Friday, December 5, 2008

Miami Herald Interviews Kizarny

Nick Cvjetkovich will soon be joining the ranks of WWE with the Smackdown program as "Kizarny", a carnival freak wrestler. You may have seen his promotional vignettes during recent episodes of Smackdown, which began airing in October. Cvjetkovich is currently 35 years of age and has been training with Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa Bay. According to his Wikipedia entry he's 6'2 in height and around 235 lbs for his billed wrestling weight. He was previously wrestling in TNA back in 2003-04 under the ring name "Sinn" with a stable known as "The New Church". In Nick's Miami Herald interview he discusses having a sitdown meeting with the boss, Vince McMahon, being flown out to the Unforgiven PPV, his freaky side show tricks, and what fans can expect from him in WWE.

Here's an excerpt from the Herald's talk with Kizarny:

Kizarny did some bizarre things in the carnival. His back was a human dart board, and he even bent iron with his teeth.

''Let's see Mark Henry do that,'' he chuckled.

``The hair, the tattoos, the fingernails, all the weird stuff, it's not any silly character. That's me. If I was going to be a lawyer or a doctor tomorrow, you get a lawyer with green fingernails and a foot long goatee. Angel wings tattooed on my back and the whole nine yards.

``I think [Mr. McMahon] kind of giggled and thought, `Holy smokes, I got an authentic wacko in front of me. This is awesome. A playful one at that. Maybe we can do something with that. That sounds interesting.'''

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