Friday, December 5, 2008

Smackdown Preview 12.05.08

Tonight's Smackdown will see the end of a long standing feud between two of the biggest superstars in the WWE. At the Survivor Series, the Undertaker and Big Show faced off in a brutal casket match. Undertaker was able to win the contest, thanks to the druids providing a second casket. The Deadman was able to punch away at Show enough, causing the giant to fall back into the casket and the lid to close. Despite the lid closing, Show's fate was not completely sealed. Tonight on Smackdown, the two superstars will meet inside the confines of a steel cage. Which of these colossal stars will be able to escape the structure or defeat their opponent inside the cage?

Last week's Beat the Clock Challenge on Smackdown was held to produce a #1 Contender for the WWE title. Jeff Hardy earned the top spot with the best time of the night. His brother Matt Hardy assisted by holding off Vladimir Kozlov long enough to make sure he didn't win. In the final match of the night, Triple H and Shelton Benjamin ended up without a conclusive winner. The question remains as to who will be facing Edge at Survivor Series. Will it be Edge one on one with Jeff Hardy, or will we see another Triple Threat match at Armageddon?

Tonight also marks the return of WWE Superstar Gregory Helms. Helms has been out with injury and rehab for over a year now, but the Smackdown superstar is eager to make his return. As a former Cruiserweight title holder, Helms was once a top superstar on the Smackdown roster. Now he will look to re-build his momentum and re-invent himself in the wake of the Cruiserweight title. What will Smackdown have in store for Helms? Will he be victorious in his first match back since injury?

Also, MVP continues to try to snap his losing streak, while the Great Khali looks to spread more love and holiday cheer!

Catch all the action and excitement with the WWE Divas and Superstars of Smackdown tonight at 8PM EST on MyNetworkTV!

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