champion. As Edge continued speaking, all of a sudden Teddy Long's music hit and the Assistant GM came down to the ring.

Teddy apologized and Vickie chastised him for being late and interrupting their speech in the ring. Vickie ordered Teddy to go to her office and stay there so she could continue yelling at him later. Teddy told her he was late because earlier today he was at WWE Headquarters to meet with the WWE Board of Directors. Teddy said the board questioned Vickie's decision to take away Undertaker's title, and since she blew off their meeting, Teddy went in her place.

Teddy read a letter from WWE's board which informed Vickie they were taking disciplinary action against her. Teddy added the board gave Vickie the option to compete tonight in her first match, and keep her GM position, or not compete and be replaced as GM. An angry Vickie yelled at Teddy, saying he was fired. Teddy responded by saying Vickie can't fire him, because he quits. As Teddy strutted up the ramp, he turned and added that Vickie's opponent tonight will be The Undertaker. A distrought La Familia discussed the decision in the ring.

CM Punk vs. Chuck Palumbo

Highlights were shown of the match between these 2 WWE Superstars from a few weeks ago. The match was a DQ on Palumbo who continued to beat up Punk after losing the match.

Palumbo started off with a vicious attack on Punk in the corner, kneeing him in the gut. Palumbo used a headlock takedown to drop Punk and then tried for the pin. Palumbo continued to punish Punk as he rammed him to the corner. Punk was whipped the opposite corner where he was able to mount some offense. Despite the brief spurt, Palumbo elbowed Punk down again. Punk got up and was near the ropes where Chuck charged at him. Punk dropped down causing Palumbo to spill out of the ring. Punk followed up by diving out onto Palumbo through the ropes.

The two got back into the ring where Chuck gained control with another headlock. Palumbo missed on an elbow drop allowing Punk to start his offense up. Punk tried to roll up Chuck for a pin after he hit the corner but had no luck. Punk hit his trademark knee to Chuck's face, then a bulldog from the corner. Punk continued to be in control, springboarding off the top rope to clothesline Chuck down. Palumbo was able to hit a massive clothesline of his own after grabbing Punk by the leg. Punk escaped a Palumbo suplex attempt, then Palumbo escaped GTS. Punk jumped off the corner where Chuck caught him to slam him down hard. Punk barely kicked out of the pin.

Palumbo set up for a Full Throttle, but Punk slid off his back then shoved him into the corner ringpost. Punk soon connected on Go To Sleep, knocking out Palumbo for the pinfall.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over Chuck Palumbo.

Vickie, Edge and Chavo were shown backstage discussing the earlier decision. An angry MVP stormed into the office asking about the Championship Chase last week he participated in. Finlay came in next and went up to Edge asking him where he can get some of the special green tea Edge drank to heal so fast. Big Show appeared next and began to applaud Edge on his performance than reminded Vickie of her match with Undertaker. Angrily, the Smackdown GM ordered MVP to go find a partner so he can face Big Show and Finlay in a match. After the 3 men left, Chavo asked Vickie why he was part of last week's Championship Chase only for Edge to win. Vickie and Edge told Chavo they have a new plan in the works.

Michelle McCool vs. Layla

The two WWE Divas faced off as Michael Cole announced tickets will go on sale for Night of Champions on Saturday at Noon.

Michelle McCool started with a quick armbar takedown, and continued to take Layla down with various moves, then catapulted her face first to the corner. Michelle started to work on Layla's leg, until Layla was able to pull her to the mat. Layla kept a headlock on as the two divas got up. Michelle picked up Layla then slammed her leg down hard. Michelle came off the ropes and grabbed Layla's leg to slam it down again. Michelle then put a heel hook to pull on the leg. Layla who writhed on the mat in pain soon tapped out to lose the match.

Winner: Michelle McCool wins via submission over Layla.

Highlights from Backlash 3 weeks ago were shown when Shawn Michaels appeared to be hurt against Batista in their match. Batista showed concern and HBK took advantage by hitting him with the Superkick. Michael Cole said for weeks Chris Jericho accused HBK of faking the injury, and tonight fans get to hear what Batista thinks.

Batista arrived down to the ring wearing sunglasses so he could address Edge's actions last week and Shawn Michaels' charade of faking a leg injury. Footage was shown from this past Monday's Raw, where Michaels revealed to Chris Jericho that he faked the leg injury. Jericho laughed and told HBK he knows he's trying to play mind games. Michaels responded with a Superkick to drop Y2J to the mat, then told him to trust that he's not really hurt. Batista said he knows Michaels plans to be at Judgment Day on Sunday, and since he (Batista) has no plans he just might show up.

