Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christian Heel Turn at Over the Limit 2011?

With Over the Limit this Sunday, Christian will make his attempt to regain the World Championship belt he lost within less than a week (about three days really). It appears if there was ever a spoiler to be had with this upcoming WWE Pay-Per-View, it will be that Christian turns heel.

Christian could become the next CM Punk like character, and once again it would be all thanks to Randy Orton. Orton cost CM Punk the title at a Pay-Per-View, than he won the title from Christian, because the fans voted Orton to face him on Smackdown. Christian would turn against the fans and just like Edge once did, chastise them for always wanting it to be about what they want. It seems like a smart setup, but probably one that can be seen coming.

Will it happen on Sunday? That's a good question. Christian could potentially cheat, or he could lose the match and then snap, sort of like R-Truth did on Raw against John Morrison. Beyond Christian, there aren't a whole lot of contenders on Smackdown in the championship picture now, unless Wade Barrett, Mark Henry and Great Khali are considered. Otherwise, it seems like there will be a Christian heel turn coming at some point to provide a formidable bad guy on the roster.

It's not a role Christian hasn't held before, and if done right he could become a similar character to CM Punk's heel, with three championship reigns, or more.

Do you think Christian will turn heel at Sunday's Over the Limit, or will it come at a later time, or not at all?

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