Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's Up With WWE Diva Kharma?

Quite an interesting past few days with the Pay-Per-View results giving not much in terms of new champions or surprises. The WWE has had some good opportunities to really rev things up, but has failed to do so. One case in point may be WWE Diva Kharma.

Kharma is of course the former TNA Knockout champ, Awesome Kong. For weeks her role has been to interrupt matches on Raw or Smackdown or at PPV's. She's used her finisher on the likes of Eve Torres, Layla and one of the Bella Twins. Kharma was absent from the latest PPV, Over The Limit 2011 though.

Then came Raw. There was an 8 divas tag match involving Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix against Melina, Maryse and The Bella Twins. Before the match was a minute or more underway, Kharma interrupted and headed to the ring looking to cause some damage.

Except she didn't do a thing really. She got in the ring, allowed herself to be surrounded by divas and then fell to her knees crying. It puzzled, the divas in the ring, a lot of viewers, and wrestling analysts as to what in the heck was going on. Was Kharma showing her vulnerabilities after weeks of superiority? She went from mighty force to be reckoned with all the way down to babbling baby.

When the Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella match for OTL was put in place, it seemed like Kelly was destined to win the Divas championship. Karma's been eyeing her for weeks, so it made more sense that Kharma would defeat Kelly for the divas title rather than a heel, like Brie. However, Kelly lost at OTL and Kharma never showed up.

So what's up with Kharma? Over at Diva Dirt they ran a poll to have fans vote on what's going on. The popular choice is "It's all an act! She's lulling the Divas into a false sense of security. 47.71% (699 votes)." Coming in 2nd is "It's all an act! She's lulling the Divas into a false sense of security. 47.71% (699 votes)."

One of the comments there suggests that Karma felt ganged up on by "the pretty divas" similar to the pretty girls who used to make fun of her when she was younger. So it's very likely that's why she takes out aggression on pretty dolls and has been admiring Kelly Kelly. They may even become friends, but it just seems to defeat the whole point of weeks of decimating divas in the ring.

If anything, Kharma should've fought off the divas one by one, battle royal style, tossing them out over the ropes. Only problem is, Beth Phoenix seems like the one who could really give a good battle with "Awesome Kong" aka Kharma. Let's hope it's headed that way!

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