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Raw Results 12/19/11

WWE Raw Results from Philadelphia, PA:

The show opened with CM Punk arriving out, still the WWE champion.  He introduced two new champions as well, US champ Zack Ryder and the new World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.  Punk spoke about how they all worked their way from the bottom up, and let Ryder, Bryan also speak.

This brought out the losing heels from last night, Del Rio, The Miz and Ziggler.  They all stormed the ring to attack, causing a big brawl in the ring, then outside.  John Laurinaitis came out to intervene and booked them all in a six-man tag match for later on.

Randy Orton won due to DQ against Wade Barrett.  Orton was setting up for the RKO, but Barrett thumbed him in the eye to cause the DQ finish.  Post-match, Barrett beat up Orton, hitting his new move the Winds of Change.  He then set up a table and hit Wasteland with orton, crashing him through the table.

Cole and Lawler brought up Triple H doing damage to Kevin Nash with a sledgehammer last night.  They said it will take Nash about six weeks to recover, but Lawler said he wouldn't be surprised to never see Nash again.

Alicia Fox defeated Beth Phoenix by pinfall.  Fox was able to gain the upperhand after hitting a neckbreaker, then did a legdrop for a quick pinfall.  Fox seems to be next in line for the WWE Divas title shot.

Sheamus defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall.  In less than 2 minutes Sheamus hit the Irish Curse backbreaker and then the Celtic Cross for the pinfall victory.

John Cena came out to the ring to discuss the latest happenings, including being attacked by Kane.  He said if it was an accident on Kane's part, they can go separate ways, but if it wasn't he needs to come out and handle business.  Instead, Mark Henry came out to tell Cena to get out of his ring because he's lucky he didn't put him in the Hall of Pain last week.  He said he needs to talk about his injuries and how he lost the title last night.  Suddenly, Kane's pyro hit to bring out the Big Red Monster.

Kane came down to the ring as Henry escaped.  Kane stalked the ring area looking at Henry who said he wasn't scared of him, but he's hurt.  Kane stared Cena down after taking off his welder's mask.  He got in the ring, and Cena unloaded with righ hand shots before clotheslining Kane out of the ring.  Kane landed on his feet and grabbed Cena's foot to yank him out of the ring.

From there, Kane tossed Cena across the announce table, and started punching away on him.  He choked Cena a bit and acted like he was going to rip his face off.  Cena was bleeding from his mouth.  Kane tore up Cena's "Rise Above Hate" shirt and took it.  Cena recovered at the table area as Kane went up the ramp and left for backstage.

Epico and Primo defeated the Usos by pinfall.  Late in the match, Jey got a hot tag before it turned into a brawl.  Epico managed to hit a surprise Backstabber on Jey for the pinfall win.

Cody Rhodes defeated Santino Marella by pinfall.  Rhodes hit the Alabama Slam after avoiding the Cobra by Santino.

Backstage, the Bellas complained to Laurinaitis over how Teddy treated them on the PPV last night.  He said the board is watching Teddy and he wants to wish them a Merry Christmas.  They kissed him on the cheek, with Otunga there approving of it.  Vickie barged in to demand a US title rematch for Ziggler.  Hornswoggle came in next with mistletoe and kissed Vickie, causing her to go into her typical freakout mode.  Everyone left the scene with Vickie throwing a temper tantrum by herself.

Josh Matthews talked to Big Show backstage about winning the title last night and then barely having it, as Daniel Bryan cashed in MITB on him.  Show said he should blame himself for encouraging Bryan to cash in on Henry all those times instead of waiting for WM28.  He gave credit to Bryan for living his dream.  Matthews noted that Big Show has the shortest World title reign in history now.  Show stared at Matthews and seemed sad over it all, before saying "OK" and walking off.

In the main event, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan & Zack Ryder defeated the team of Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler & The Miz by Submission.  Late in the match, the action broke down with Daniel Bryan fighting Del Rio as the legal men.  Del Rio looked ready for his cross armbreaker, but instead Bryan got the Lebell Lock.  Del Rio ultimately tapped out to lose the match.

Post-match, the faces celebrated with their titles, posing for the crowd, as Michael Cole complained about "the power shift" in the WWE.

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