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2011 Money in the Bank PPV Results Coverage

Sunday night, the WWE presents its 2011 edition of Money in the Bank. WWE Characters the Blog will provide all of the 2011 Money in the Bank results coverage with match-by-match recaps and results as they happen at the latest sports entertainment spectacle!

We've got a full card of matches in Chicago, Illinois, with CM Punk challenging John Cena for the WWE Championship. CM Punk has an expiring contract on Monday, July 18th, and has vowed to win the championship Sunday and leave with the belt. Vince McMahon has informed John Cena that if CM Punk leaves Chicago with the championship, Cena's fired!

We've also got the two big ladder matches scheduled for Sunday night. In the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder match, defending "Mr. Money in the Bank" The Miz, will be competing with Alex Riley, R-Truth, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio. The winner gets the MITB briefcase and a shot at the WWE Championship any time and any place they choose!

Smackdown will also get its own MITB ladder match. Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Sin Cara, Kane and Daniel Bryan will compete in this one, with Kane the winner at last year's event. The winner of this match gets the MITB briefcase with the World Heavyweight Championship match contract inside, and they can cash it in whenever they choose to!

Two other matches on the card have Kelly Kelly defending the WWE Divas Championship in a rematch against Brie Bella, and Mark Henry facing Big Show. These two massive superstars have been crossing paths for weeks, with Henry wreaking havoc on Big Show, steel cages, WWE electronics gear and more!

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The Pay-Per-View opens with a video package featuring a ticking clock and CM Punk discussing how he will leave with the WWE Championship tonight as his contract ends. Scenes from over the past weeks at Raw with CM Punk speaking in the ring or on stage were shown. The video ends with the ticking of a clock, then goes to the pyros exploding at the "Money in the Bank" set in Chicago. Michael Cole opens on commentary then introduces his colleagues on the broadcast. Tonight Cole is joined by Jerry Lawler and Booker.

Smackdown MITB Ladder Match

Cody Rhodes, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, Sin Cara, Kane and Daniel Bryan are competing for the MITB briefcase holding the World Heavyweight Championship match contract inside. Sin Cara was introduced first and did his running jump into the ring with pyro going off. Next out was Wade Barrett followed by Justin Gabriel, his former ally in THe Corre. Sheamus was the next to arrive out, followed by Cody Rhodes. Heath Slater was the sixth entrant introduced followed by Daniel Bryan, and finally last year's winner, Kane.

Early on, Kane, Barrett and Sheamus cleared the ring of everyone else. Sheamus and Wade tried to doubleteam Kane, but he took them both out and clotheslined them to the outside. Kane went to the outside and quickly grabbed a ladder, but Daniel Bryan rushed into the ring with a baseball slide dropkick. Bryan grabbed the ladder but then got double dropkicked by Slater and Gabriel. Slater ended up yanking Gabriel off the apron and trying to set up the ladder in the ring. Gabriel kicked him off, and then each guy ended up making a climb with another wrestler stopping them. Sheamus was getting a lot of early crowd response.

Moments later, Sin Cara started to take it to everyone else and did an impressive flip move with Daniel Bryan off the corner. Bryan rolled out of the ring, and Sin realized he had everyone else out. He went out and tried to grab a huge ladder, but Barrett rushed over and gave him a big boot to the face. Wade tried to set up the ladder and pick up Sin Cara on his shoulder, but Sin Cara slid off against the ring post. Wade rushed at him and missed, hitting the post. As Sin Cara got back in the ring, Sheamus was waiting with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus did a powerbomb with Sin Cara off the apron, crashing through the ladder. Medics came over to help Sin Cara out on a stretcher.

Kane, Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan each had attempts at climbing up a ladder in the ring, but Barrett, Gabriel and Slater teamed up to take them out. When they had cleared the ring, Barrett, Gabriel and Slater argued about who should climb up. They duped Wade into thinking he could climb, then yanked him off. Slater and Gabriel fought it out next as both climbed the ladder together.

