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Raw Results 09/26/11

Raw Results from Kansas City, MO:

Michael Cole welcomed fans to tonight's SuperShow. Jim Ross talked up tonight's big main event: CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio. Cole introduced his colleagues Jim Ross and Booker T from Smackdown filling in for an injured Jerry Lawler. Cole pointed out the Hell in a Cell structure hanging over the ring tonight ahead of Sunday's PPV. COO Triple H arrived out to start things off. Cole and the commentators reviewed what happened last week with HHH firing Miz and R-Truth. Cole called the firing an "impulsive decision" on HHH's part.

Triple H had a backstage video from Night of Champions shown of Truth and Miz talking about how everyone's gonna get got. It showed highlights of them attacking the ref, Triple H and CM Punk during their NOC match. They vowed to do what they have to in order to get what they want. Video also showed Miz and Truth's "fake apology" to Triple H last week.

Triple H said he knew he'd fire them when they made their fake apology, but he decided to fine them and make them wrestle 1 more main event. HHH announced a $250,000 fine for Mark Henry manhandling Jim Ross and hurting Jerry Lawler last week. HHH said he will always do what is right for WWE, including firing someone like a friend, Kevin Nash. HHH was interrupted when Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler arrived out from backstage.

Ziggler complained about what Hugh Jackman did to him last week, causing a hairline fracture by punching him in the jaw. He showed photos from TMZ and other websites. Ziggler complained he can still fight but can't eat solid food. Ziggler asked the COO what he plans to do about this. HHH said he'd get security for when the muppets are around next month.

Cody Rhodes came out next to complain about having to get 9 stitches in the side of his head last week thanks to Randy Orton on Smackdown. Rhodes asked why Orton wasn't punished or fined for this. HHH told Cody to man up because this isn't the boy scouts.

Out next was Christian to complain about Sheamus costing him the World Championship during his match with Mark Henry on Smackdown. HHH told him it was a Lumberjack match and Sheamus did what he was there to do. Christian told Dolph and Cody that they need to file the biggest lawsuit in history of WWE. Christian said he might change his mind if HHH gives him one more match. HHH said sounds like a deal.

Triple H gave Christian one more match: tonight he'll face John Cena. On Friday, he'll face Randy Orton. At Sunday's PPV he'll face Sheamus. HHH told Dolph Ziggler he'll defend the US Championship against Zack Ryder tonight. Cody Rhodes was given the night off by HHH, but Cody muttered under his breat at HHH. He kept mouthing off, so Triple H booked him in a IC title match tonight: 10 man over the top rope battle royal.

10-Man Battle Royal
Intercontinental Championship

Competing against Cody Rhodes in this match were Drew McIntyre, John Morrison, Alex Riley, Ted Dibiase, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, and Ezekiel Jackson. Sin Cara arrived out after commercial break, followed by Sheamus. After the bell rang everyone started beating on each other. Drew McIntyre was tossed out. The second Sin Cara pulled out the other one and got in the ring, but Daniel Bryan threw the impostor out of the ring.

Sheamus eliminated Gabriel and Riley off the side apron. Zeke Jackson eliminated two men (Morrison & Bryan) as well, then turned to face Sheamus. Cody fought Dibiase in the corner. Sheamus got the upperhand on Zeke, but then got into it with Dibiase. Dibiase kicked Sheamus away then got on the corner, but Rhodes rushed over to shove him off. Next, Rhodes managed to skin the cat and then pulled the rope down to eliminate Jackson.

It came down to Sheamus vs. Rhodes. Christian rushed to ringside to cause a distraction as Sheamus tried to do Celtic Cross. The close saw Sheamus almost fall out, but get on the apron. Rhodes pulled off his mask and clocked him to knock him out of the ring.

Post-match, Christian attacked Sheamus, shoving him into the ringpost. Christian asked how it feels to not win the title.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins the 10-man over the top rope battle royal to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Cole and Jim Ross talked about Triple H losing control of things. Ross brought up the move HHH made earlier to fine Henry, then talked about what happened last week, with video highlights of Henry attacking Lawler.

