Friday, May 6, 2011

Smackdown Results 05/06/11

Smackdown Results from Orlando, FL:

The show opened with brand new champ, Christian, arriving out to celebrate his World Heavyweight Championship. He talked about how great it felt to be champ now and his friend Edge's support. However, Christian was interrupted by Mark Henry, then Great Khali and finally Randy Orton. Each of these three demanded a title shot at the new champ. Smackdown GM Teddy Long came out and told the crowd they could decide. The crowd voted for Randy Orton vs Christian, tonight.

Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall in almost 10 minutes after the Brogue Kick.

Cody Rhodes came out to talk about the good news that Rey Mysterio was sent to Raw and can't cause any more malevolence. He had his assistants give paper bags to the audience to hide their hideousness.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Big Show by pinfall after a big clothesline in the ring. The other members of Corre were ringside and beat up on Kane, distracting Show enough to help Jackson get the win. After the win, Jackson left The Corre behind in the ring as he went backstage.

In quick fashion, Layla defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall after hitting her neckbreaker. The match barely lasted more than a minute. Post-match, Kharma arrived to the ring and decimated Alicia Fox after Fox tried to attack her. Layla got away unharmed.

Backstage, The Corre members confronted Ezekiel Jackson about his distancing. It ended up a big fight as Jackson hit Wade Barrett, but then the rest of Corre beat up Zeke. They tipped a huge bin or container onto Jackson, leaving him layed out in the hall area.

Sin Cara defeated Tyson Kidd via pinfall after hitting the C4. Chavo Guerrero was on commentary during the match and accused Sin Cara of stealing one of his moves during the match. After the bout, Chavo went over and offered a hand shake to Sin Cara who obliged, before the two backed away.

Randy Orton defeated Christian by pinfall to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. The surprising win came when Orton connected on the RKO as Christian was trying for his Sunset Flip pinfall move.

That concludes the latest episode of Smackdown!

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