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WWE NXT Results 05/10/11

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The show opened with Todd Grisham wishing Regal a Happpy Birthday. Regal said he's 43 today which isn't old, but experienced. Todd said Regal will compete later on against Jacob Novak. They sent it to the ring to Matt Striker who asked everyone to welcome back his co-host Maryse. Maryse was a victim of Kharma not long ago on Raw.

The rookies were introduced and assembled at the ringside area. Striker had them show the latest standings with O'Neil in the lead with 13 points, and Darren Young in second with 7 points. Striker said starting tomorrow at noon EST, voting starts, with an elimination next week on NXT.

First challenge was "King of the Hill" competition, with the rookies racing up the ramp to grab a flag, then rush back into the ring and sound a horn. Titus O'Neil easily outhustled all the other competitors to win this one.

After the win, Titus got on the mic saying he has tried to get in touch with his pro Hornswoggle. He asked Todd Grisham if he knows where Horney's at. Grisham said no idea, asking Regal why he asked him. Titus got on the mic yelling for Darren Young, asking if he knows where Hornswoggle is. Young said he doesn't. Titus said he'll find out if he has to beat it out of him.

Titus O'Neil vs. Darren Young

Chavo Guerrero joined Grisham and Regal on commentary. Chavo said he's got no idea where Hornswoggle is either, and that he has respect with him.

At one point, Young went to kick Titus in the corner. Titus grabbed his leg asking "where is he?" then leveled Young. He followed with more questions and a big clothesline in the corner. Young came back out of the corner and kicked Titus down.

Late in the match, Titus tried to hype up the crowd for a big move. He rushed at Young with a big boot, but Young avoided it, causing Titus to get tangled into the ropes. Young grabbed him for a schoolboy pin and secured the pinfall win.

Young laughed up on the ramp after the win.

Winner: Darren Young wins via pinfall over Titus O'Neil.

Vladimir Kozlov was in the locker room earlier with Conor O'Brian. Conor had on a russian Sambo Vladimir Kozlov uniform. Vlad showed him several moves, tossing Conor to the floor multiple times. He told Conor to try it, but he was unable to budge Vladimir. Kozlov threw Conor down again and said something to him then slapped him on the chest.

Conor O'Brian vs Byron Saxton

During the match, Regal said his favorite right now is Lucky Cannon because he's getting noticed. He likened Lucky's actions to what he's done during his career, making people not like him.

During the match, Conor took control with Saxton down, punishing his left leg with a variety of stomps and other submission holds.

Saxton gained a bit of momentum finally and was able to slam Conor face first to the mat for a near fall. Yoshi was on hand to root him on, despite their recent differences. Saxton hit a huge flying clothesline off the corner to finally put Conor away.

Post-match, Yoshi was excited and got in the ring to celebrate. He tried to hold us his rookie's arm, but Byron pulled away. Saxton got on the mic to tell Yoshi he's doing this on his own because Yoshi's too distracted by Maryse to be his pro. Saxton asked if it was the language barrier, then said maybe Yoshi's too stupid to understand. He said he doesn't need or want Yoshi Tatsu. Saxton left the ring with Yoshi still dumbfounded.

Winner: Byron Saxton wins via pinfall over Vladimir Kozlov.

Backstage, Maryse came walking down the hall and Lucky was there to stop her. She accused him of destroying her purse a few weeks ago. Lucky said he had a peace offering for her. He presented a huge wooden box and she pulled out a designer purse. She asked where he got this. Maryse said she's willing to put all of their problems in the past, smiling. She wished him good luck next week for first elimination, then walked off with her new purse.

Rise Against's "Help is on the Way" is the official theme song for Over The Limit 2011.

They showed the Smackdown Rebound which featured Christian losing the World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton in the main event match.

William Regal vs. Jacob Novak

Matt Striker joined Todd Grisham for commentary on the match. Early on, Regal tossed Novak out over the ropes, with JTG coming to check on him. JTG had one hand on the apron, so Regal stomped on it. Novak went to get back in, with Regal throwing him in over the ropes. He proceeded to beat away on Novak in the corner from there.

Regal got tossed out of the ring as NXT went to a commercial break. Right after break, Novak tried for a quick pinfall on Regal for the win. He settled into a headlock on the mat. JTG looked puzzled with the crowd as they started a "Regal, Regal" chant.

Regal was distracted a bit by JTG from outside the ring, allowing Novak another near fall. Moments later, Regal managed to catch Novak in his submission, the Regal Stretch. Novak soon tapped out to give the pro a victory. JTG just shoo his head, then confronted his rookie outside the ring. Regal walked over and pointed at them.

Winner: William Regal wins due to submission of Jacob Novak.

Todd Grisham reminded fans to start voting tomorrow at 12 Noon EST over on NXT.WWE.com. It will go from 6 rookies down to 5 on next week's elimination show.

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