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Smackdown Results 12/23/11

Smackdown Results from Richmond, VA:

The show opened with Big Show coming to the ring to talk about how he was proud of winning the championship, but even more proud that after Daniel Bryan won it off him, he didn't go "over the edge."  Mark Henry comes out to taunt Show about having the shortest reign in the history of the championship.  He suggests Show should quit the business and go get a job as Santa Claus. He tells Show he's getting his rematch for the title tonight.

Daniel Bryan comes out to talk about the disbelief over a guy like him being champion.  He says he is a good wrestler and hopes one day to be among the great ones.  Mark Henry calls Bryan a pipsqueak and says every time he's put his hands on him, he's beaten the hell out of him.  He says he wants his rematch tonight to get his title back.  Show interjects to ask why he gets the rematch, since he beat him for the title at TLC first.  They start getting in each others faces, so Teddy Long comes out.  He tells them they'll compete against each other tonight with the winner getting the first shot at Bryan's championship.  Henry leaves the ring.  Bryan shakes Big Show's hand.  Bryan then leaves the ring and offers a handshake to Henry.  He goes to shake, but Bryan pulls his hand away and walks up the ramp.

Zack Ryder won via pinfall over Cody Rhodes in a non-title champion vs champion match.  Later in the match, Booker T provided a distraction as he got on the announce table and started singing holiday tunes.  Ryder was able to hit Rough Ryder on Cody for the win.

They had a backstage segment with Santino asking Teddy Long if he can be his assistant now that Ryder's the US Champion.  Long said he'd consider it.  Aksana comes in and makes some sexual innuendos about "positions" and "jobs."  Teddy says he'll get back to them, so Aksana and Santino leave.  Vickie Guerrero comes in with Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler says he will be demanding his US title match at some point, but he also points out that Bryan is neither smart or charismatic.  Ziggler said he is the better wrestler here and wants to show the WWE Universe tonight.  Long agrees and books Ziggler vs Bryan tonight.

Big Show and Mark Henry's #1 contender match was about to happen when David Otunga came to the ring.  Otunga said on behalf of Laurinaitis as the legal counsel for the Talent Relations VP, he has to look out for the best interests of the superstars.  He said Henry isn't medically cleared for this fight so it won't happen tonight.  Big Show delivers a big KO WMD punch to knockout Otunga.  He and Henry have a staredown as Henry leaves the ring.

Teddy Long was walking backstage when The Miz comes up.  He tells Long he was told to be there tonight and wants to know why.  Long said it wasn't his orders.  Miz starts to berate Long and Smackdown, saying that Laurinaitis and Raw are running circles around him.  He tells him how since Miz won the title in 2010, no Smackdown stars main evented any Pay-Per-Views.  Miz said he's going to go out to the ring to disrupt Smackdown.  He tells Long if he can find one competitor to compete against him, just maybe Smackdown can be awesome.

The Miz is out in the ring and starts bragging about how Smackdown stars lack guts.  He shows off footage of his attacks on R-Truth and John Morrison from weeks ago.  As Miz continues to trash talk, Sheamus' music hits and the Celtic Warrior arrives out for a match.

Sheamus defeated The Miz by pinfall after hitting the Brogue Kick after avoiding Skull Crushing Finale.

Wade Barrett cut a promo in the ring about how he's been dominating Orton lately.  He showed footage of how he defeated him at Survivor Series, giving Team Barrett the win.  He also showed footage of smashing Orton through a table on Raw.  He said all of this should put Wade Barrett in line for a title shot against Daniel Bryan.  Barrett finishes the promo and goes up the ramp, with Orton's music hitting.  The Viper rushes down the ramp to attack Barrett.  The brawl continues into the ring and then backstage, finally hitting the parking lot outside.  Orton finishes things by tossing Barrett onto a car and hitting the RKO.

Kofi Kingston defeated Primo by pinfall after hitting Trouble in Paradise on him.  Late in the match, Epico tried to cause a distraction, but Evan Bourne was on hand to intervene.

The main event started between Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler, but since Jack Swagger and Big Show got involved, Teddy Long turned it into a tag team main event.

In the main event, Big Show was in the ring against Swagger late.  Show went for the chokeslam, but Swagger countered it with a chop block.  Bryan tags in, and goes to the top rope for a dropkick.  Swagger catches Bryan and puts him into the Ankle Lock.  Bryan manages to counter the move and puts the Lebell Lock on Swagger to make him submit.

The show ends with Daniel Bryan celebrating in the ring, while Big Show looks on from the outside.

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