Backstage, David Otunga and John Laurinaitis talked about his background at Harvard Law School. Otunga said he can give superstars legal advice about HHH. Laurinaitis said maybe he needs to exert his influence a little bit. Otunga shook his hand and thanked him. John pulled his cell phone out to text someone.

They showed Beth Phoenix and Natalya walking backstage on their way out for a tag match. The commentators rolled into a promo video of Kelly Kelly.

Eve Torres & Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya

They showed highlights of Eve fighting off a doubleteam from Natalya and Beth last week to get the quick rollup on Natalya for the win.

In this one, Eve started off but was soon doubleteamed by the heels. She escaped eventually to tag in Kelly who did her various moves including the handspring into Beth in the corner. Kelly had the pin on Beth, but Natalya was in to break it up. Eve tried to intervene but got tossed out. Kelly fought off both heels briefly. She threw Natalya out of the ring, but got Glam Slammed by Beth after.

Winners: Beth Phoenix & Natalya win via pinfall over Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres.

The Great Khali vs. Mark Henry

Henry bashed Khali down with the World Heavyweight Championship belt before a bell even rang. He picked up Khali from the corner and hit the World's Strongest Slam. Henry yelled at him "I ain't scared of you, you're on the ground. If I'm gonna pay a fine, everybody gonna pay."

Winner: No contest, match never got started.

The commentators talked about the ominous steel structure hanging over the ring which will be the focus of Hell in a Cell PPV. John Cena's music hit to bring the champion out. Cena got his usual cheers and boos from the crowd, so he held the mic up and walked around the ring to take it all in.

Cena talked about how Sunday will make history with the first-ever Triple Threat HIAC match. Cena talked about the WWE Championship and its recent controversies with Punk and Del Rio. He talked about what he'll do Sunday, saying there's no way in hell he loses.

That brought out Alberto Del Rio from backstage. He arrived to ringside to be on guest commentary. CM Punk arrived out as well, wearing a gray announcer jacket over his Punk T-shirt. Punk was on guest commentary as well as Christian came out to face Cena.

Christian vs. John Cena

Cena started out on fire and pointed over at his future opponents for HIAC. Christian soon gained control but later missed on a diving headbutt when Cena rolled away. Cena started his multiple shoulder tackles and then went for a slam, but Christian landed on his feet and gained control briefly. Cena counted a move to slam Christian back down, then did Five Knuckle Shuffle.

A brawl broke out at ringside when Cena pushed Christian onto the announce table. Del Rio and Punk got up with Punk questioning Cena as to what he did. Del Rio knocked Punk down. Cena stared at Del Rio but then got knocked down by Christian. Cena got back in the ring and was able to get Christian up for AA, but Del Rio slid in and did a Pele kick on Cena. Punk ran in to chase off Del Rio as the ref called for a DQ.

Winner: John Cena wins due to disqualification when Alberto Del Rio got involved in the match.

Post-match, Del Rio got on the mic up on the ramp saying it's his destiny to beat the hell out of them. He said he'll re-claim the WWE title on Sunday and all the fans can "go to hell."

Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler
United States Championship Match

Vickie brought out Ziggler and had Jack Swagger walking behind them both. The commentators showed what happened last week with Hugh Jackman and Ziggler's in ring confrontation, and how Jackman punched Ziggler to help Ryder win the non-title match later on.

Ziggler went on the attack fast as the bell rang, taking Zack down and hitting the elbow drop on his back. Ryder eventually started to catch fire and pounded away on Ziggler in the corner. He did the Woo Woo Woo chant and then a running Broski boot to Ziggler's jaw. Ryder prepared for the Zig Zag, but Vickie hopped onto the apron to distract. The ref tried to get her to leave the apron. Meanwhile, Ryder was in control, but Swagger yanked him against the top rope. Ryder snapped back, allowing Ziggler to hit Zig Zag on him for the win.

