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Raw Results 07/07/11

WWE Raw Results from Boston, MA:

Previously suspended superstar CM Punk arrived out carrying a megaphone with him. Punk sat down on the mat asking if he has everyone's attention now. Punk reminded everyone of his suspension and why it happened, as well as his contract ending July 17th. He added he will defeat John Cena on Sunday at the MITB PPV and leave with the WWE title.

Punk said he has the courage to say what others don't, like the fact the company is full of ass kissers. He picked up the megaphone saying he's got backup in case they cut his mic this time. A "CM Punk" chant erupted from a large part of the crowd and he pressed the siren button on the megaphone.

Punk brought up that Vince McMahon wants to sign him to a lengthy, lucrative contract. Punk said all he's ever wanted is the microphone, because in his hands it's power, or a pipe bomb. He said Vince finally sees him as the hottest property in the industry today. Punk said he made WWE socially relevant in the real world. He said WWE only gets mentioned in the real wold because somebody died or CM Punk speaks his mind. He said ESPN and Jimmy Kimmel are trying to get him on the air.

Punk suggested that for tonight's show they have the first ever live contract negotiation in the ring. Punk said maybe he'll sign, maybe he won't. He said maybe Vince will have to join the "CM Punk Kiss My Ass Club." Just then, John Cena's music hit to bring out the WWE Champion in his home town of Boston. Punk got on the megaphone saying "Sir you're music is too loud." Punk started thanking Cena for getting him a job back he didn't want in the first place.

Punk said he can't wait to win the championship and change its ugly look. Punk said it's obvious Cena won't ever get fired. Cena informed him he's no pushover, so don't expect to just walk out of Chicago with the championship. Punk said he's the best wrestler in the world, but Cena said he's the best because he has the WWE Championship and he earned it. Cena brought up past legends who he defeated included Triple H, JBL, and the late Eddie Guerrero. Cena said he doesn't care what Punk thinks, he's coming to Chicago to whip his ass.

An email came from the Raw GM which Cole read saying Mr. McMahon was on his way to negotiate with Punk. The GM said since it could be Cena's last night on Raw, he needs to compete in the ring, in a very special match next. Punk backed up the ramp with his megaphone saying "Good luck!"

John Cena vs. Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga

Cena was scheduled to compete in a handicap match against the WWE Tag Team champions. Midway through the match, Cena got the advantage on McGillicutty with a big dropkick. McGill rolled to the outside, where Otunga went over to psych him up as Raw went to break. Raw returned with Cena in a headlock on the mat.

After break, Cena finally broke free from submission holds to gain control again on McGill with his shoulder take downs. He hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle and went for AA, but Otunga was back in to save his partner. They hit an atomic drop followed by dropkick to put Cena down for a near fall. Cena barely escaped it.

Cena had McGill down in the STF moments later, but again Otunga saved him. They did a double team move on the corner, but Cena avoided Otunga charging. He hit the AA on McGillicutty then tossed Otunga out of the ring so he could make a pinfall.

Winner: John Cena wins via pinfall over Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga.

Cole noted that on Friday's season premier of SyFy's "Haven" Edge will be the guest star. Cole and Lawler then talked about a new match for Sunday's MITB, Big Show vs Mark Henry. They rolled a video package of Mark Henry taking out a variety of WWE superstars, including Big Show.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero were talking. They were practicing what Ziggler should say when Vince McMahon shows up. Ziggler said he'd tell Vince to fire CM Punk and John Cena, because the US Championship is the most important in the WWE along with Ziggler. Vickie pretended to be Vince McMahon, and then Drew McIntyre came into their convo pretending to be Vince.

Vickie made a remark about Vince's breath getting Ziggler and Drew laughing. Suddenly, Mr. McMahon came walking up behind Vickie. Vince said he wants his two fastest rising stars to get a big spotlight tonight. He suggested they team up tonight in a handicap match to face The Big Show. Vince asked if anyone had a match, but none of them did. He got right in Ziggler and Drew's faces yelling "Beacause I'd hate to have bad breath!" Drew, Ziggler and Vickie rushed off.

Scott Stanford came rushing up to ask Vince about tonight's contract negotiation with CM Punk. Stanford said the whole world wants to know Vince's comments about it. Vince said for Stanford to tell the entire world "they can go to hell."

Kelly Kelly was shown walking backstage with her WWE Divas Championship.

WWE Rewind showed how Kelly Kelly reversed a Brie Bella pinfall weeks ago to win the WWE Divas Championship on "Power to the People" night.

Kelly Kelly vs. Melina

The Bella Twins joined Cole and Lawler on commentary for the match. On Sunday at the MITB PPV, Brie Bella will face Kelly Kelly for the divas championship. Melina started off in control, pulling Kelly's arms around her own neck and pressing her knee into her back. The Bellas joked that Kelly was way too skinny.

