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Smackdown Recap 08.29.08

Smackdown Recap from Pittsburgh, PA:

Smackdown opened with The Undertaker's chilling entrance, as Taker made his way out to the ring. Backstage, Vickie Guerrero, Chavo, Bam Neely, Ryder & Hawkins were shown watching the Undertaker's entrance intently on a TV set. Undertaker spoke on the mic and informed Vickie that he isn't the forgiving kind, so he won't forgive Vickie for all her sins. Undertaker vowed that he'll be coming for Vickie's soul and once he's taken it, she'll burn in Hell. Flames erupted from the ringposts to close the Undertaker's opening, with La Familia leaving Vickie alone in her office. Vickie turned to realize that La Familia had left her, then she tried to get out through the door and found it was locked shut.

A promo video was shown for new Smackdown superstar, R-Truth aka Ron Killings. The promo ended with "and that's the truth".

R-Truth vs. Kenny Dykstra

R-Truth made his Smackdown debut and came out dancing down the ramp and in the ring. Dykstra came out for his entrance with a mic in hand saying he's a hot 22 year old prospect and Truth is just a former convict. Dykstra said maybe if he had gone to jail he'd get more noticed in WWE too, causing Truth to get enraged and start the match with a bang.

During the match, Dykstra took control early as he whipped Truth to the corner hard. Truth tried to get away from Dykstra dominating him, but Dykstra knocked him back to the mat and locked a submission hold on again. Truth finally stood up and backed himself with Dykstra into the corner. Truth started to come off the ropes knocking Dykstra down, then hit a flying spinning elbow off the ropes. Truth finished Dykstra with a spinning scissorkick to the back of his head.

R-Truth wins via pinfall over Kenny Dykstra.

Michelle McCool was shown in a photo shoot backstage when Maryse interrupted it. Maryse told Michelle she'll soon be Divas champion, and the title will look better on her. Michelle told Maryse she's got something that she doesn't, talent.

Footage was shown of last week's Maria vs. Natalya match, where Maryse came down to interfere. Maria was being doubleteamed when Michelle McCool came down to her aid, chasing off the heel divas.

Maryse & Natalya v. Michelle McCool & Maria

Michelle and Natalya started things off, with Michelle eventually gaining control of things. Maria tagged in and continued to twist Natalya's arm, but Natalya shoved her away. Natalya delivered a solid right hand to Maria, then missed a leg drop. Maryse came in and took control over Maria, knocking her to the mat. Maria was sent to the ropes, but Natalya hit her as she came against them. Maria turned to punch Natalya down off the apron, but as she turned back Maryse was ready with the winning DDT.

Following the match, Maryse went into the ring and attacked Michelle who was checking on Maria. Michelle gained control of things though and tackled Maryse. The two divas spilled out of the ring. Outside the ring, Natalya came over and grabbed Michelle, holding her so Maryse could punch Michelle down.

Winners: Maryse & Natalya win via pinfall over Maria and Michelle McCool.

Footage was shown of the recent Jeff Hardy and MVP feud that's been going on. It all started with the VIP Lounge where MVP brought up Jeff's home burning down, and his dog dying in the fire. MVP mentioned Jeff's suspension and how Jeff is throwing his career down the drain. MVP interfered in a Jeff Hardy MVP match on SNME. Shelton Benjamin interfered in a MVP vs. Hardy match at Summerslam, which helped MVP get the win.

Jeff Hardy was shown backstage with Eve. Jeff said MVP is just another obstacle in his quest to become WWE champ. Jeff promised to defeat MVP tonight in the ring.

Jeff Hardy vs. MVP

Two of the five competitors for the WWE Title Scramble competed here. At one point in the match, Hardy ran to the corner for a Whisper in the Wind, but MVP chased him up to the corner and hit his legs out. Jeff crashed down to the mat, appearing to land badly on his previously injured neck. The ref checked on Jeff for a bit and found he was able to continue. MVP continued to punish Jeff and sat him up on the corner for an attempted move, but Jeff reversed it mid-air to come down on MVP on the mat.

Both men got to their feet, and MVP went for his Drive By kick but Jeff avoided it, then took MVP down. MVP sent Jeff to the ropes but he came back to stun MVP a bit, then hit Whisper in the Wind. Jeff followed it with a quick Swanton off the corner ropes to finally put MVP away.

