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WWE Superstars Results 12/22/11

WWE Superstars Results 12/22/11:

The WWE Superstars results for 12/22/11 started off with Justin Gabriel making his way to the ring. Matt Striker and Josh Matthews wished everyone happy holidays, with Matthews telling Striker he didn't get him anything as a gift.  Heath Slater was out next for the opening bout.

Justin Gabriel vs. Heath Slater

Striker explained that Slater had met a female fan, but she ended up going out with Gabriel instead. Gabriel used quickness early to get control, but Slater managed to shove him into the ropes and then hit him down from behind.

Gabriel ended up taking out Slater on the outside towards the end of the matchup. He tossed Slater back in the ring and hit a springboard move for a near fall. Slater went for a clothesline, but Justin blocked to slam him down. From there, he climbed up for the 450 Splash, but Slater got to his feet to regain control. Gabriel battled back though to knock Slater to the mat. He got up on the corner and connected on the 450 Splash to win it.

Winner: Justin Gabriel wins via pinfall over Heath Slater.

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Hunico

Hunico came out standing on the back pegs of a bike driven by a guy whose name was revealed as "Comacho." Hunico tried to taunt Jackson after the bell, prompting Zeke to just grin about it. Hunico tried to gain an early advantage and pound on Zeke, but Jackson responded with a huge shot to knock him down. Zeke followed by pressing Hunico overhead before dropping him. From there it was a series of big clotheslines in the corner.

There was a small distraction by Comacho towards the end of the match. Hunico managed to duck a clothesline in the corner and hit a drop toe hold to cause Zeke to hit the turnbuckle. From there, Hunico did a move from the ropes to flip and dive onto Jackson's chest for the pinfall win. Hunico got on his bike to ride backstage, leaving Comacho to walk.

Winner: Hunico wins via pinfall over Ezekiel Jackson.

Alex Riley vs.

Scott Stanford and Josh Matthews were now the commentary team for this match. A-Ry made his entrance first, followed by Michael McGillicutty in what seems like the third match between these two in the past month. Stanford noted that McGill ruined Riley's win streak on Superstars in a previous match.

Early on, Riley avoided McGill's attack and took control, punching away on him in the corner before a face plant for the near fall. Later, McGill had control as he locked a headlock on A-Ry on the mat. Riley fought to his feet and broke the hold, punching away. McGill knocked him out through the ropes though. As McGill went to go out, Riley delivered a kick to his head. Riley got back in the ring and avoided McGill's attack, then took him down multiple times.

A-Ry hit a huge Spinebuster when McGill charged at him. From there, he hoisted McGill on his shoulders and hit his finisher for the pinfall win. Winner: Alex Riley wins via pinfall over Michael McGillicutty.

They showed a video package to promote the face champions: Zack Ryder as the new US champ, and Daniel Bryan as new World Heavyweight champ. Along with CM Punk they took on The Miz, Ziggler and Del Rio in the Raw main event six man tag match. After the video package, Air Boom made their way out for the Superstars main event.

Air Boom vs. Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks

Kofi managed to get an early advantage against Reks after some high-flying action. Reks fought back and powerslammed Kofi then dropped a knee on him. He continued the methodical beat down from there. However, moments later Kofi had the comeback and managed a tag to Bourne who came in with quick kicks on Reks.

Air Boom hit a doubleteam Bulldog, and then Kofi revved up for Trouble in Paradise. Reks escaped the ring, and Hawkins tried to attack Kofi. Kofi sent him out of the ring, and then Air Boom jumped off the corners to take out Hawkins and Reks before a break.

Back from break, Bourne was about to attempt a move from the top rope, but Hawkins came over on the apron to distract. Bourne jumped down to take out Hawkins, but that allowed Reks to beat up Bourne back in the ring. Hawkins tagged in with the heels in control of Bourne.

Late in the match, Bourne escaped from the constant beating from the heels to tag in Kofi. Hawkins also tagged in, but Kofi had control with quick moves. Kofi with a huge reverse jump from the top rope for a near fall. He chopped Hawkins down and then revved up to hit the double boom leg drop. Kofi started up his Boom clap, but Tyler Reks grabbed his leg from otuside the ring. Kofi hit a finisher on Hawkins for a near fall, with Reks interfering. Bourne sent Reks to the outside, then kicked Hawkins in the head from the apron. Hawkins stumbled into a Trouble in Paradise kick from Kofi. Kofi tagged in Bourne for the Air Bourne to win it. The tag champs celebrated their win as Stanford and Matthews reviewed the highlights of the victory. Superstars closed out with Stanford wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah. Winners: Air Boom wins via pinfall over Hawkins & Reks.

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