Kelly regained control to do her handspring flip onto Melina in the corner, followed by stinkface. Melina regained control briefly but missed on her kick, doing a split on the mat. Kelly got the advantage and hit her leg drop on the back of Melina's head for the win.

Post-match, Bellas got on the mic and started to insult Kelly for being so skinny and needing Pro-Activ. Kelly pounced on one of the Bellas, so the other intervened to doubleteam her. Eve rushed to the ring for a save, but she got attacked and planted face first on the mat.

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins via pinfall over Melina.

The Miz was shown walking backstage. Cole said "The awesome one" will be addressing the WWE Universe next.

WWE Slam of the Week was Alex Riley reversing a pinfall on The Miz with a backslide to win once again. Post match, Miz attacked Riley in the ring and then outside the ring, tossing him against the steel steps, then kicking him over the announce table to leave Riley layed out.

Michael Cole told fans to follow @WWE on Twitter and tweet using the #wwe hashtag to have a chance to win a free viewing of MITB PPV this Sunday. Cole said Twitter was down for 20-30 minutes during the Cena Punk segment earlier because of WWE fans.

The Miz arrived to the ring with ladders set up outside and in the ring, with a briefcase hanging up above. Miz sat on the ladder in the ring with the red briefcase hanging above. Miz said he knows what it takes to pull down the briefcase and his opponents haven't. The Miz was about to give his catchphrase, but got interrupted by Jack Swagger's music. Swagger was on the mic as he walked to the ring saying he's won MITB before as well and became a World Champion.

Evan Bourne was the next one to get involved in the conversation, followed by Kofi Kingston. Each of them made a case about why they'll win the Money in the Bank match for Raw on Sunday. Kofi brought up Edge who had to retire due to injury due to matches like this. Suddenly, R-Truth's "The truth will set you free" came on and out came R-Truth. Truth said the conspiracy theories continue, because two weeks ago he defeated John Cena in a tables match, and now he's got to compete in the briefcase match for a title opportunity. Truth said he's got acrophobia, because he's afraid of heights. Truth started talking about spiders, saying he's afraid of them too.

Truth tried to blurt out his catchphrase, but was interrupted by Alex Riley. Riley rushed to the ring to try to get Miz, but Miz hit the road. Del Rio's music hit and he came driving out in a Mercedes convertible. Del Rio said he earned the #1 contender spot by defeating Rey Mysterio. He said it's obvious Cena is afraid of him, so now he has to become #1 contender in MITB all over again, because that's his destiny. The lights flashed and a new email came from the Raw GM which Cole read. The GM suggested that Miz, Jack Swagger & R-Truth team up to face Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston & Alex Riley in a six-man tag match.

Raw returned with a behind-the-scenes of an upcoming "Burn Notice" episode which will have The Big Show as a guest star. The episode airs Thursday at 9PM EST on USA.

Alex Riley, Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger, The Miz & R-Truth

This match featured six of the eight men for Sunday's Raw MITB ladder match. The heels focused on Evan Bourne as the weak link early on, trying to put him away, by keeping him away from tagging out.

Bourne finally escaped to tag in Kofi Kingston who did high-flying moves around the ring to drop the opponents down. He hit the double leg drop on R-Truth, then set up for Trouble in Paradise. Swagger tried to get him from the apron, so Kofi punched him off. Truth reacted to try to get Kofi, but Kofi staged a comeback including a huge flying cross body off the corner. Miz rushed in to break up the pin. Truth regained his composure and knocked Kofi out of the ring. Swagger attacked Kofi outside while Miz distracted the ref. Raw hit a commercial break.

In the closing moments, Alex Riley captured a huge face plant on Swagger to win the match by pinfall. He had little time to celebrate though as The Miz rushed in and grabbed him from behind to hit Skullcrushing Finale. Each of the MITB competitors in the match got involved to hit a move on another. Del Rio rushed to the ring and started to attack them all with a ladder he brought in the ring, to show his superiority. Del Rio tossed the ladder out of the ring at Miz, hitting Miz's arm and causing Miz to hit the deck.

Winners: Alex Riley, Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne win via pinfall over Jack Swagger, R-Truth & The Miz.

They did a rewind video package of the confrontation between John Cena and Vince McMahon in the ring at the end of last week's Raw.

Big Show vs. Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler

This match was arranged earlier by Vince McMahon as a 2-on-1 handicap match. Cole said this happened because they mocked the boss earlier. They showed footage of Mark Henry tearing the steel cage door off a few weeks ago and ramming Big Show through the cage wall repeatedly.

Nobody wanted to start the match against Show, so he went over and tossed Drew McIntyre into the ring and knocked Dolph out of the picture. He continued to dominate and beat up Drew, tossing him out of the ring. Show went to the outside and smashed McIntyre into the crowd barrier. Dolph Ziggler crouched behind the other side of the ring to watch what was going on.

