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Raw Results 10/17/11

Raw Recap from Mexico City:

Raw opened with a recap video of what happened last week on Raw when Triple H was fired, and John Laurinaitis put in as the interim GM.

The interim GM was in the ring to start off the show to the boos from Mexico City fans. He made a joke about how Rey Mysterio would not be back for tonight's show. He talked about having the new job and how he will do his best for the fans. Laurinaitis talked about how he may make mistakes, including last week's of firing Jim Ross. He noted that he'd received a lot of angry tweets about JR's firing, so he wanted to do what was best for the fans. He asked the fans to welcome good ol' JR back to Raw.

JR came out to his Oklahoma theme song, but before he could take a seat, Laurinaitis asked him to come in the ring for a public apology. Laurinaitis gave a hug to JR in the ring, and said he was very unprofessional to fire him unceremoniously, but he didn't want JR on commentary tonight. John had footage shown of Michael Cole during commercial break last week trying to lead the fans in a "Na Na Na Na Goodbye." Laur said he didn't know what the issue was between Cole and JR but they'll settle it tonight. Laurinaitis booked a match with Jim Ross teaming up with Cena tonight to face Cole and Del Rio.

Randy Orton was introduced for a six man tag match to start off the show.

Raw returned with WWE Slam of the Week, showing how Cody Rhodes got involved in the match with Orton vs. Henry last week. Henry hit two World's Strongest Slams, and then Rhodes did the Cross Rhodes before putting a paper bag over Orton's head and laughing maniacally. Orton will face Cody Rhodes at this Sunday's Vengeance Pay-Per-View.

John Morrison, Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Christian, Cody Rhodes & Mark Henry

Mark Henry is scheduled to defend his title against Big Show at Vengeance on Sunday.

At one point, Cody Rhodes and Christian went to the outside, eventually fighting into the crowd and out of the match. Late in the match, Morrison tried to fight his way out of being dominated by Mark Henry. He got in several big moves to try to ground Henry. He went for a tag to Sheamus, but Christian yanked Sheamus off the apron. They fought into the crowd. Meanwhile, in the ring Morrison had momentum but Henry stopped him. Henry tossed Morrison in the air with a move and then converted it into the World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Winners: Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes & Christian win via pinfall over John Morrison, Randy Orton & Sheamus.

A video package was shown for Brodus Clay.

Backstage, the Bella Twins reminded John Laurinaitis not to forget about them by kissing him on the cheek. Ricardo Rodriguez came in to intro Del Rio. Del Rio complained about the tag match that Laurinaitis booked him in tonight. Laurinaitis said it'll be ok because the winner of the match gets to pick the stipulation for Sunday's Vengeance WWE title fight. Del Rio still wasn't happy with the decision.

Eve vs. Natalya

In a quick divas match, Eve fought back after an early dominating performance by Natalya. Prior to the match, Lawler noted that Eve will take on Beth Phoenix for the divas championship at Vengeance.

Eve was able to fight off taunting and distraction to hit a moonsault on Natalya for the win. Beth tried to attack Eve post-match, but Eve got out of the ring.

Winner: Eve wins via pinfall over Natalya.

CM Punk vs. The Miz

R-Truth and Miz mocked Punk prior to the match, talking about how Punk couldn't get HHH removed as COO, and how Punk couldn't win the WWE championship back. Triple H arrived out prior to the match with a suit on with Cole saying HHH is still the COO.

During the match, Triple H went after R-Truth on the outside because he kept trying to interfere. He chased R-Truth up the ramp, and John Laurinaitis appeared on stage with a mic. He demanded they stop the match because he has an immigration issue with HHH coming to Mexico. HHH started to walk backstage but punched down Truth who was there mocking him. After commercial break, HHH was shown being escorted/removed from the arena.

The match continued in the ring with CM Punk able to land a flying elbow drop Macho Man style from the top rope on Miz. Punk also knocked Truth away off the apron, before grabbing the quick rollup pinfall on Miz to win it.

Winner: CM Punk wins via pinfall over The Miz.

Raw returned with the Spanish announcers talking in espanol. Cole and Lawler talked about the upcoming WWE Network in 2012. They revealed the fans choice for the first ever show's name on WWE Network. It'll be called "Wrestlemania Rewind." Now a new poll will have fans choosing a name for the network's first reality show featuring WWE Legends living together under one roof. Go over to to vote on the show name.