Cody Rhodes went on fire, shoving the ladder over with Gabriel and Slater on it. He hit Cross Rhodes on Slater, then started to climb. Wade Barrett got involved and pulled Cody off then made the climb, by Cody yanked him back off and hit Cross Rhodes. Sheamus arrived in to stop Cody from making another climb. Next, Daniel Bryan and Sheamus fought on the ladder, with Sheamus getting the electric chair on Bryan. Kane leapt off the corner with a huge clothesline to take Bryan down hard.

Sheamus made the climb and had his hands on the briefcase, but Kane climbed up the other side to stop him. Sheamus fought him off, with Kane going around the ladder trying to grab Sheamus. Kane ended up chokeslamming Sheamus off the ladder onto a ladder, with Sheamus bouncing out of the ring. Later on, Justin Gabriel did the 450 Splash off a ladder on the corner down onto Kane.

The match finish saw a beat up Daniel Bryan climbing the ladder slowly. Cody Rhodes got in the ring and climbed up to attack him. Wade Barrett came up the other side of the ladder to intervene. Barrett tried to pull down the briefcase down as Bryan and Rhodes fought. Bryan knocked Rhodes off then elbowed Wade Barrett multiple times. Barrett tried for a Wasteland but no luck as Bryan elbowed out of it then kicked Wade off the ladder. Bryan finally pulled down the briefcase to win the match in a shocker!

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins the Smackdown MITB Ladder Match and now has a World Heavyweight Championship contract he can cash in at any time any place!

They showed video footage from earlier of a limo pulling up outside. Mr. McMahon got out with two other attorneys. Cole said contract negotiations are ongoing with CM Punk as they try to work out a deal for tonight.

Brie Bella vs Kelly Kelly
WWE Divas Championship

Eve Torres accompanied Kelly Kelly to the match, while Nikki was with her sister, Brie. Early on, Brie managed to toss Kelly to the outside hard, the she gained control in the ring. Brie had some near falls, with Nikki yelling at the ref's ability to count from outside the ring. Eve and Nikki talked trash from nearby sides of the ring. Brie worked on an abdominal stretch on Kelly on the mat.

Later in the match, Kelly countered a Brie Bella move by shoving her against the ropes. She set up the leg drop to the back of Brie's head, then took the pinfall in a non-shocking moment. Nikki yelled at her sister outside the ring while Eve congratulated Kelly in the ring.

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins via pinfall over Brie Bella to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

A promotional video was shown for Summerslam 2011, the next WWE Pay-Per-View will be on August 14th in Los Angeles.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry

A video package was shown detailing this rivalry over the past month or so. Highlights included Mark Henry smashing Big Show through the steel cage. Henry was introduced first and as he made his way to the ring a fan slapped his back. Henry turned around fast and looked ready to go at the guy, then continued towards the ring.

The action spilled to the outside early. Henry tried to pick up Show near the Spanish announcers, but Show slid off and shoved Henry onto the steel steps. Later, Mark Henry dropkicked the steps into Show's leg. Henry worked on that previously injured leg (by Del Rio's car) in the ring. Henry even applied a Half Boston Crab on Show on the mat to further wear down the bad knee.

Show staged a comeback though and was able to land a huge clothesline from off the corner. He signaled for the chokeslam, but Henry kicked him in the knee and then hit World's Strongest Slam. Henry had the pinfall, but Show escaped it at the latest moment possible, frustrating Henry. Henry hit another World's Strongest Slam, followed by two splashes to win it.

Post-match, Henry brought a steel chair into the ring and put it around Show's hurt leg. Henry climbed the corner and then did a Sumo sit splash like Yokozuna onto the chair. Show screamed out and rolled around the ring holding his leg in pain. A referee and med staff came out to help him. They brought out a stretcher and a cart to drive Big Show backstage since he couldn't walk. Cole questioned how Show couldn't have broken his leg just then. The commentators talked about how much more of this will Smackdown's Teddy Long and the WWE put up with Mark Henry's actions.

