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WWE Superstars Results 10/20/11

WWE Superstars Results 10/20/11:

Jack Korpela kicked off commentary, noting that the tag champs Air Boom will take on Drew McIntyre and Michael McGillicutty in the main event. Jinder Mahal came down to the ring for the opening match. Striker talked about the upcoming Vengeance PPV and wondered if CM Punk and HHH can work together as a team.

Ted Dibiase vs. Jinder Mahal

Korpela said earlier today Jinder went up and called Dibiase disgusting for "breaking bread with the common folk" referring to Ted tailgating with fans before events.

Mahal escaped the ring at one point during the match, and got the advantage using the apron cover to cover up Dibiase and hit him. The ref threatened to DQ him if he did it again. Mahal used a headlock on Dibiase to wear him down in the ring and then followed with a German Suplex for the near fall.

Dibiase kept trying to fight back during the match, but Mahal always had an answer back. At one point he elbowed Dibiase in the face then tossed him to the outside. Superstars took a commercial break.

After break, Dibiase got the advantage with several moves including an atomic drop on Mahal. Moments later, he went for Dream Street, but Mahal escaped it and hit a high knee on Dibiase. Later still, Dibiase hit a dropkick then climbed the corner. Mahal was able to get to him though and hit his move the Sands of Time to win it.

Winner: Jinder Mahal wins via pinfall over Ted Dibiase.

Santino Marella vs. Heath Slater

During the match, Santino did his comedy routine to enrage Slater. Slater charged on Santino who avoided him and got the upperhand. It was shortlived as Slater gained control, chopping Santino down to the mat. He kicked Santino multiple times and choked him against the ropes, before locking a hold on him.

At one point, Slater missed a move and landed on his knees. Santino gained momentum with multiple punches and the breakdance split to duck a move from Slater. He did the arm toss, a flying headbutt, and then wound up The Cobra to get the win.

Winner: Santino Marella wins via pinfall over Heath Slater.

Superstars returned to show the latest Raw Rebound. This one focused on the feud going on involving CM Punk/Triple H versus The Miz and R-Truth. Highlights included CM Punk winning the WWE Championship belt and leaving the arena with the belt as Mr. McMahon watched. Also included were Triple H becoming the COO of WWE, and Kevin Nash attacking CM Punk. Various superstars complained about HHH's poor work as COO while in power. Miz and R-Truth were shown being fired, and then lashing back with the attack at Hell in a Cell. Laurinaitis was put in power as interim Raw GM, eventually bringing them back and booking the PPV match.

Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews ran down several of the matches for Sunday's Pay-Per-View. Air Boom made their arrival to the ring for the main event tag match.

Air Boom vs. Drew McIntyre & Michael McGillicutty

Bourne started off versus Drew, with Drew gaining control quickly. Bourne gained control though with his high flying and fast paced moves, leading to a tag to Kofi. Kofi got knocked down by Drew, but was able to start up a comeback.

Moments later, Evan Bourne was back in and hit a standing moonsault off McGillicutty's back onto him. Bourne put a leglock on him for a bit after that before making a tag back to Kofi. Kofi and Bourne did a double suicide dive onto the heels outside the ring as Superstars went to break.

When the show returned McGill had control in the ring on Kofi with a headlock. Kofi managed to fight out of it and tagged in Bourne again who took out McGill. Bourne was ready for the finish, but Drew stopped it.

Late in the match, Kofi had control of Drew and set up for Trouble in Paradise. McIntyre got out of the way, but Kofi got him with a high cross body after a springboard from the ropes. Kofi grabbed a pinfall with McGill coming in to break it up. Kingston got rid of McGill then hit Trouble in Paradise on Drew. Kofi made the tag to Bourne who was money with Air Bourne and the pinfall!

Winners: Air Boom wins via pinfall over Drew McIntyre & Michael McGillicutty.

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