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Randy Orton vs. Triple H Timeline

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(Wrestlemania 25 matches: Orton vs. HHH)

The feud between Randy Orton and Triple H which will become a heated match at Wrestlemania 25 for the WWE title, has been building for years now. According to Randy Orton, it all started 5 years ago with Triple H's ambush attack, betraying his trust and confidence. The young superstar snapped at that moment and started formulating a plan to gain the most heinous revenge he could by taking away what mattered most to Triple H. What follows here are the events, matches and incidents that have supercharged this feud, starting back in 2004, up until they have one of the most highly-anticipated Wrestlemania 25 matches.

(2004 RAW) Orton is betrayed by Evolution - It was in 2004 when Randy Orton made his surge to superstardom. He was a member of the Evolution team along with Triple H, Ric Flair and Batista, and being groomed as the future of the team. Orton had dropped the Intercontinental title but soon captured the World Heavyweight Championship. On the following night's episode of Monday Night Raw, Triple H, Flair and Batista threw a fake celebration for the new champion. With Orton hoisted up on Batista's shoulders celebrating, HHH gave the thumbs down sign and Batista dropped back, slamming Orton to the mat. From there, a vicious beatdown ensued, with an angry, jealous HHH leading the way and screaming at Orton. This event, according to Orton, is what motivated him to seek revenge on HHH and begin formulating a team, and a plan.

(Wrestlemania 24 2008) Orton defends WWE Title vs. HHH/Cena -
While not an integral part of the feud timeline, it should be noted that Orton and HHH tangled at last year's Wrestlemania, with Orton defending the WWE title. John Cena was also part of the match, making it a Triple Threat. Wrestlemania 24 Results

(10/7/07 No Mercy PPV) Orton is Last Man Standing over HHH - With WWE Champion John Cena suffering an unfortunate injury prior to the event, he was forced to vacate his WWE title. At No Mercy, William Regal and Vince McMahon officially presented the vacated title to Randy Orton, who was the #1 contender. Orton was scheduled to face Cena at the event in a Last man Standing match. With Cena unable to compete, Triple H immediately showed up to contest for the title. In the opening match of the PPV, he defeated Orton and took away the title. Vince McMahon forced HHH to defend the title again that same night to Umaga, and after HHH won that match, Vince told him he needed to defend again against Orton. The two fought in the originally scheduled Last Man Standing Match with Orton coming out on top as WWE Champ. 2007 No Mercy PPV results

(12/1/08 RAW) Legacy forms - Randy Orton held a series of test matches to find the right men for his Legacy group on Raw. Originally it was, Orton telling Cody Rhodes, Sim Snuka, and Manu they'd be part of his team. Orton surprisingly ordered Snuka out of the group due to not getting a win, and then Ted Dibiase made a surprise return from an injury he sustained (by Orton), to replace Manu. The team dismantled Snuka and Manu before officially aligning themselves as a unit. The team, called Legacy had now been formed and was ready to begin annihilating WWE superstars, helping Orton to start to gain his revenge on Triple H. Raw Recap & Results 12/1/08

(1/19/09 RAW) Mr. McMahon Punt Kicked - The event that shocked the world went down days ahead of the 2009 Royal Rumble. On Raw Randy Orton had officially crossed the line when he insulted Stephanie McMahon backstage, and then once again out in the ring. The second time, Orton made the mistake of insulting her in from of a visiting WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, Stephanie's father. Vince sent Steph backstage and demanded Orton issue an apology in the ring. The brash Orton refused to do so, and Vince prepared to tell him he was fired. Before Vince could even finish those famous words, Orton kicked him down to the mat, then delivered a vicious punt kick to Vince's head. The scene ended with Stephanie crying as her father was being removed from the ring by medical personnel. Raw Recap & Results 01/19/09

(01/25/09 Royal Rumble) Orton tosses HHH to win Rumble - The 2009 Royal Rumble came down to an interesting foursome: Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase, Randy Orton and Triple H. This of course made for a 3 on 1 situation in which HHH had to try to overcome tough odds to win the match. He managed to eliminate both Rhodes and Dibiase, but those sacrifices allowed Orton to rush over and toss HHH from the ring. Winning the 2009 Royal Rumble allowed Randy Orton to make the choice of which title he would go for at Wrestlemania 25. 2009 Royal Rumble Results

(01/26/09 RAW) Orton tells WWE Universe he has IED - Orton used a lie on the following episode of Raw to explain why he punt kicked the Chairman Vince McMahon. With lawyers and therapists surrounding him in the ring he delivered a written apology and cited Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) as the reason he just snapped in the ring, not realizing his rage lead to the violent attack on Mr. McMahon. Along with his apology, Orton told Stephanie McMahon if she tried to fire him over the incident, he would sue her and WWE, and get an order to prevent Wrestlemania 25 from taking place. Shane McMahon eventually showed up and came down to the ring to extract some revenge on Orton for what went down on Raw the week before. Shane amazingly was able to fight through Rhodes and Dibiase to continue pummeling Orton. The fight carried on to the top of the ramp where other WWE Superstars were assembled as well. Raw Recap & Results 01/26/09

(02/15/09 No Way Out) Shane vs. Orton I At the 2009 No Way Out Pay-Per-View Shane McMahon had challenged Orton to a No Holds Barred match to try to gain some revenge after Orton's punt kick to his father. The match was an all-out war involving steel chairs and the commentary table but in the end when Shane charged at Orton in the ring, he fell victim to the RKO, losing the match. Round 1 had ended for that night, with Orton limping away and not punt kicking Shane. No Way Out 2009 Results