Winner: Mark Henry wins via pinfall over Big Show.

Vince McMahon was shown backstage talking to a group of lawyers when a knock came at the door. Josh Matthews came in to ask Mr. McMahon if he re-signed CM Punk. Vince got a look on his face, then said "No, no, no I didn't." Vince McMahon called Punk the "Biggest ingrate I've ever dealt with in my life." He said Punk turned down the most lucrative contract he's offered anyone in the history of WWE. Vince said he did everything imaginable to keep Punk as part of the roster. Matthews asked what Punk said. Vince said Punk pointed to the door and said "get out" to the Chairman of the Board, Vince McMahon. Matthews brought up John Cena. Vince said Cena brought this all upon the WWE Universe tonight, so it's on him. Vince said if CM Punk leaves the building with the WWE Championship, "May God have Mercy on John Cena's soul."

Raw MITB Ladder Match

Alberto Del Rio, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, Alex Riley, Jack Swagger, and The Miz will compete for the MITB briefcase holding a contract for a WWE Championship match. Del Rio arrived out first, driving a yellow lamborghini. Cole said due to CM Punk's reinstatement, Del Rio has to win his #1 contender status all over again in this match.

Kofi Kingston was the second man introduced, followed by Jack Swagger. Swagger brought a ladder to the ring, right before Evan Bourne was introduced. Bourne brought a smaller ladder to the ring. R-Truth was next with no theme music. Truth grabbed a smaller ladder from ringside. The crowd started up a "Little Jimmy" chant, and then Alex Riley was introduced. Riley also brought a ladder down to the ring. Last year's winner, The Miz, arrived out and finally, Rey Mysterio.

All of the MITB competitors was in the ring with a ladder in hand to start the match. Everyone attacked Del Rio and knocked him out of the ring. Booker said his pick to win is Evan Bourne. The in-ring competitors threw ladders out onto Del Rio, and then Miz tossed Mysterio out onto a ladder on Del Rio.

The competitors used small ladders to battle it out, early on. Riley eventually was solo in the ring and tried to climb a small ladder, but his former mentor The Miz came in to stop him. Truth did a bit of a breakdance split in the ring and then ran across the ring and flung himself over the ropes onto three men outside. Mysterio and Kofi leapt from opposite corners of the ring onto the guys on the outside to take them down. Evan Bourne climbed up a ladder near the crowd and then did Air Bourne off it, landing on everyone below.

Later on in the ring, Bourne was alone and climbing a ladder with his hand on the case. The Miz rushed up to the other side to fight him. Del Rio got in and pulled the ladder away. Bourne fell to the mat. Miz grabbed onto the hanging case but then fell to the mat and appeared to land bad on his leg. Medical staff had to help Miz backstage as he was having trouble walking.

Later still, Truth managed to jump on a ladder to smash it into Swagger's face on the outside. Mysterio hit 619 on Truth on the ropes. Riley ended up making another climb later, with Rey going up to fight him. Del Rio, Swagger and Bourne all set up ladders near the central one. Everyone got to the top with the briefcase swinging overhead. Del Rio and Swagger got knocked off ladders. Kofi nearly grabbed the case. Mysterio shoved Bourne's ladder over and Evan fell to the outside. Riley, Truth, Mysterio and Kofi battled it out, with Riley knocked down next. Truth was shoved down, and then Mysterio, with Kofi up on the ladder by himself. He went for the climb, but Swagger rushed in and up the ladder. They eventually both ended up falling off a ladder.

