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2011 TLC PPV Results Coverage

Welcome to live results coverage for the 2011 WWE TLC Pay-Per-View! Tonight's PPV will be the final event of the year and comes from Baltimore, MD. Matches will be held with various stipulations and championships on the line!

See: How to watch WWE TLC live stream & Pay-Per-View on cable, satellite or in bars/restaurants!

Among those titles up for grabs will be CM Punk's WWE Championship, as he defends it in a Triple Threat TLC match against Alberto Del Rio and The Miz. Also, Mark Henry will have the World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Big Show in a chairs match. Dolph Ziggler's United States title and Cody Rhodes' Intercontinental title are also on the line.

The 2011 TLC PPV will be available starting at 8PM EST on cable or satellite TV, as well as the WWE's live streaming feed service. Starting after 8PM EST, match-by-match updates and results will be provided here. Click here to refresh this page for the latest!

A video packaged opened with a "Twas the Night Before Christmas" poem theme which talked about not a creature stirring not even Cena, and a sledgehammer hung above the ring with care.  Featured in the video package were the competitors for the Triple Threat, World Championship, Triple H vs. Nash, and Orton vs. Barrett.

Cole and Lawler were on hand for commentary discussing tonight's PPV.  Vickie Guerrero arrived out screeching "Merry Christmas" and then "Excuse me!"  She introduced Dolph Ziggler for the opening match.

Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler
United States Championship Match

Ryder got an early advantage for a bit, but Dolph soon dropped him to the mat. Moments later, Ryder caught Ziggler on a move and slinghsotted him into the corner. He clotheslined Ziggler over the top rope then did a jumping move over the ropes out on top of him. Ryder fist pumped his "Woo Woo Woo" with the crowd. Moments after though, Ziggler hit a DDT on Ryder on the apron. Ryder used repeated elbow drops and submission holds to wear down Ryder on the mat.

 Ryder made a comeback though, as he hit a missile dropkick off the corner to take down Ziggler. Ryder stayed in control ultimately knocking Ziggler to the corner, then hitting Broski Boot for a near fall. Vikie put Dolph's foot on the ropes though. The ref tossed Vickie, sending her backstage for interfering. Ziggler and Ryder traded pinfalls. There was a false finish after a legdrop by Ziggler. Ryder escaped another near fall by Ziggler.

 A Hurricanrana by Ryder resulted in a near fall as well. Moments later, Ryder got both knees up as Ziggler rushed at him in the corner. With Ziggler dazed and stumbling around, Ryder ran over and hit the Rough Ryder to get the win! Ryder is the nw US Champion! Post-match, Ryder celebrated as his father was shown going wild in the audience too.

 Winner: Zack Ryder wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler to become the new United States Champion.

Backstage, Alicia Fox was with Booker T who was in wrestling gear. Booker was excited about the match, but suddenly got attacked by Cody Rhodes out of nowhere. Rhodes knocked Booker to the ground and Alicia started screaming. WWE officials rushed over to intervene.

Epico & Primo vs. Air Boom
WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Late in the match, the heels were dominating Evan Bourne. Epico hit a series of three suplexes, before taunting Kofi across the ring with the Boom clap. Moments later, Bourne was able to get his double knees to the chest on Epico and started to crawl over to finally tag in Kofi. Kofi came in with a huge chop off the corner on Primo, then knocked Epico off the apron.

Kofi hit the double leg Boom drop on Primo, then set up for Trouble in Paradise. Primo backed to the corner and kicked Kofi, but then Kofi hit a flying crossbody from the corner. Epico rushed in for a save on the pinfall. Bourne came in and took out Epico to the outside with a flying move from the corner. Kofi avoided Primo and threw him against the ropes, then connected on Trouble in Paradise to win it.

Winners: Air Boom wins via pinfall over Epico and Primo to retain the WWE Tag Team championships.

Josh Matthews was backstage at the Trainer's Room where apparently Booker T was being checked out.  He reported that Rhodes walked by smiling big as if the match might have been canceled.

