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Smackdown Results 08/26/11

Smackdown Results from Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

The show opened with highlights of last week's battle royal, which Mark Henry won in monstrous fashion by eliminating Great Khali, Sheamus and Sin Cara among others. Henry confronted Orton at ringside post-match saying he could smell his fear.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart arrived out to the ring as tonight's honorary Smackdown GM. The commentators talked it over. Booker brought up how Hart put Cole in the Sharpshooter a while back making him squeal like a little girl. Hart announced "Super Smackdown Live" on Tuesday with the superstars from Raw and Smackdown on one show together. Hart said #1 contender Mark Henry is going to take on Randy Orton in the main event of the show. Christian arrived out to interrupt.

Christian said he only blames one person for his loss at Summerslam, Bret's friend Edge. Christian said he couldn't focus after what Edge said prior to his title defense that night. Christian reminded Hart as former World Champ he gets a rematch for the title by contract. Christian said he wants the match Tuesday on Smackdown. Hart told Christian to stop being such an embarassment to himself and the championship.

Christian told Hart to stop acting like he's 25, but he needs to let it go, his career's over. Christian said maybe Hart and Edge can't stand him being the only relevant Canadian right now. Christian pulled out a letter and gave it to Hart, saying it's a court-order for him to get his championship rematch before any other championship matches. Hart said he can't fight the law, so next week he gets the match. Hart arranged for a steel cage match on Tuesday against Orton for the belt.

Mark Henry came out next, saying he's always had to deal with this disrespect during his career. He said if he doesn't get his title match someone will get hurt. Henry said he wants the winner of the cage match next week. He said he won't be held responsible if he gets angry for what he might do to Bret Hart or anyone else. This brought Sheamus out to interject with a story about his uncle's farm and the mean black bull that his uncle had castrated. Sheamus rushed in the ring and punched away on Henry, knocking him through the ropes.

Christian vs. Daniel Bryan

Late in the match, Bryan got to the corner and landed a missile dropkick on Christian for a near fall. Bryan followed up with forearm uppercuts and a huge clothesline takedown, followed by kicks to Christian's chest. Christian avoided Bryan in the corner and tried for a pendulum kick. Bryan blocked it and stuck him in the ropes, then flew off the corner for a knee drop.

Late in the match, Bryan locked on the Lebell Lock but Christian managed to get a foot on the bottom rope. He recovered in the corner. Bryan went for the running knee, with Christian moving out of the way. Christian followed with Killswitch for the win.

Winner: Christian wins via pinfall over Daniel Bryan.

From the Vault match: Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho from Smackdown. Mysterio successfully defended the International Championship in a back-and-forth matchup.

Amateur Wrestler vs. Wade Barrett

Before Tony Chimel could even introduce Barrett's opponent, Wade took the mic to remind everyone how he's shaken the WWE to its foundation many times, orchestrating attacks on some of the biggest names in the business. Wade said he takes it as an insult to have to face the amateur in the ring. He put the mic down and started to walk up the ramp.

Winner: No contest as Wade Barrett left the match before the bell rang.

Time for the Raw Rebound. Booker, Matthews and Cole talked about this past week's Raw with John Cena facing CM Punk to determine #1 contender for WWE Championship. The winner would face Alberto Del Rio at Night of Champions. Kevin Nash played a part in distracting Punk during the finish, allowing Cena to win. Post-match, Del Rio attacked Cena.

Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater

Josh Matthews called Slater the Axel Rose of WWE Smackdown. Cole said next week Alberto Del Rio will take on Sin Cara on Super Smackdown this coming Tuesday. Tonight's match started with Slater beating away on Sin Cara.

During the match, Sin Cara had several high flying moves including a cross body off the ropes to the outside on Slater. The late part of this match saw Sin Cara with a dive into the ring and senton, followed by a springboard moonsault off the ropes onto Slater for the pinfall.

Winner: Sin Cara wins via pinfall over Heath Slater.

Cole and Matthews brought up the new WWE video game briefly, then introduced highlights of Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase interrupting champion Randy Orton last week. Rhodes vowed to take the championship away from Orton at some point. Orton RKO'd Dibiase, then stared down Rhodes in the corner.

Backstage, Randy Orton was shown walking down the hallway with the championship belt.

Randy Orton vs. Ted Dibiase

Cole reminded fans that Christian faces Orton in a steel cage match for the championship on Super Smackdown live this coming Tuesday. Rhodes accompanied Dibiase to the ring along with two guys in suits holding paper bags. Rhodes said he does something Orton doesn't do, he performs miracles. He says he's resurrecting the Intercontinal Championship and the career of Ted Dibiase. He said he hopes Orton believes in miracles because he does.