Suddenly, The Miz came hopping down the ramp on one leg. He managed to get up the ladder, still hopping. Rey got in and up the ladder to stop Miz from his climb. He ended up Powerbombing Miz off the ladder, so Miz fell out of the ring. Mysterio looked like he had the briefcase in his grasp, but Del Rio got back into the ring and up the ladder to fight him. Del Rio battled with Rey up on the ladder, even ripping off Rey's mask. Rey fell onto another ladder and then it knocked Del Rio's ladder down too. Del Rio set a ladder back up, climbed and grabbed the MITB briefcase to win it!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins the Raw Money in the Bank ladder match. Del Rio now owns the WWE Championship contract which he can cash it at any time, any place.

They showed a video package about the Christian vs Randy Orton feud.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed Del Rio about his MITB win. Del Rio complained he was the #1 contender already after winning the Triple Threat match weeks ago. Del Rio said tonight he proved that his destiny is to be the new WWE Champion.

Christian vs Randy Orton
World Heavyweight Championship Match

If Randy Orton is disqualified in this match, Christian wins the championship by default. Christian made his way to the first, followed by Randy Orton. Tony Chimel handled the intros in the ring with Orton showing off the championship belt. Christian tried to get a steel chair involved early in the ring but it got slapped out of play by Orton. Orton started his attack from corner to corner, flipping Christian onto the mat.

Christian was able to make a comeback as he snapped Orton against the top rope and then hit a flying crossbody for a near fall. Cole said there are nearly 15k audience members in the sold out crowd in Allstate Arena tonight. Christian continued to control things, taking Orton down for another near fall. He started to pound away on Orton in the face with the ref warning him. Christian kept trying to put Orton away but couldn't. He went for Killswitch, but Orton countered and clotheslined Christian out of the ring. Orton fell over the top rope with him.

The match continued with Christian able to counter the RKO and hit Killswitch. Amazingly, Orton powered out of the pinfall. Orton avoided a Spear moments later, then picked up Christian with a Gutwrench, turned into a neckbreaker in mid-air for a near fall. Orton backed up for a Punt Kick, but Christian got up. Christian tried to strike him, but Orton avoided it and did the scoop slam. He followed with the DDT from the middle rope, then got the crazed look on his face. Orton dropped to the mat, ready for the RKO. Christian backed into the corner. Orton went up to him, with Christian spitting in his face. Orton exploded in rage, pounding Christian on the mat. The ref warned him. As Christian stood up and backed away, Orton kicked him in the groin. The ref called for the bell for the DQ, giving Christian the World Heavyweight Championship.

Post-match, Orton attacked Christian out on the announce table. He hit the RKO on Christian on the Spanish announce table to leave him KO'd on the floor. Orton was heading up the ramp, but got a look on his face and then headed back down to do more damage. Orton hit a second RKO on Christian on the Spanish announce table. Teddy Long was ringside. Orton went back up the ramp with fans encouraging him to do it again. Orton wiped the spit off his face and walked backstage enraged. Medical staff helped Christian at ringside area and helped him up the ramp.

Winner: Christian wins due to disqualification of Randy Orton to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

CM Punk vs John Cena
WWE Championship Match

John Cena will be fired if CM Punk leaves Chicago with the WWE Championship. After the video package to promote the main event, the crowd started up its "CM Punk" chants. Punk arrived out to a huge ovation as expected in his hometown of Chicago. They continued "CM Punk" chants with Punk sitting in the ring. He left the ring to kiss a woman at ringside, probably his mother. When Cena arrived out, he certainly drew a lot of boos from the crowd. Justin Roberts handled the ring intros for both competitors with Punk once again drawing a lot of crowd support.

Punk and Cena grappled early with the crowd starting on Cena with a "You can't wrestle" chant. Punk got Cena in a takedown with the Anaconda Vice grip, but Cena escaped it. Punk managed to build momentum moments later with multiple takedowns and then a headlock on the mat.

Later, Cena teased Attitude Adjustment, but Punk slid off and teased GTS with Cena getting out of that. Another big "CM Punk" chant erupted out with Cena giving a look around at the tough crowd. Later, "Let's go Cena" and "Cena Sucks" alternating chants started. Cena landed a fishermen's suplex for a near fall. Cena went for the AA, but Punk slipped off and DDT'd Cena to the mat for a near fall. After that, Punk slapped on a submission hold, locking his legs around Cena's neck.