(02/16/09 RAW) Shane vs. Orton II, RKO on Steph - On Monday Night Raw just one night after their No Holds Barred match, Shane issued another challenge to fight Orton. The two battled in the ring and out into the crowd, literally beating the hell out of each other. Orton's Legacy team had his back once again, as they came out to eventually help Orton beatdown Shane. Orton finished things with a Puntkick to Shane which brought Stephanie out to check on her brother's condition. As she began to question why Orton did what he did, Orton responded with an RKO to Stephanie. Triple H had just arrived to the ring and rushed down to check on his fallen wife. Orton left the ring with an enraged HHH glaring out at him on the ramp, with Stephanie laying nearby. Raw Recap & Results 02/16/09

(02/23/09 RAW) Triple H Sledgehammer Melee - After Orton layed his hands on Triple H's real life wife, Stephanie McMahon, the Game was fueled by rage and decided to take matters into his own hands. Those hands were of course holding a lethal sledgehammer which The Game was holding when he chased Legacy out of the ring, backstage and into the parking garage. In the process he managed to smash dressing room doors, mirrors and a window in Legacy's getaway car. Orton narrowly escaped being hit by the sledgehammer in the dressing room, but Dibiase felt the force of it on the back of his head. Triple H threw the sledgehammer at their car as it sped away, and it was apparent this feud was only going to keep escalating. Raw Recap & Results 02/23/09

(03/02/09 RAW) Orton chooses WWE Title for WM25 - Orton initially came to the ring surrounded by his lawyers, doctors and Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase, along with several security guards ready to take down HHH if he arrived. Orton informed everyone that HHH would be in jail and unable to defend the WWE title at Wrestlemania 25, so instead Orton would go for the World Heavyweight Title. The Game showed up, came to the ring and was able to incite Orton into choosing to face him at Wrestlemania 25. Raw Recap & Results 03/02/09

(03/06/09 Smackdown) Legacy attacks HHH -
During the main event on Smackdown, Triple H faced the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga in a singles match. However, Legacy decided to crash the party with Rhodes, Dibiase & Orton all attacking The Game. This of course violated the stipulation Orton had announced on Raw, where neither he nor Triple H could lay a hand on the other man until Wrestlemania 25. Smackdown Recap & Results 03/06/09

(03/09/09 RAW) The Orton Home Invason - During Raw, Randy Orton was interviewed live via sattellite from his St Louis, MO home, alongside his wife Samantha. The main event scheduled was Triple H versus Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase, but HHH never showed, making the match a forefeit. Instead, WWE Champion Triple H while wielding a Sledgehammer, showed up to break into Randy Orton's St. Louis home looking for some serious revenge. After terrifying Orton's wife, HHH stalked around the home in search of Orton. When all was said and done, Orton jumped out of a closet and the two men got into it. Eventually an angry HHH was the one landing more punches, and he tossed Orton right through the front of his own home onto the front lawn. Police soon arrived, cuffing HHH and putting him in the squad car, only after Orton got in a sucker punch. Raw Recap & Results 03/09/09

(03/16/09 RAW) HHH takes out Rhodes in Steel Cage - HHH once again gained a psychological edge against Randy Orton as he entered into a one-on-one fight with Cody Rhodes on Raw. Orton came to the ramp with Ted Dibiase to watch the match, and to their dismay HHH had a steel cage lowered around the ring. With his trusty sledgehammer in hand, The Game dismantled Rhodes in the ring, eventually scoring a pinfall victory. Later in the night, HHH took off in his SUV with wife Stephanie McMahon, indicating she had used her power to order the steel cage stipulation. Raw Recap & Results 03/16/09

(03/23/09 Raw) HHH Helpless as Stephanie RKO'd - Orton said it was time to up the ante and indeed he did. While it was originally slated as HHH versus Dibiase and Orton in a handicap match, it ended up being 3 on 1 when Cody Rhodes snuck out from under the ring. The trio overpowered The Game, eventually cuffing him to the top rope. With HHH being beaten up, Orton retrieved the sledgehammer and announced only one person could stop this. That person, Stephanie McMahon rushed to the ring, but to a trap. Unable to exit, she was stuck on the apron where Orton grabbed her RKO'd her, then kissed her right in front of a helpless HHH. To finish the ordeal he clocked HHH with the Sledgehammer. Raw Recap & Results 03/23/09

(03/30/09 Raw) - The Return of the McMahons - To the surprise of the Texas crowd, first Chairman Vince McMahon returned to the Raw scene, followed by his son Shane. Both had been the victims of Orton's misdeeds, and they walked down to the ring side by side with HHH, as Legacy and security guards stood waiting. The trio then beat up the security team before heading to the ring. Shane and Vince promptly took care of Rhodes & Dibiase, leaving Orton for Triple H. The two fought ferociously inside the ring with HHH seeming to be beating up Orton as Raw left the air. WWE Raw Recap & Results 03/30/09

(04/05/09 Wrestlemania 25) Randy Orton vs. Triple H WWE Title match - The heated feud will finally a possible conclusion in the ring as the two foes battle over the prized WWE Championship. Both men are looking for revenge, but only one will truly get it, and only one man will leave as WWE Champion. View full card of Wrestlemania 25 Matches

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