Friday, August 29, 2008

WWE Around the Web 08.29.08

Here's some of the latest news, articles, blogs and more floating around the web regarding WWE for this past week and weekend. Included are Jim Ross' insight on the Cena injury and surgery, Paul Heyman on Ric Flair's post-WWE life, and a possibility of some returning superstars to WWE. Check out the stories below, with brief news blurbs!

Being John Cena and More from JR's Bar-B-Q Blog Outstanding insight from one of the best in the business, Jim Ross. In this blog you can read a lot about John Cena's injury, his condition afterwards and mental state. Great stuff from JR, must read!

WWE Braces Itself for Loss of Several Main Eventers - National Ledger According to this article, Cena is not the only hurting WWE superstar. Mr. Kennedy's also scheduled for surgery on his shoulder after injuring it against Shelton Benjamin. Edge is taking time off because he's in "constant pain" and Undertaker may have returned a bit too soon with his knee injury.

Paul Heyman says Ric Flair deserves better - The Sun UK - Blog written by former ECW/WWE personality Paul Heyman who discusses how Flair deserves a better deal after parting ways from WWE. Since Flair's retirement he's separated from his wife, had a business close down, and experienced other financial woes.

Sid Vicious on Road Back to WWE - NY Daily News The former WWE superstar Psycho Sid is in talks with WWE right now, said to be more serious than before. Also a former diva is in talks according to the article.

WWE Appeals Jakks/THQ Decision - Marketwatch Information on WWE's lawsuit against Jakks/THQ who makes the line of WWE video games.

Sexy Slideshow of WWE Diva Michelle McCool - The Sun If you're a fan of the beautiful blonde diva and current Diva champion, check out a slideshow of Michelle at The Sun UK site!

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