Saturday, June 11, 2011

Capitol Punishment 2011 PPV Matches

WWE's Capitol Punishment 2011 matches will take place in none other than the nation's capitol, Washington, DC. Fans have seen the various presidential press conferences airing during Raw, Smackdown, NXT and Superstars, ahead of this latest WWE Pay-Per-View event.

There's already four matches scheduled for the card as of today. Three championships are on the line and a new feud/grudge match has taken shape. Two of the latest matches come via this past Friday's episode of Smackdown. Let's get down to which wrestlers and matches are scheduled so far for Capitol Punishment 2011.

John Cena will defend the WWE Championship against R-Truth. The match was booked following R-Truth's agreement to apologize to John Cena on Monday Night Raw. This will be the first main event singles championship match for Truth on a Pay-Per-View.

Alex Riley will take on his former NXT pro, The Miz. Things finally boiled over between the student and the teacher a few weeks ago on Raw after Miz kept blaming Riley's incompetence for the reason he lost the WWE Championship to Cena. Riley has given Miz several memorable beatdowns on Raw over the past month or so.

Recently announced, Ezekiel Jackson gets his third attempt at Wade Barrett's Intercontinental Championship. On Friday's Smackdown, The Corre disbanded after Ezekiel and The Usos won a tag match against Barrett, Slater and Gabriel. Backstage, Slater and Gabriel wished Barrett luck but said The Corre was finished. Will the third time be a charm for Jackson in his quest for championship gold?

A fourth match announced during Friday's Smackdown will be another championship rematch with Christian battling Randy Orton. Christian had a tirade on Smackdown to blame the people for causing him to lose the title. He argued with Orton enough during their exchange on the show that Orton finally granted him a title match at Capitol Punishment. Christian has vowed to win the title back and this time for himself, not the people.

WWE's Capitol Punishment 2011 PPV will air on Sunday, June 19th at 8PM EST via cable, satellite and internet video stream. Stay tuned this week here at the blog for full details on how to see the upcoming Pay-Per-View event!

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