Cole and Lawler sent it backstage again, to Teddy Long dressed as Santa decorating the Christmas tree.  Hornswoggle came in dressed as an elf.  Teddy called him a good little boy and Horney went off on him.  Teddy gave him a gift which Hornswoggle opened and it was a book on Rosetta Stone Ebonics so he could talk jive.  Hornswoggle pretended he was going to hug Teddy then kicked him.

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Tables Match

Early on, Barrett tried to slide a table into the ring but Orton used it to hit into Wade's face.  The two competitors fought on the outside.  Barrett got the upperhand up on top of the stage where several tables were already set up.  He went for Wasteland, but Orton slid off.  Wade shoved the table down to avoid being smashed through it.

They fought back down to the ring area.  Barrett was able to smash Orton against the ringpost and then off the steel steps.  Barrett remained in control as he rammed Orton against the apron several times on the other side of the ring.  Wade followed up with a huge elbow drop off the corner onto Orton's chest in the ring.  Barrett went for a huge boot to try to kick Orton off the apron through a table, but Orton fell on the apron to avoid it.

Barrett set up a table in the corner of the ring, but Orton slid off as Wade tried to rush him through it.  Orton got control and the two ended up fighting on the apron with a table below them.  Orton managed to get his DDT through the ropes.  Moments later, Orton went for an RKO only to get sidewalk slammed by Barrett and then a table thrown on him.

Barrett set up a table and placed Orton on it, then climbed the corner.  As Barrett jumped off for an elbow drop, Orton got up and hit a surprise RKO to crash Barrett through the table!

Winner: Randy Orton wins the tables match against Wade Barrett.

Backstage, The Bella Twins were with Santa Teddy Long arguing how they were good or bad sister.  They kept arguing over who Santa's favorite is, but Teddy interrupted saying they've both been bad, but since it's a time for giving he has gifts for both of them.  Long gave them each a card with the number to his direct line.

They both slapped him in the face.  Jack Swagger walked in after Bellas left.  Swagger said Teddy was the most ridiculous GM ever, and asked what he's going to do about Mark Henry hitting him on Smackdown.  Sheamus came in wishing Teddy a Merry Christmas and said same to Swagger.  Swagger called Sheamus a "goof," so Sheamus got in his face.  Teddy booked a match between the two of them.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix
WWE Divas Championship Match

Early in the match, Kelly got the advantage after slapping Beth in the face and knocking her out of the ring. However, Beth got control back in the ring as she dropped Kelly on the corner and started the onslaught. Beth stood on Kelly's back near the ropes, then yanked her off the ropes to drop her on the mat. Beth put on a Boston Crab submission to further punish Kelly.

Later, Kelly tried to steal the match with an inside cradel pin, but Beth escaped it. Kelly got her running bulldog move and then smashed Beth's face into the mat repeatedly. Kelly tried to jump from the corner but Beth caught her and then slammed her to the mat. Beth tried three pinfalls but couldn't get it.

Kelly regained control and nearly got her leg drop on Beth's hand. Beth grabbed her for the GlamSlam but Kelly reversed into a Sunset Flip pinfall. Moments later, Beth was able to slam Kelly face forward after Kelly tried to do a legscissors. Beth with the pinfall win to retain.

Winner: Beth Phoenix wins via pinfall over Kelly Kelly to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

Backstage, Del Rio was yelling at Ricardo Rodriguez about having his car ready. He yelled at Ricardo to go get him some food. Miz came walking up to talk about how they weakned Punk, but now the alliance is off. Del Rio told Miz there never was one, he was using him. Miz talked about how uneventful Del Rio's title reign was, just like the Ravens Superbowl reign. Del Rio called Miz weak and pathetic, talking about how he came from reality TV.

Just then, Ricardo came walking up with a plate of food. Miz smashed it in his face, then shot a look to Del Rio before leaving. Del Rio angrily shoved Rodriguez to the floor.

They had a special video message from the National Guard that was delivered weeks ago.

Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T
Intercontinental Championship Match

As Booker was making his way down the ramp to the ring, Cody Rhodes attacked him from behind.  Rhodes kept beating him up and knocked him against the crowd barrier.  Officials and WWE staff intervened to force Rhodes backstage.  They helped Booker up and said they have to go check on him backstage.  No match yet, if at all.

Winner: No contest due to Cody Rhodes attacking Booker T on the way to the ring.

Triple H vs. Kevin Nash
Sledgehammer Ladder Match

Whichever wrestler climbs the ladder and retrieves the sledgehammer is allowed to use it on their opponent.Nash smashed down HHH early, but Triple H turned the tables on him punching away in the corner.  Nash returned a knee to the gut, then smashed Triple H into the other corner for repeated elbows.  They went to a third corner where they exchanged more strikes to one another.  Moments later, Triple H clotheslined Nash to the outside.

Nash regained control outside the ring and rammed a ladder hard into HHH, sending him into the timekeeper's area.  Triple H regained himself and managed to beat up Nash, then clotheslined him into the crowd.  Nash came back though and was able to drop HHH onto the barrier to get control back.  HHH got control after whipping Nash into the ringpost though.

In the ring, HHH used a ladder to ram into Nash's knee several times to ground him.  Cole brought up that this is why HHH is the Cerebral Assassin.  He continued to smash the ladder on the knee more.  Moments later, HHH closed the ladder around Nash's leg and then locked a Figure Four onto him causing Nash to scream in pain.

HHH set up a ladder in the corner, then picked up the other ladder off Nash's leg.  HHH dropped the ladder onto Nash's leg again.  Somehow, Nash got on his feet and kneed HHH, then whipped him hard into the ladder in the corner.  HHH fell out over the ropes.

Later, Nash had regained control and went to Jackknife HHH on the outside on the announcers table.  Instead, Triple H used his strength to flip Nash onto the commentators table.  HHH got in the ring and set up a ladder, then started the climb.  Nash got back in and stopped him though, regaining control.  Nash got out of the ring and pulled a table out from under the ring to bring in.  He set it up, lowered the straps on his wrestling gear and got HHH, but The Game rammed Nash into the ladder in the corner.

HHH once again got up the ladder and got his hand on the sledgehammer.  Nash got back in and climbed up to start punching HHH in the face.  Hunter  finally hit Nash twice in the face with the sledgehammer, ultimately sending Nash off the ladder and crashing through a table.  HHH got the sledgehammer unhooked then went after Nash, ramming it into his legs multiple times to knock Nash down.

Nash crawled over toward The Game.  Triple H tossed the sledgehammer aside then hit a Pedigree on Nash after a botched attempt.  The crowd chanted "one more time" so Hunter picked up the sledge.  Nash got to one knee and gave HHH the Clique sign, but HHH gave him a DX crotch chop before driving the sledgehammer into his chest.  HHH then took the pinfall for the win.

Post-match, Nash was put onto a stretcher by WWE staff and medical officials as HHH celebrated.

Winner: Triple H wins by pinfall over Kevin Nash after retrieving the sledgehammer.

Backstage, CM Punk and Matt Striker reviewed footage of what Miz and Del Rio did to Punk on Raw. Punk talked about what happened last week including Laurinaitis taking his Slammy on his behalf and how irritating Del Rio and Miz are. John Laurinaitis came in to interrupt saying he mailed Punk's Slammy to him. Punk told him he'll still be WWE champion after tonight. Laurinaitis said he's the bigger man, after all he is the taller man. He wished Punk good luck tonight. Punk said "luck's for losers." Punk left and Laurinaitis started texting someone.

Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

Sheamus got control early, and kept on him as Vickie screamed about it from ringside.  Vickie managed to distract Sheamus at one point as he was on the apron, allowing Swagger to grab Sheamus and gain control.  Swagger kept stomping on Sheamus outside the ring, then tossed him back in for the Swagger Bomb.

Later on in the match, Swagger managed to get the Ankle Lock on Sheamus.  Sheamus couldn't crawl to the ropes but managed to flip his weight and send Swagger to the corner.  Swagger went for a dive to take out Sheamus' bad leg, but Sheamus avoided it, then hit the Brogue Kick for the win.