Post-match, Swagger and Vickie got in the ring. Ziggler gave a handshake to Swagger, and then they went to attack Ryder. Air Boom rushed to the rescue to chase them out of the ring. Smackdown's Teddy Long came out to tell Vickie to find a third man to partner up with Swag and Dolph or else it'll be a two on three match, next.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins by pinfall over Zack Ryder to retain the United States Championship.

Air Boom & Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler

Swagger and Ziggler started to wear down Evan Bourne as the weak link. Evan managed to escape so Kofi Kingston tagged in and took control. Vickie Guerrero arrived out from backstage with a third man, Mason Ryan, who got down and hopped up on the apron to join the team. Meanwhile, Bourne and Kofi seemed to be in control of Swagger.

Ryder tagged in, but got leveled by a Swagger clothesline. Swagger tagged in Mason Ryan next. Ryan looked ready to go after Ryder, but instead he KO'd Swagger, then grabbed Ziggler from the apron. He hit a spinning sideslam on Ziggler, with Vickie screaming. That set things up for Ryder to hit the Rough Ryder for a win. Ryan smiled from the ramp as he backed away.

Winners: Zack Ryder & Air Boom win via pinfall over Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler.

Raw returned with a Hell in a Cell promo video including Michael Cole and Jim Ross soundbytes. Cole, Ross and Booker talked about the matches for Hell in a Cell including Orton vs Henry, and the Triple Threat in HIAC. Also, a new match was booked tonight with Sheamus vs. Christian. Also just announced, a third divas championship opportunity for Beth Phoenix against Kelly Kelly.

Backstage, David Otunga was talking over things with Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Christian and Cody Rhodes. Otunga talked about the legal angles they can use to go after Triple H as COO. Otunga said they need to do something about this. Otunga said he doesn't know if a lawsuit's a way to go, but if it is they all need to be on the same page. Christian said it sounds like a plan. Ziggler said "we're in" for he and Vickie. Cody nodded he was in, so Otunga started talking details.

CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

For the main event, Del Rio came out in a Lamborghini convertible as Ricardo Rodriguez made his official Spanish ring intro. Raw took a commercial break before CM Punk's arrival.

After commercial, John Cena was out at ringside to join the commentary team for the match. They showed a video of what happened earlier with Del Rio attacking Punk outside the ring, then Cena during his match with Christian to cause a DQ.

Early on, Punk knocked Del Rio out of the ring, then hit a flying elbow on him. He kept beating on him and tossed Del Rio across the announce table right at Cena. Punk did a mock salute towards Cena, with Cena staring him down. When Punk brought Del Rio back in the ring, Del Rio was ready to fight back and gained the upperhand.

Punk soon got control back with knees to the head. Punk almost got tossed out of the ring, but landed on the apron. Del Rio landed his kick to Punk's head to knock him to the outside. Raw went to break with Del Rio in control and Punk layed out.

Raw returned with Punk powering out of an arm hold by Del Rio. Cena was watching intently from the commentary spot. Moments later, Del Rio was able to avoid a charging CM Punk and sent him into the ringpost. Del Rio kept working on the hurt arm to soften Punk up.

Del Rio set up for a finish with his armbar submission. The close of this one saw Punk managed to score several kicks to Del Rio's shoulder and head to KO him for the pinfall. As the match ended. Del Rio rolled to the outside of the ring as the match ended. CM Punk had his arm raised, but the Hell in a Cell started to lower down. Ricardo Rodriguez rushed in to attack Punk then went outside the ring. Cea chased Ricardo near the ring as the cage kept lowering. Ricardo found himself stuck in the ring with Cena and Punk.

Punk hit GTS on Ricardo, then tried to hit it on Cena. Cena escaped and went for the AA on Punk. Punk slid off, but just then, Del Rio rushed into the ring and bashed both guys down with a steel chair. Del Rio kept attacking inside the cell, throwing Punk into the steel chair in the corner. After his attack, Del Rio's theme music played on as he tossed the steel chair from the ring. Del Rio crouched down and was mouthing something at Cena and Punk. Del Rio kept saying stuff as he got out of the ring near the cell wall as Raw closed.

Winner: CM Punk wins by pinfall over Alberto Del Rio.

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