Friday, July 15, 2011

Smackdown Results 07/15/11

Smackdown Results from Uncasville, CT:

Smackdown opened with Josh Matthews in the ring to introduce champion Randy Orton. He reminded Orton of Christian's legal stipulations and consequences for Sunday's championship bout. Orton said he's got a number of ways to defeat Christian. Christian appeared on the Titantron to interrupt Orton's speech, showing a picture of himself standing over Orton holding the belt. Orton called Christian pathetic. Christian started insulting Orton's dad Cowboy Bob Orton. Randy called Christian out, but Christian didn't come out. Orton said he's pathetic just like his five-day championship reign.

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Ted Dibiase by submission to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Jackson used the Torture Rack.

Backstage after the match, Cody Rhodes talked down to Dibiase about losing, handing him a paper bag. He said Dibiase has one more chance, but another loss and he'll come to the ring to personally put the bag on his head.

Cody Rhodes defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall.

Smackdown GM Teddy Long was backstage and reminded a referee that if Big Show and Mark Henry get into a fight tonight, their match for MITB is canceled. Kane walked in and thanked Teddy for giving him a match against Orton tonight.

Christian was shown back near Orton's bus, walking around it. He got to the other side and it had been spraypainted with "Orton sux, Teddy = moron, Christian uncrowned champ." He pretended to be puzzled at who did it and vowed to find out.

Sin Cara defeated Sheamus by pinfall, using a reversal pin on the Celtic Cross. Post-match, Wade Barrett, who was on guest commentary, got into the ring to take out Sheamus.

The cameras caught Christian walking around the casino. He claimed he found Orton's wallet, then pulled $1,000 out and bet it on number 1 on roulette. He said according to Orton's ID he was born on April 1st. The ball ended up landing on #20, so Christian told Orton via camera "looks like your luck's running out."

Teddy Long went down to the ring area for the Big Show and Mark Henry confrontation. Henry stayed up on the ramp with Show in the ring. Each guy got some time to talk smack to the other. Henry tried to go down and get in the ring, but Teddy Long got in his way and told him to save it for Sunday's PPV.

Kelly Kelly defeated Rosa Mendes by pinfall.

Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater by pinfall. Slater missed on a moonsault from the top rope, so Gabriel hit him with the 450 Splash to win it.

Kane defeated Randy Orton by pinfall. Not even a half minute into the match, Christian came out onto the ramp to watch the match. Orton went for the RKO, but Kane reversed and clotheslined Orton to the outside. Christian went down to ringside area and baited Orton into chasing him around the ring. It ended up a countout in Kane's favor.

Post-match, Orton hit the RKO on Kane, but Christian speared Orton down. He started to beat him up, then went for a chair. Orton fought back and grabbed the chair from Christian, so Christian ran away. Kane ended up getting hit by the steel chair with Christian watching from the ramp.

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