Saturday, October 15, 2011

The John Laurinaitis Era Begins

Some may find the John Laurinaitis storyline to be like deja vu for the WWE. Once again someone is in power of the WWE Universe that is generating plenty of animosity. Previous examples included Vickie Guerrero, William Regal, and of course, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Now, John Laurinaitis joins the list.

Laurinaitis didn't waste time in making big moves this past Monday. He settled his personal grudge against Jim Ross by firing Ross. He made a good point too, in getting rid of JR because he walked out on the guy who hired him back. That decision didn't quite make sense on the part of JR and it came back to haunt him. Of course the Oklahoma fans didn't like that very much.
Don't worry, he'll be back at some point.

Laurinaitis also made the move to bring back The Miz and R-Truth. These guys were the one who caused the walkout and the vote of no confidence, yet now they're back wrestling. Superstars, divas, refs and other personnel claimed it wasn an unsafe working environment, but now they're apparently OK with it? Very interesting.

What this all leads to is of course the big payoff. It's going to be CM Punk and Triple H taking on Miz and Truth at the Vengeance Pay-Per-View. Most likely, this is setting up a further match for Survivor Series in which Punk, HHH, Cena and The Rock will fight Miz, Truth and a few others. Ultimately, it will probably lead to Triple H getting his hands on the new boss and hitting the Pedigree. Of course there may be a higher power behind all of this mayhem. Is it Vince McMahon, or maybe even Stephanie involved? And for the love of the WWE Universe, at least make up something for who the anonymous Raw General Manager was all that time!

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