Friday, August 29, 2008

Smackdown Preview 08.29.08

Last week Smackdown narrowed its field of competitors for the WWE title to 4 men. In a series of qualifying matches, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Jeff Hardy and The Brian Kendrick all put themselves into title contention at Unforgiven. The match will be the brand new Championship Scramble, with Triple H entering as the champ. After 20 minutes it's possible someone new will hold the WWE title. Now on tonight's Smackdown each of the competitors looks to prepare and gain some sort of psychological edge. Which of these superstars will have the best performance on Smackdown?

Big Show was an obvious snub from last week's qualifying matches, but still made his presence felt. During the 10 man Battle Royal, Big Show got involved and basically eliminated most of the competition. The last man Show disposed of, or thought he did, was The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick was luckily caught mid-air by his nearby bodyguard Ezekiel. Kendrick won on the technicality that his feet never hit the floor, but Big Show really won the match for him by eliminating all other competitors. Now the question becomes, will Big Show have a bone to pick about not being a part of the Unforgiven match?

Another qualifier was Jeff Hardy, who was able to beat The Great Khali. Jeff had some help though, as Triple H watched their match from ringside. Triple H was able to smash a steel chair over Khali, allowing Jeff to pick up the eventual pinfall victory. Now Jeff heads towards Unforgiven with a chance to finally gain the WWE title he's been after. Will Triple H have words for Hardy since he assisted him with the win?

Last week also saw a diva attack, as Maria was facing Natalya, yet Maryse decided to interfere. How will Maria respond to the attack? Will Maria team with Michelle McCool to take on the two heel divas? Also, the Undertaker seems in search of souls. Who will his first victim be on tonight's Smackdown? What will Vickie have as a response to Undertaker's statement last week?

Find out all the answers on Smackdown at 8PM EST on CW Network!

Read's official Smackdown Preview!

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