Late match, Orton hit a scoop slam and prepared for more. He later followed with an attempt at a backbreaker. Dibiase responded with a near fall and then a spinebuster for another near fall. Booker said Rhodes has really brought Dibiase back because he's on his game tonight. Dibiase went for Dream Street, but Orton fought out and elbowed Dibiase away. He followed with the middle rope DDT.

Moments later, Orton went for the RKO, but Dibiase countered and tried for Dream Street. Orton escaped that. The two went against the ropes, with Orton ducking Dibiase on a clothesline and then hitting the RKO. He stared out at Rhodes post-match before celebrating on the corner with his belt.

Orton went backstage. Rhodes got in the ring and was pacing around, then offered his hand to help up Dibiase. Rhodes looked like he was helping him out, but then hit Cross Rhodes to lay out Dibiase. Rhodes grabbed a paper bag mask and put it on Dibiase to finish things in the ring. Cole said Rhodes may have been demonstrating that Dibiase failed him.

Winner: Randy Orton wins via pinfall over Ted Dibiase.

Kelly Kelly vs. Tamina

Kelly came out solo for this match without Eve Torres. Tamina was also on her own, as Josh Matthews introduced an earlier clip from Natalya. Natalya criticized Kelly for being a real life Barbie doll, and then said "I don't play with dolls." Tonight's match was a non-title bout.

Tamina started to dominate the match, putting Kelly in an eventual submission hold. Kelly managed to toss over her shoulder to escape, then kicked Tamina before hitting the bulldog. Kelly did her handspring move on Tamina in the corner and then the Stinkface. She went for a crossbody, with Tamina managing to catch her mid-air. Kelly slid off her back and soon hit the K2 leg on the back of the head to win it.

Winner: Kelly Kelly wins via pinfall over Tamina.

Matt Striker interviewed Jinder Mahal about what happened in last week's battle royal. Mahal said it was an example of a servant disobeying the master. Mahal said that he has reprogrammed Khali. He said Khali's only mission now is to serve him, and tonight he will dominate Ezekiel Jackson. Striker looked shocked as Mahal ordered Khali to follow him.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. The Great Khali

Late in the match, Khali managed to chop Jackson down to the mat. He followed that with the Vice Grip Squeeze on Jackson's skull. Jackson struggled with the move and got to one knee, then used his strength to pull Khali's hands off his head. Khali locked it back on with Zeke getting over to the ropes.

The ref pulled Khali away and talked to him about obeying his instructions. Mahal jumped on the apron and grabbed Zeke when the ref was distracted, so Zeke grabbed him. Khali went to hit Jackson but struck Mahal by accident, knocking him off the apron. Zeke followed by putting Khali up on his shoulders in the Torture Rack, to make Khali tap out.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson wins via submission over The Great Khali.

Backstage, Orton said his opponents should never underestimate him, in reference to Tuesday's championship match against Christian and his eventual match against Mark Henry. This was followed by a highlight video of the destruction of Mark Henry, including him beating up Kane, Big Show and others in the ring.

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

2 weeks ago at Summerslam, Mark Henry destroyed Sheamus outside the ring as he slammed him through the crowd barricade. The match ended with Sheamus being counted out, giving Henry the PPV victory.

Sheamus was in control midway through the match with a huge axe chop takedown. He put Henry through the ropes and started to pound on his chest to get the crowd counting to 10. Sheamus followed with several knees to Henry's head from the apron, then went to the corner to jump off for a shoulder block. Sheamus had a near fall, with Henry shoving him off. Henry went to the outside to recover. Sheamus tried to grab him through the ropes, so Henry grabbed him and tossed him out through the ropes.

Mark Henry threw Sheamus into the crowd barrier, then ripped apart the commentators table to use. Sheamus escaped Henry's clutches, then hit a Brogue Kick sending Henry over the table. Sheamus tossed one of the nearby chairs on top of Henry, but no DQ was called. The ref was up to 7 as Sheamus rolled in the ring. Henry didn't get back so he was counted out in this one.

Post-match, Henry shoved the chair off him and got up looking enraged, then shoved the commentary table over. Henry paced around the outside of the ring, then stopped and looked in at Sheamus. Henry got on the apron, with Sheamus trying to fight him off. Sheamus went to jump at Henry from the apron, but Henry caught him and threw him against the ring apron. Henry tried to put Sheamus on his shoulder, but Sheamus slid off and shoved him into the ringpost. Sheamus pulled apart the steel steps and tried to throw them at Henry, who avoided it. Henry clotheslined Sheamus down then picked him up, then hit World's Strongest Slam on the steel steps.

Smackdown closed with Henry screaming at Sheamus who was laying on top of the steel steps.

Winner: Sheamus wins due to countout of Mark Henry.

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