Friday, November 11, 2011

Smackdown Results 11/11/11

Smackdown Results from Liverpool, UK:

Randy Orton came out to start off the show, talking about his Survivor Series team he's the captain for. Wade Barrett came out to interrupt, saying he's a natural leader and winning at Survivor Series will show he's ready to be a first-time World Champion.

Christian also came out wearing a neckbrace, and gave props to Barrett for inspiring people. He suggested he and Barrett go send a message to Orton. The three guys started fighting with Sheamus rushing to the ring to clear the heels out.

Teddy Long came out and he booked Christian to face Sheamus in the next match. He said Barrett will go against Orton later on.

Sheamus defeated Christian by pinfall after hitting the Celtic Cross.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was talking to AJ and Kaitlyn about nearly cashing in MITB last week. Mark Henry arrived on the scene telling Bryan he had guts last week, but he's going to spill those guts in their match later.

Ted Dibiase defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall in a dominant performance.

Mark Henry defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall after World's Strongest Slam. Post-match, Henry got a steel chair intending to break Bryan's leg. Daniel Bryan got the chair and hit Henry with it instead. Henry absorbed the shot and hit several more slams on Bryan. Henry put Bryan in the corner with the chair on his leg but Big Show came down to make a save.

Big Show won a match over three amateur wrestlers. Mark Henry came out to talk trash on the mic about Show saying he will beat him at Survivor Series, leaving him with a lasting impression.

Alicia Fox defeated Tamina by pinfall with Natalya on commentary.

Hunico and Epico defeated The Uso Brothers. Post-match, Hunico, Epico and Primo beat up the Uso's and used a triple finisher on them. Hunico cut a promo on the mic in Spanish.

In the main event, Wade Barret defeated Randy Orton after avoiding the RKO from Orton. Barrett got a thumb to Orton's eye then a rollup pinfall to win it.

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