Mark Henry & MVP vs. Big Show & Finlay

Finlay was accompanied to the ring by his son Hornswoggle, who scurried under the ring before the match. MVP chose the World's Strongest Man to be his partner against Show and Finlay.

MVP started off against Finlay and the two grappled to the corner. MVP gained control briefly, until Finlay tripped him down, then suplexed him. Both men got to their feet and MVP took control again by slamming Finlay to the corner. FInlay punched back to escape then knocked MVP down with a clothesline. Finlay continued to beat up MVP, and brought him down to the mat. Show soon tagged in and MVP backed up. MVP walked up and went for a punch but it didn't phase Show. MVP backed up and tagged in Henry to face Show.

Show and Henry locked up in the center of the ring then broke apart. They went back at it, with Henry applying a headlock. Show soon sent Henry against the ropes and the two collided but stayed on their feet. They grappled again and this time Show put the headlock on. Henry whipped Show against the ropes, but he came right back and knocked Henry to the mat with a shoulder. Henry decided to tag in MVP who didn't want to come in. Show tossed MVP into the ring and took control, then tagged Finlay back in for more.

Finlay knocked MVP down with the clothesline then stomped on him multiple times. Finlay continued to stay in control, hammering away on MVP, then climbed the corner. Mark Henry came over on the side apron and Finlay kicked him away. The ref became distracted and MVP was able to kick Finlay off the corner outside the ring. After Henry rammed Finlay to the side apron, MVP took control of Finlay in the ring. Henry tagged in to help punish Finlay, standing on him near the ropes. MVP came in once again and they continued to keep Finlay away from the tag. After several more tags by MVP and Henry, Finlay managed to avoid a MVP move and crawled over to tag Show.

Show entered and started to knock MVP around the ring. Show went to splash MVP in the corner, but MVP avoided it. Henry entered the ring and splashed Show in the corner from behind. Finlay was able to pull the rope down as Henry charged at him, but MVP soon knocked Finlay down. MVP went to attack the legal man Big Show in the corner. Show was prepared and caught MVP around the neck with 1 hand then chokeslammed him down for a pin.

Winners: Big Show & Finlay win via pinfall over Mark Henry & MVP.

Backstage, Edge comforted Vickie Guerrero then left the office. Vickie turned to address the camera, speaking to the WWE Board. Vickie expressed her outrage over the board's decisions. Vickie said she can't change the board's decision to put her in a match tonight, but she can change the match as GM. Vickie said it will be Undertaker vs. Ryder, Hawkins, Chavo, Bam Neely, Edge and herself in a 6 on 1 Handicap match.

Funaki vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov made his way down to the ring in a dark arena with no theme music. The Russian wrestler was all business against Funaki. Kozlov took Funaki down in a headlock then flipped him over, hanging onto the hold on Funaki's arm. Mick Foley and Michael Cole discussed the undefeated Kozlov and how he's been unstoppable. Kozlov continued the hold on Funaki's arm down on the mat. Kozlov continued to work on the arm, but Funaki fought back on his feet. Funaki tried to come off the ropes but Kozlov dropped his head to knock Funaki down. Funaki stood up and kept trying to fight back, until Kozlov delivered a boot and kicked him down into the corner. Kozlov used a belly to belly suplex to toss Funaki across the ring, then picked him to use his vicious finisher. After planting Funaki face first into the mat, Kozlov took the pin to stay undefeated.

Winner: Vladimir Kozlov wins via pinfall over Funaki.

Smackdown Slam of the Week showed highlights of Deuce and Domino with Maryse calling out Cherry for leaving them. Maryse stayed behind and told Cherry she was just a dog, then Cherry slapped her across the face, knocking Maryse down.

Cherry vs. Maryse

Maryse came down to the ring along with Deuce and Domino to back her up. Maryse started off by shoving Cherry and slapping her face. Cherry kicked and punched back from the corner then tossed Maryse to the corner. After a neckbreaker Cherry went for the quick cover. Maryse was able to trip down Cherry against the ropes then took control kicking Cherry around.

Cherry fought back again slapping away at Maryse, til Maryse kicked her then sent her to the corner. Cherry fought back again, hit Maryse with an elbow, then bulldogged Maryse from the corner. Cherry took a quick pinfall to get the victory, then rolled out of the ring before Deuce and Domino could get to her.

Winner: Cherry wins via pinfall over Maryse.

