Sunday, May 15, 2011

Over the Limit 2011 PPV Matches

The WWE Over the Limit 2011 matches are coming in slowly but surely. As of this report, there are 3 matches on the card scheduled for the second Pay-Per-View of May 2011.

The first match learned about was via Raw this past week. Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and The Miz competed in a Triple Threat match to determine #1 contender for John Cena's WWE Championship. The Miz managed to steal a win, surprising Rey Mysterio with the pinfall after Alex Riley yanked Alberto Del Rio out of the ring. Cena was able to choose a stipulation for their OTL match and went with an "I Quit Match."

The WWE Universe also learned that Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole will go at it one-on-one again. This time the stipulations were set by Jerry Lawler, who said if Cole wins, Lawler will personally induct him into the Hall of Fame, and give Cole his WWE Hall of Fame ring.

The next two matches came via Friday's Smackdown. First, it was announced that former World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, will take on the current champ, Randy Orton. This will be a regular one-on-one contest for the championship. Christian has vowed he wants to compete at 100% and show he can win the title back. Orton said he wants him at 100% to prove he's the better fighter.

And finally, The Corre's recent internal disagreements have created chaos among one member and the others. Ezekiel Jackson appears to be more of a face wrestler these days and is suffering the wrath of Wade Barrett's crew. Barrett issued a challenge to Jackson for OTL with the Intercontinental Championship on the line. Jackson is a former ECW champion, and in fact the last one to hold that title. Will he capture the IC title from Barrett?

WWE's Over the Limit Pay-Per-View takes place on Sunday, May 22nd, starting at 8PM EST.

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