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WWE NXT Results 10/12/11

WWE NXT Results from Dallas, TX:

Jack Korpela opened the show on commentary, noting fans are just two weeks from Vengeance 2011. Korpela was joined by William Regal on commentary and they talked about how Triple H was removed from power as COO of the WWE.

NXT competitor Derrick Bateman and his gal pal Maxine arrived to the ring to start the show off. Bateman asked if everyone saw Raw recently. He thanked Mr. McMahon and John Laurinaitis for restoring order to Monday Night Raw. Bateman said only his opinion and Maxine's matter most. They embraced and Bateman handed his girl the mic.

Maxine started up her speech but was soon interrupted. Percy Watson and Titus O'Neil arrived out in suits to confront Bateman and Maxine. They rallied with the Texas fans behind them. Titus called them the nastiest couple in the history of WWE. Percy and Titus suggested that Bateman was booty whipped for letting his girl talk for him.

Matt Striker arrived out to introduce himself as host of NXT. Striker told Bateman he's got a match later on, against Percy Watson. Striker told Maxine it's good she's dressed in her gear, because she's got a match next, against AJ.

AJ vs. Maxine

NXT joined this match in progress with Maxine snapping AJ against the ropes with neckbreaker. She put AJ under the bottom rope and stretched her against it, then smashed her on the midsection. Maxine continued to use a headlock submission on AJ.

AJ started to fight back as Regal gave his weekly fun fact about Maxine. Maxine regained control after dropping AJ against the top rope. Maxine continued to stretch out AJ to wear her down more.

Korpela said Maxine has a background in criminology which she said allows her to figure out and manipulate others. The crowd chanted for AJ who managed to push Maxine away from her off the corner. The two divas continued to battle it out with AJ managing to hit the Shining Wizard to win it.

Winner: AJ wins via pinfall over Maxine.

They showed highlights of how Hawkins and Reks managed to defeat The Uso's last week. Hawkins won it with the flying elbow off the corner, after Reks distracted the legal Uso from the apron.

Matt Striker interviewed Hawkins and Reks backstage. Reks talked about how The Uso's ruined their show a week ago, so they sent them packing with their tails between their legs. Hawkins said they don't need a road paved for them by their ancestors to make it in the WWE.

Jack Korpela gave a shout out to The Crystal Method featuring Yelawolf song "Make Some Noise (Put 'Em Up)" which is the official theme song for the 2011 Vengeance PPV. The song is also featured on the "Real Steel" movie soundtrack.

They showed the Raw Rebound which focused on COO Triple H showing up for work as usual on Monday Night, saying he wouldn't back down or quit his role. Vince McMahon arrived out to tell HHH he's relieved from his position as COO. Vince introduced that a new interim GM was instated, and that is John Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis made some big moves on the show including firing Jim Ross and reinstating R-Truth and The Miz. At the end of Raw, Laurinaitis said he would ask the board to arrange a match for Vengeance with Triple H and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth.

The Usos vs. Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks

Hawkins and Reks arrived out first. The Usos did their native dance/chant up on stage followed by the pyro explosion before heading to the ring. The Uso's immediately went to work, with Hawkins taking the brunt of their early offense including a doubleteam effort. Hawkins eventually rolled over to the corner and got a tag from Reks.

Reks came in to turn the tides a bit on the legal Uso member. Reks had several big moves but missed on a knee drop, so he tagged Hawkins back in. Hawkins got thrown shoulder first into the corner and then hit by a running dropkick.

Later still, The Usos connected on a doubleteam move to hit an elbow on Hawkins from off the corner. Hawkins ended up on the outside and one of the Usos did a running dive out onto him. Tyler Reks tried to intervene but also got jumped on, with Uso's standing tall as NXT went to break.

The legal Uso managed to fight back after Reks seemed to be dominating things. He dumped Reks outside then knocked Hawkins off the apron, then made a crawl over for the tag. A hip splash connected on Reks in the corner followed by a near fall. Reks countered a flying crossbody into a powerslam for a near fall. He told Hawkins to get on the apron. Hawkins tried to hold back the legal Uso, but as Reks went for the kick, the Uso ducked and Hawkins got kicked.

Reks tried to set up Burning Hammer, but the legal Uso made a blind tag and slipped off him. From there, they hit a double superkick to knock down Reks, then followed with a double Superfly Splash from the corner.

Winner: The Usos win by pinfall over Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks.

Percy Watson vs. Derrick Bateman

Watson was accompanied to the ring by his pal Titus O'Neil wearing a white suit. Bateman arrived out with his girl Maxine. Bateman checked Maxine over after her earlier loss to AJ.

Percy got the early upperhand, using a backdrop for a near fall. Korpela talked about Percy's background from the NFL, saying he has the perfect skills to make it in WWE. Bateman managed to make a counter when Percy jumped backwards onto the corner. Bateman dropkicked him hard and took control from there.

Later in the match, Bateman had control and stretched Percy against his knee to wear him down. Percy fought back and used a hip toss to throw Bateman down. Titus yelled for Percy to get back into the match. Moments later, Bateman missed on a huge elbow drop after running against the ropes.

Percy hit his huge spinning splash on Bateman, who managed to kick out of the pinfall. He hit a face plant move and a spinning neckbreaker for a near fall. Regal talked about how Bateman used a move that Arn Anderson was famous for. Percy made a comeback to finish things including a flapjack slam to get the pinfall.

Winner: Percy Watson wins via pinfall over Derrick Bateman.

NXT ended with Percy and Titus in the ring celebrating as Maxine checked on Bateman on the outside.

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