Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WWE NXT Results 12/28/11

WWE NXT Results from Indianapolis, IN:

The show opened with Matt Striker announcing that next week will be the 100th episode of NXT.  Justin Gabriel is introduced by Striker, but gets interrupted by Heath Slater, leading to a one-on-one match being set up.

Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.

Backstage, Derrick Bateman apologized to Maxine for last week.  He kisses her, then Maxine slaps him and walks off.

Tyson Kidd defeated Percy Watson thanks to a distraction from Darren Young.  Young was doing commentary during the match.

Derrick Bateman defeated Johnny Curtis.  Maxine was ringside for the match, and after the match she slapped Curtis.  Maxine kissed Curtis after that, then left the ring with him, leaving Derrick Bateman alone in the ring to end NXT.

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