Punk too control, laying Cena out off the apron and landing a knee to the back of his head. Punk rolled Cena away from the ropes for another pinfall attempt. Moments later, Punk missed on a charging attempt at the corner on Cena. Punk hit the ringpost, then Cena yanked his leg into the ring to try for the STF. Punk kicked him away.

Cena tried for a comeback, with Punk able to kick Cena as he charged him in the corner. Punk went for a flying cross body and another pinfall, but Cena kicked out again. Cena seemed to hurt his leg and rolled to the apron. He started to get up and Punk grabbed him from in the ring for a suplex. Cena blocked it twice, then suplexed Punk over the top rope to the outside floor. Cena brought Punk back in the ring for a near fall.

Cena had a modified Attitude Adjustment later for another near fall. Cena and Punk traded punches and kicks with the crowd doing the "Yea - Boo" routine back and forth. Cena eventually got Punk into the abdominal stretch. Later still, Cena went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Punk was able to kick Cena, then sent him out of the ring. Punk got revved up and did a running dive through the ropes to take out Cena near the crowd barrier.

Cena slowly got back in the ring. Punk went for a crossbody springboard move but missed it. Cena finally got the Five Knuckle Shuffle, and then went for AA, but Punk landed on his feet and did a legsweep to take down Cena for another near fall. Punk nearly had the GTS, but Cena got out of it and countered to take down Punk. King and Cole talked about how Cena's knee must be bothering him. Cena went for AA, but Punk escaped sending Cena against the ropes. He hit two running knees on Cena's jaw, then did the Bulldog to the mat. Punk with a huge flying clothesline to take Cena down to the mat for another near fall.

As the match continued, Cena had the STF on Punk, but Punk managed to get himself to grab the ropes. Punk had a huge kick to knock Cena down for another near fall. He went to the corner and did the Crossbody but Cena rolled through and stood up holding Punk in the slam position. He went for AA, with Punk countering and escaping, then going for GTS. Cena countered that and put him into STF. Punk got close to the ropes, but Cena pulled him back and locked it in. Punk managed to somehow escape out of STF and put his own submission on Cena to try to make him pass out.

Cena escaped Punk's submission then went for the Attitude Adjustment and hit it. He had the pinfall, but Punk somehow kicked out. A frustrated Cena climbed to the top rope and went for his leg drop, but Punk countered to take him into another pinfall.

Punk tried to put CMC Punk away with another Attitude Adjustment, and once again CM Punk kicked out of the pinfall. He got Punk up on the corner, then Cena backed up there and tried for AA. Punk elbowed him to fight out of it though and then did the headscissors to flip Cena down to the mat. Cena rolled into the corner, but Punk ran and got him with the running knee. He hit GTS but knocked Cena out of the ring.

Moments later, Mr. McMahon arrived down to try to stop the match as Cena got the STF on. Vince sent his WWE staffer over to ring the bell, but Cena broke the hold and got out of the ring to punch the guy down. However, when Cena got back in the ring he went for AA, but Punk escaped and got Cena in GTS to win it. Punk with the emotional victory in his hometown of Chicago!

Post-match, Vince was shocked at what had happened. As Punk was celebrating in the ring, Vince went over and yanked a headset away from Cole and demanded they send Alberto Del Rio down to cash in his MITB briefcase. After several moments, Del Rio came rushing to the ring with the briefcase in hand. He got in the ring but Punk was ready and punched Del Rio down. He fell to the mat clutching the championship belt and rolled out of the ring, then got into the crowd and headed to the back.

The last images shown on the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View were of CM Punk leaving through the concessions area with the WWE Championship belt!

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall against John Cena to become the new WWE Champion.

Thanks for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2011 Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View results! Make sure to check out Monday Night Raw for more of the fallout and follow-up to all of tonight's action!

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