When Smackdown returned, Cole and Foley revisited the buildup to the WWE title Steel Cage match between Orton and Triple H for Judgment Day. It started with Triple H winning the Fatal Fourway against Orton, JBL and Cena to capture the WWE title. Orton demanded a rematch, which Regal made into a Steel Cage match for Judgment Day. Last week the two men ended up inside the ring after Cena faced Orton in the main event. A steel cage lowered down around them, and HHH gained the advantage, eventually knocking Orton out of the cage. Triple H climbed the cage then stared down at Orton outside the ring. Cole and Foley ran down the rest of the card for Judgment Day.

Backstage, Kofi Kingston was shown talking to Matt Hardy with diva Eve Torres standing in between. Kofi congratulated Hardy on winning the US title and also on the Hardy DVD. Kofi wished Matt good luck in the match tonight and Eve did the same. Matt smiled back at Eve as she and Kofi left. Shelton Benjamin came up to Hardy and started to taunt him about their upcoming match. Hardy vowed to show Shelton the true Gold Standard in their match.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy

The Gold Standard took on the US Champion in a non-title match. Shelton and Matt grappled early, with Hardy shoving Shelton to the ropes. Shelton came back and knocked Matt down with a shoulder block. The two continued to grapple down on the mat trying to get each other into holds. Shelton took control and began to hold Matt's arm back. Matt soon stood back up and punched his way out. After sending Shelton to the corner, Matt clotheslined him then bulldogged him down.

Shelton was able to gain control and suplexed Matt face first to the mat. Shelton continued on the offensive and went for a finisher on Matt. Matt countered to go for Twist of Fate, but Shelton escaped. Shelton continued to stay in control of the US champ, keeping him down on the mat with his legs wrapped around Matt's torso. Matt began to elbow Shelton, but Shelton got up then delivered a few kicks to keep Hardy down. Hardy got up and responded with a quick clothesline, leaving both men down on the mat.

Hardy got up and began to punch Shelton then whipped him to a corner. Matt was able to connect on the Side Effect, but Shelton kicked out of the pin. Matt tried to jump off the corner ropes at one point, but Shelton caught him with a kick to the midsection. Shelton grabbed Matt as he stood up and prepared to suplex him. Out of nowhere, Matt countered then hit the Twist of Fate to score the pin!

Winner: Matt Hardy wins via pinfall over Shelton Benjamin.

Highlights were shown from earlier when Teddy Long told Vickie Guerrero of the disciplinary action the WWE board was taking against her tonight. Vickie was forced to face Undertaker in a match tonight or she would lose her position as Smackdown's GM. An angry Vickie Guerrero tried to fire Teddy but he told her he quit.

La Familia vs. Undertaker
6 on 1 Handicap match

Edge, Chavo, Bam Neely, Ryder, Hakwins & Vickie Guerrero came out from backstage. Edge, Ryder & Hawkins pushed Vickie's wheelchair down the ramp. Chavo and Bam Neely stayed up on the ramp. As Edge waved them down, Chavo and Bam turned their backs and walked backstage. Edge, Ryder & Hawkins tried to re-assure Vickie things would be ok, as the Undertaker's music came on and the arena went dark. Vickie stayed in the corner with Edge, Ryder and Hawkins standing in front of her.

Ryder and Hawkins charged Taker as the bell sounded, but Taker knocked each down with a punch. Taker walked towards Vickie & Edge and went towards him, but Ryder and Hawkins got back to their feet, then hit him from behind. All 3 men started to assault Taker, but he escaped then began to beat up Ryder & Hawkins. The two tried to back him in a corner, but Taker escaped and again tried to go after Edge and Vickie. The 3 heels continued to attack Taker 3 on 1. Edge paced around and watched Ryder and Hawkins try to beat up Taker.

Each time Undertaker fought out and went at Edge or Vickie, Ryder & Hawkins attacked from behind to knock him down again. The triple team continued, as Edge, Ryder and Hawkins beat up Taker. At one point, Taker was able to knock all 3 men away and out of the ring. As he started towards a terrified Vickie, Ryder and Hawkins again slid into the ring to attack him. Taker knocked them both down again, then chokeslammed them to the mat. Taker finally had Vickie alone in the ring and grabbed her around the throat then brought her to the center of the ring. Before Taker could hit her with a move, Edge was in the ring and speared Taker down. Edge quickly escorted Vickie out of the ring and up the ramp, and Ryder & Hawkins soon followed.

Smackdown ended with Edge, Vickie, Ryder & Hawkins collecting themselves on the ramp as Undertaker made his Rest in Peace symbol from the ring towards them.

Winner: Undertaker wins due to countout over Ryder, Hawkins, Edge and Vickie Guerrero.

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