Monday, June 13, 2011

Raw Preview 06/13/11

Tonight will be a special 3-hour All Star edition of WWE Raw! The superstars and divas from both Raw and Smackdown will be on hand for a variety of great matches during the extended show. This episode will also air live with less than a week until the Capitol Punishment 2011 Pay-Per-View!

There will certainly be focus on the two championship matchups going forward. John Cena will be defending his WWE title against R-Truth at the PPV, while Randy ORton defends his championship against Christian. How will things play out between these competitors on tonight's special show?

Also, The Miz and Alex Riley have been feuding for weeks now. Over the past month or so, Riley has been gaining the upperhand on Miz, his former mentor on NXT. However, the two are scheduled for a match at Capitol Punishment Sunday. Will The Miz find a way to gain momentum heading into the Pay-Per-View?

Check out tonight's All-Star edition of WWE Raw at a special start time of 8PM EST on USA!

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