Following Jeff's victory, Shelton Benjamin rushed into the ring and attacked Hardy, laying him out with his finisher. MVP laughed and patted Shelton, looking down at Jeff. Shelton turned and hit his finisher on MVP, leaving his two future opponents down on the mat.

Winner: Jeff Hardy wins via pinfall over MVP.

Several players from the Pittsburgh Steelers were shown in the audience watching Smackdown. Footage was shown of WWE's Smackdown Your Vote at the Democratic National Convention. Candice Michelle was there with Josh Matthews as well as Shelton Benjamin the US champ and Batista.

Jesse & Festus vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

The match had just got underway with Festus dominating his opponents. Ryder was slammed to the mat by the Flapjack move Festus uses, then Jesse came in to toss him to the outside. Festus hit a flying shoulder block off the ropes on Hawkins, and he rolled out of the ring. Ryder and Hawkins started to regroup outside the ring, when all of a sudden Big Show's music came on.

Big Show made his way to the ring and decimated all wrestlers in the ring, Jesse, Ryder and Hawkins. Festus stood outside the ring in his post-match stupor because the bell had rung. Show grabbed a mic from ringside and said it appears GM Vickie Guerrero is overlooking certain superstars. Show told Vickie that he'll never be overlooked again and for now they can just call what happened tonight an oversight.

Winners: No winners due to a double disqualification when Big Show interfered.

Vickie Guerrero was shown backstage in her office trapped, looking panicked.

Brie Bella vs. Victoria

Brie Bella made her Smackdown debut against tough diva Victoria. Victoria was dominating as she knocked Brie to the outside and attacked her, then tossed her back into the ring. As Victoria walked up towards Brie, Brie grabbed her and rolled Victoria up for a surprise inside cradle pin.

Winner: Brie Bella wins via pinfall over Victoria.

Raw highlights were shown, which covered Batista vs. Cena at Summerslam. GM Mike Adamle informed fans that Cena will be out indefinitely due to a herniated disc in his neck. Dr Joseph Maroon was shown explaining the success of Cena's surgery. Meanwhile, on Raw General Manager Mike Adamle announced Cena's replacement at Unforgiven will be former World Heavyweight champ, Rey Mysterio.

The Brian Kendrick was shown backstage with his bodyguard nearby reading a book. Kendrick discussed the book "The Art of War" and how he's studying it for the upcoming Scramble competition. Kendrick said it's all about who wins the war and who gets the last pin, and that will be him winning the WWE title.

Tazz and JR discussed that Smackdown was the #1 entertainment program on Friday nights ahead of other shows like Nascar. The commentary team ran down the upcoming Unforgiven PPV's full card including the recently added unsanctioned match between HBK and Y2J.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Triple H

Shelton was impressive early as he took control over The Game, but Triple H eventually knocked him back with a righthanded punch. Shelton tried to take control by whipping HHH to the corner, but Triple H was quick to charge back, leveling Benjamin with a clothesline. HHH kept Shelton down working on his left hand and arm which were sore. Triple H continued to work over the injury, wrenching Shelton's arm back.

Momentum eventually swung back to Shelton, who started to dominate. HHH countered a move to whip him to the corner, but Shelton jumped onto the corner. Shelton went to jump back at Triple H, but HHH kicked him in the gut and went for the Pedigree. Shelton escaped fast and got out of the ring as Smackdown hit commercial. Smackdown returned with HHH crawling outside the ring, as Shelton had been able to whip him hard to the corner during the break, causing the Game to fall out. Shelton kept dominating, driving his knee to HHH's skull. Shelton continued to stay in control until he went for his finisher on HHH in the corner. HHH avoided it and both men ended up down on the mat.

Triple H got back in control of the match, and continually tried for pinfalls with Shelton escaping them. Eventually, The Great Khali made his way out from backstage with his handler Runjan Singh. Khali tried to distract HHH by staring at him from the ramp. Shelton charged at HHH for a finisher, but HHH shoved him off then hit the Pedigree. Shelton took the opportunity to hit his finisher on HHH as he was staring out at Khali. Smackdown held his US title up high and smiled, then left the ring.

Khali got into the ring to close the show as he hit a doublechokeslam on Triple H, then posed standing over him.

Winner: Triple H wins via pinfall over Shelton Benjamin.

Vickie Guerrero was shown in her office backstage looking terrified. All of a sudden, the lights went out and all that was heard was Vickie screaming as Smackdown went off the air.

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