Show kept beating up Drew all the way up the ramp as the bell sounded for the double countout. Show tossed Drew into the big WWE sign on the stage. Show got a look on his face then stood Drew up. He prepared for a chokeslam and started to lift him up with one arm. All of a sudden, Mark Henry came rushing across the stage and charged into Show tackling him off stage onto a mat next to the stage. Both guys were layed out down there with Drew out of the picture. Refs and med staff checked on them as Raw went to break.

Winner: The match results in a double countout.

After break, Raw returned with refs helping Mark Henry to his feet. Big Show wasn't shown. Lawler and Cole talked over the Big Show vs Mark Henry feud, which will result in a big battle on Sunday at the PPV.

Cole introduced a highlight video of past Money in the Bank ladder matches. Included in the highlights were Shelton Benjamin, The Miz, John Morrison, Edge, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Christian, Jericho and Mark Henry. After the video, Cole and Lawler ran down Sunday's card for Money in the Bank including the two MITB ladder matches, Christian vs Orton, and CM Punk vs Cena.

They showed a split screen of Vince McMahon and CM Punk on the way out for the first ever live contract negotiation.

Vince McMahon arrived out from backstage, and went backstage several times to get the proper ovation from the audience. McMahon was all smiles as he strutted around the ring shaking hands with fans including Cena's dad in the front row. He finally got in the ring with a mic and said he won't be joining the "Kiss My Ass Club" ever. He added contracts shouldn't be negotiated in public, but nonetheless that's what Punk wants. He told Punk to get out and get this over since he has a plane to catch. Punk arrived out and did a mock Vince walk on stage then headed to the ring.

Vince offered Punk a handshake, but Punk just stared at him. Vince said the contract has been all looked over by the attorneys and even includes the provision to give Punk his own collector's cup. Punk said it's obvious that Vince wants him to sign the contract because he has no faith in Cena. Vince said it was for the reason that Punk will become a very rich man, and also he doesn't want the WWE title to leave his company.

Punk said his lawyers looked over the contract and it wasn't up to par, so he had them draw up a new one. Punk said he added a couple new perks. He polled the WWE Universe to see if they want this to go down in public. Punk said that provision #1 is he gets to push Vince, and he kept shoving Vince to taunt him. Punk said he'll push him all he wants, and he'll kick him in the nuts and Vince will like it, or he'll take away the WWE Championship Sunday.

Punk added he also wants his own private jet, and his face will be on everything including the Titantron, turnbuckles, shoes and socks. Punk said he wants Vince to bring back the WWE ice cream bars and the crowd was clearly behind it. Punk added he wants WWE films to start "CM Punk The Movie" which could be "The Chaperone 2" and it'll be funny and successful. He also added that his match at Wrestlemania will be the main event over Rock vs Cena. A final stipulation of Punk's contract is that Vince needs to apologize for suspending him last week and for being one of the biggest hypocrites ever. CM Punk said Vince is one of the biggest bullies he's ever met in his entire life and he will apologize.

Punk added that Vince needs to apologize for the talent he fired, guys like Colt Cabana and Luke Gallows who enjoyed pro wrestling. He said Vince isn't doing what the people want. Vince said let's be gentlemen, businessmen and get this over with. Punk demanded he apologize to the fans. Vince got irritated so Punk shoved the table over on the mat. Punk said Boston wants to hear an apology. Mr. McMahon kept saying "I'm sorry" in a soft tone, with Punk asking "What?" Finally Vince blurted out "I said I'm sorry you son of a b---h!" Punk ordered Vince to sign the contract, so he picked it up and prepared to sign. He was interrupted by John Cena's theme music.

Cena said he's wanted to rip Vince's face off many times, but he keeps showing up for work anyways. He said he does it for the fans. Cena called Punk a hypocrite for asking the fans' opinions and then saying he's going to leave them, just like The Rock. Cena said all Punk wants to do is take the WWE Championship and walk off. Punk said Cena's lost sight of things because he's not in the underdog role any more. Punk said he's in the underdog role now. Punk said Cena is not like the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots, an underdog. He siad Cena has become like the New York Yankees, a dynasty. Cena punched Punk down in the ring, so Punk rolled to the outside, snatched his contract away from McMahon and walked up the ramp.

Punk sat up on the ramp with a mic in hand. He said it hit him like a bolt of lightning. He wants to leave WWE because he's tired of all this, including Cena and Vince. Punk said Sunday night say goodbye to the WWE Title, say goodbye to John Cena and say goodbye to CM Punk. Punk tore his contract to shreds and off mic said "I'll go be best in the world somewhere else." He did a mock "You Can't C Me" wave at Cena from the stage. Raw ended with Cena staring out at Punk on stage.

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