Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's Next for Punk & Regal?

Recently, William Regal has become the biggest, most powerful heel in WWE, surpassing Orton on Raw and Edge/Vickie on Smackdown. After winning King of the Ring, Regal began to lose it, flexing his power by punishing WWE fans. He's now been turning the lights out on matches at his discretion, canceling matches, having entire rosters beat up other wrestlers and more. Even Vince McMahon made an appearance last week to commend Regal's moves, saying it reminded him of himself.

So where is this all headed? My feeling is that we will see Regal continue with this, first by taking care of Mr. Kennedy in the ring. After winning and possibly putting Kennedy on the sidelines, Regal will turn his attention towards the bigger target on Raw, Triple H. I don't see Randy Orton regaining the WWE title, but have a strong feeling Regal could be the next heel to take the belt at some point, based on how much he can annoy the WWE fans. Regal probably deserves the title for his years of hard work in wrestling and it would be a "crowning achievement" for the King. It wouldn't be surprising to see him stack the odds against Triple H and eventually win the belt.

There's also the situation with CM Punk, who holds the Money in the Bank contract right now. It's surprising that WWE hasn't had Edge take it away from him, because that's always a possibility. WWE also has done a great job of keeping us wondering who Punk will cash in for a shot at. My suspicion is that they've made it look like Punk doesn't want the ECW title, when in fact that's what he's going to go after. Punk has lost to Regal in the KOTR finals, he's lost to Edge in several close matches, and had his fight against Orton interrupted (by Regal). Now we have Punk partnering with Kane to go for the WWE tag titles. Seem familiar? Think Shawn Michaels & John Cena or Matt Hardy & MVP. The title holder (Kane) and their challenger (Punk). They partner up to defend their tag titles because they have to, but the one guy is eyeing the other's championship belt. So it's not going to be a huge surprise when Punk & Kane win the WWE titles, then Punk makes a run at Kane's ECW title. The interesting thing with that is that Punk could turn heel, cash in his contract after any tag team title defense where Kane is worn down, and win the ECW title.

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Anonymous Dean Saliba said...

I love Regal's current heel run, I know some don' like his turning the light of things but I think it is great.

May 11, 2008 at 12:25 PM  

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