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Raw Results 12/26/11

Raw Results from Chicago, IL:

The opening moments saw Michael Cole introduce Raw to the fans watching at home.  CM Punk's music hit, but instead of Punk, Laurinaitis came out with a CM Punk shirt on.  JL came to the ring and told the crowd he's been in charge of this great new "Golden Era" including the crowning of CM Punk as champ.  He said tonight he honors Punk in his home town.

CM Punk came out and down to the ring with his WWE championship belt.  He and Laurinaitis traded remarks, with JL finally saying that tonight he'll give Punk a few matches.  In fact, Punk will be in a 3-match Gauntlet tonight.  If one of the opponents beats Punk, he gets a WWE title shot on Raw next week.  Punk asked that if he survives all the matches, he get to fight Laurinaitis one-on-one.

At first, JL denied the request, but after Punk polled the crowd, Laurinaitis agreed to a match, if Punk wins the Gauntlet.

They showed another "It Begins 2012" mystery promo video.  This time the girl in the video shoved a notebook off the desk.  She told the boy will come to claim what's his and "the powers that be" will be shaken.  It finished with a flashing text "The End Begins. Next Monday."

Backstage they showed Booker T and Cody Rhodes on split-screen, on their way out for a match.

Booker T defeated Cody Rhodes by pinfall in a non-title match.  Rhodes went for Cross Rhodes late in the match, but Booker blocked it.  Moments later he hit his axe kick to get the pinfall win.  Post-match, he walked around the ring and savored his win, eventually dropping down for a Spin-a-rooni.

Backstage, Zack Ryder thanked John Cena for helping him get the US title.  Cena said Ryder did it all on his own, because Ryder earned it, not because he was handed it.  They shook hands.  Cena said he was going to go call out Kane, and Ryder wished him good luck.

Jerry Lawler was given a note containing CM Punk's 3 gauntlet opponents tonight, which he read out loud to the crowd/audience at home: 1) Jack Swagger, 2) Dolph Ziggler, 3) Mark Henry.  If Punk beats them all he gets a match with Laurinaitis tonight.

Kelly Kelly and Big Show were talking backstage, when referee Scott Armstrong came up to Show, telling him Laurinaitis needs him right now.  Show tried to brush it off, but Armstrong said it's urgent.  Show finally decided to go see what was up.

Zack Ryder and Eve defeated Tyson Kidd and Natalya by pinfall in a mixed tag match.  Ryder scored the win after hitting Rough Ryder on Kidd for the pinfall win.  Post-match he and Eve fist-pumped before Ryder gave Eve the title to hold onto.

John Cena came to the ring to a loud chorus of booing from the crowd.  He talked about the history of Chicago with the WWE including Eddie Guerrero's induction into the Hall of Fame, and Punk defeating Cena for the title here.  He said he wants to make some more history tonight with John Cena vs. Kane.  As Cena waited for Kane to arrive, he instead got The Miz.

Miz came out saying 2011 was "The Year of the Miz" and he has some loose ends to tie up now.  Miz said he defeated Cena at WM27 but everyone thinks it was tainted because the Rock got involved.  Miz challenged Cena to a match tonight, so Cena said he'd heard enough of Miz's rant and asked for a ref so they could fight it out.

John Cena won by countout over The Miz.  Miz left the ring during a chant for and against Cena.  He got on the mic to say all that counts is he beat Cena on the grandest stage of them all at Wrestlemania 27.  Miz was counted out as he kept ranting on the mic.

As Miz kept going on, suddenly R-Truth's music hit to bring R-Truth out from backstage.  Truth rushed down and tackled Miz to start a beatdown on him.  He kept it up around the ring using the announce table and steel steps to throw Miz into or on.  On the mic Truth said he could end this all right now, but he's going to take his time, and get to Miz week by week.  He said Little Jimmy told him it's ok.  Truth finished the segment by smashing a water bottle on Miz's head.

After reviewing Truth's return and attack on Miz after break, Cole and Lawler said Kane is in the building and will make his presence known in response to Cena later tonight.

Big Show defeated David Otunga due to DQ.  In this match, Show had his right hand tied behind his arm to handicap him from the state.  Otunga tried to run away, but got a headbutt, and then dumped over the top rope.  Mark Henry came down to the ring though and attacked Show, causing a DQ.  Daniel Bryan ran down for the save, and Henry took off before Show could get at him.  Show finished Otunga with a big chokeslam in the ring.

Ricardo Rodriguez wheeled Alberto Del Rio out in a wheelchair.  Rodriguez had a neckbrace on.  Del Rio talked about how he tore his groin to suffer the most painful injury a man can suffer.  The crowd cheered it.  The Bella Twins came out on stage offering to throw a party in Del Rio's honor, but then they got into an argument with each other.  Del Rio told them he'd had enough and sent them backstage.  Del Rio vowed he will be back in 2012 as WWE Champion, and more vicious than ever before.

CM Punk defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall in Gauntlet Match #1.  Punk connected on a roundhouse kick to ultimately get the three count.

Dolph Ziggler defeated CM Punk by pinfall in Gauntlet Match #2.  John Laurinaitis came down to ringside during the match saying there'd been an injustice committed tonight.  The distraction allowed Zigler to hit Zig Zag on Punk for the pinfall win.  Ziggler gets a WWE title shot next week on Raw.

The final segment had Kane arrive out to the ring after his pyro and theme hit.  He started to talk about "Hate," when John Cena's music hit to bring Cena out on stage.  Pyro shot off up on stage again to scare Cena a bit.

Kane launched into a speech about how he didn't want to pick a fight with Cena, but he chose Cena because he led all the people astray.  Kane talked about how hate consumes everyone, and we have to accept it.  He said we hate our bosses, neighbors, even spouses and their miserable existence.

Kane mentioned Cena's "Rise Above the Hate" slogan on the T-shirts, and said he will help lead Cena to enlightenment.  He said Cena needs to embrace the hate so he can become free, otherwise he grows weaker by the moment.  Kane said the last thing Cena will hear are the words chanted by the crowds which tear him apart, "Cena...Sucks!" Kane repeated it severla times.  Cena listened to what Kane and the crowd chanted before lowering his head.  Kane smiled in the ring right before the WWE logo came on screen to close the show.

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