Cole stood up telling Lawler he's got work to do. He said he'll be roasting some pig in Mexico. Just then, Jack Swagger's music hit and out came Swagger along with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero dressed in Spanish garb. Vickie tried to say "excuse me" in Spanish, then just yelled "EXCUSE ME" instead. She talked about being the Angelina Jolie of Mexico City, and unlike Angelina she's more than just a pretty face. Vickie announced that John Laurinaitis granted Swagger and Ziggler a tag team title match for Sunday at Vengeance. Dolph took over on the mic and insulted the people of Mexico, saying he knows there's plenty of fans out there who want to leave the country for the USA just like he wants to right now. Ziggler said they'll never make it, but tonight they'll get the next best thing -- to see he and Swagger in action. Swagger asked everyone to rise so he could sing America's National Anthem. He was getting booed heavily, and told the crowd he'd have to start over. Zack Ryder came out to interrupt and start the match.

Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger

Early on, Swagger picked up Ryder and hit a huge slam, then splashed him in the corner. Swagger pounded on Ryder in the corner, and then the ref backed him off. As Swagger came back at him, Ryder got both knees up into his face. Swagger stumbled backwards and Ryder rushed at him to hit the Rough Ryder. Zack secured a quick pinfall for the win, then escaped the ring before Ziggler could touch him.

Winner: Zack Ryder wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

Mason Ryan came to the ring causing Ziggler and Swagger to clear out. Ziggler and Swagger went up the ramp with Vickie. Ryan got on the mic and told Ziggler he's got a match next so "Let's go." Ziggler looked worried as he handed off the US Championship belt to Vickie so he could go wrestle. Raw hit a commercial break as a ref was heading to the ring to officiate.

Mason Ryan vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler went outside the ring several times. At one point, Ryan connected on a huge boot to send Ziggler out. Ryan went to get him but Vickie stood in his way. Swagger jumped on the apron to distract the ref, and Vickie slapped Mason. Ziggler rushed into the ring, but an enraged Ryan turned and went back in. He kept attacking Ziggler, leading to a DQ because Ryan didn't listen to the ref.

After the bell, he pressed Ziggler overhead. Swagger came in to intervene, but Ryan dropped Ziggler and knocked Swagger out of the ring. Ryan went over and picked up Ziggler for a spinning powerslam. After the match, Ryan left the ring and started to storm up the ramp in the direction of Vickie Guerrero who took off backstage.

Winner: Mason Ryan wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler.

Backstage, Jim Ross was getting ready in the locker room when John Cena came in to check on him. Ross shook his head saying he's 60 years old and last thing he needs is to be in a match. He said he doesn't want to mess things up for Cena for Vengeance. Cena suggested that Ross treat it like going to a Sooners game, and stand back while Cena takes down Del Rio. Ross said he wouldn't mind getting his hands on Michael Cole. Cena laughed as Ross talked about how Cole is a son of a bitch.

Michael Cole stood up from his announce position and got on the mic. He vowed to teach JR a lesson in the ring saying he may even pin John Cena tonight. Cole left the announce table and said it was time to get ready.

A commercial was shown for WWE's B A Star anti-bullying campaign featuring various WWE stars like Miz and Sheamus, divas like Alicia Fox, and celebs like David Arquette.

Raw returned with a top 10 "Longest Running Weekly Episodic TV Shows" list. At the top was WWE Raw with 960 episodes, followed by WWE Smackdown with 634. Coming in at 3rd was "Gunsmoke" with 633, "Lassie" was 4th and "The Simpsons" was 5th.
Josh Matthews had taken over for Michael Cole on commentary along with Lawler. Lawler and Matthews ran down some of the big matches for Sunday's Vengeance Pay-Per-View.

Jim Ross & John Cena vs. Michael Cole & Alberto Del Rio

Justin Roberts introduced Ricardo Rodriguez, right before Del Rio came driving out in another fancy car. Matthews said it was a 2009 Aston Martin. Del Rio got a mixed reaction from the crowd in Mexico City.

In the main event, towards the end Del Rio tagged away from Cena to Cole. Cole looked horrified at the idea of getting into the ring, so Cena suplexed him into the ring. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment after Cole shook hands with him. Cena got ready for STF, but instead gave a tag to Jim Ross. Ross got in the ring and locked an Ankle Lock onto Cole to make him tap out.

Post-match, Cena and JR were celebrating their win when Del Rio yanked Cena out of the ring. Cena clotheslined Del Rio down and then used the steel steps to clock him down. Cena kept doing his own count, all the way up to 10 as he got in the ring. He said on the mic "you don't have to be a genius to figure this (the stipulation) out."

Cena said he'll get Vengeance on Sunday because it'll be a "Last Standing Match" for the WWE Championship! Raw ended with Cena's song playing and Del Rio in pain on the outside.

Winners: John Cena and Jim Ross win by submission over Michael Cole and Alberto Del Rio. Cena chooses the stipulation for Sunday's WWE Title match at Vengeance.

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