Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Was Jericho Attack Real or Fake?

The debate's begun over whether or not the Chris Jericho altercation this past weekend was real or staged by WWE. The incident started when Jericho's vehicle was surrounded by many riotous fans after a WWE live event in Vancouver, and ended with Jericho punching a 20 year old female fan, Ashley Levey (See Chris Jericho Fan Incident). While media website Fox Sports is just one of a few "real news sites" to pick up the story, other analyst/commentary sites are discussing its validity. Articles at sites like escapistmagzine.com and analyst fans at Bleacher Report have proposed the idea that Jericho being mobbed by fans and fighting back just might be a ploy to raise his status on Raw as a top heel.

Fans weighed in at the Escapist Magazine article with all sorts of comments defending or denouncing the event as real. While one commenter was even upset that Jericho didn't use the Code Breaker on the fan, others have gone as far as to say the camera video looks way too good or professional to be fake. One of the best arguments made to back the fake story concept is that Jericho's been doing live events for a while now so he's used to getting heckled by all sorts of fans. But there's a difference between heckling and being mobbed. When someone fears for their safety, fighting back becomes a top option.

Whether it's staged or a true story, there's been no mention of it made on Raw or WWE.com in that sort of fashion. WWE.com continues to display the story under its Industry News section as "Chris Jericho Assaulted". Then again WWE.com's news feed now reports all wrestling-related news from UFC to TNA results to whatever Hulk Hogan's up to. They also recently tried to play up Jeff Hardy being attacked in a hotel as a true story. WWE would surely want to play this Jericho story up with all sorts of coverage on their site, or use it in Jericho's straightfaced speeches, especially since his whole bit lately is about how awful the WWE fans can be. The fact WWE has been relatively quiet about the incident in terms of hyping it up for Jericho's character makes one lean towards true story, one that Jericho won't be discussing publicly on WWE TV Shows right now due to lawsuit possibilities.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was real, and in Victoria not Vancouver. I was there.

February 10, 2009 at 10:37 PM  

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