Winner: Sheamus wins via pinfall over Jack Swagger.

Backstage, Josh Matthews talked to The Big Show about his upcoming Chairs Match against Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Show said ever since he's been back Henry has been unable to beat him.  Show said tonight he's got chairs to use, so he feels Henry's reign of terror is over.  Show said his 9 year drought as champion is over.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry
World Heavyweight Championship
Chairs Match

Early on, Show went to the outside and started to throw chairs from around the ring into the ring at Henry.  Henry batted several down, then Show took a chair and told Henry "now  you're gonna get some payback."  Henry picked up a chair in the ring, then exited through the ropes.  Henry walked over and asked for his championship saying "this ain't happening," as he started to walk off around the ring.

Show exited the ring and went after Henry who tried to swing the belt at him.  Show ducked and smashed a chair across Henry before unloading with punches on him.  Back in the ring, Henry was able to get control knocking Show to the mat and ramming a chair into his leg.  Henry screamed "Welcome to the Hall of Pain."  Show got up and punched on Henry, but his leg gave out again.

Show went for a slam but Show elbowed him to prevent it.  Henry fought back, then grabbed a  chair.  As he swung it, Show connected with a right hand punch to drop Henry.  He fell to the mat near Henry and crawled over to roll Henry over, then made the pinfall for the big win.

Show stood up with a look of pain on his face as he held up the championship belt.  All of a sudden, Henry took him down from behind with a chair shot.  Henry then DDT'd Show onto a chair on the mat to leave him out cold.

Winner: Big Show wins via pinfall over Mark Henry to become new World Heavyweight Championship.  

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show
MITB World Heavyweight Championship Match

After Henry left the ring, Daniel Bryan rushed down to cash in the MITB briefcase. The ref handed it off to Lilian to make it official. Bryan quickly took the pinfall on an already knocked out Big Show and the ref counted 1-2-3 to give Bryan the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!  Show shoved Bryan off at the last moment though.

Post-match, Bryan rushed over and jumped up on the commentary table to shove the title in Cole's face, yelling at him.  Show stood up in the ring in disbelief over what just happened.  Bryan kept celebrating outside the ring with fans.  Big Show looked dejected as he left the ring to head backstage as Bryan kept celebrating.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via pinfall over Big Show to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Cole and Lawler reviewed what happened to Booker T at the hands of Cody Rhodes earlier in the night. Josh Matthews interviewed Booker T backstage, then brought up that heh as nothing to prove. Booker T said he didn't ask for this fight but damn sure will finish it.

Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes
Intercontinental Championship

Early on Booker T got control of the match with a huge scoop slam.  Booker kept dominating Rhodes around the ring and outside it, but as he tried to get back in the ring, Rhodes kicked him then dropped Rhodes against the top rope.  Rhodes followed up by punching Booker off the apron with a running move.

Booker hit a huge Spinebuster on Rhodes, then got up and signaled for the Spinarooney.  He got down and did it looking out of it.  Booker went for the big scissors kick but Rhodes avoided it.  He avoided another kick, then Rhodes hit the Beautiful Disaster kick off the side ropes.  He had a near fall with Booker kicking out.  Booker stood up looking dazed and confused. Rhodes hit another kick to Booker's head and this time collected the winning pinfall.

Winner: Cody Rhodes wins via pinfall over Booker T to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz vs. CM Punk

WWE Championship
Triple Threat TLC Match

Early on, the two heels ganged up on Punk, but he battled back with a series of dropkicks to take down both guys.  Moments later, Del Rio and Miz dropped Punk on the top rope and continued to beat him up.  They connected on a suplex together then continued to kick away on Punk, eyeing each other suspiciously.

On the outside of the ring, Del Rio turned against Miz, bashing a steel chair on him.  Moments later, Del Rio picked up a ladder, but Punk dove over the top rope onto him.  Back in the ring, Miz got the upperhand and hit a side slam on Punk driving his head through the seat of a chair.  Back outside the ring, Del Rio avoided a move by Miz and slammed him onto a ladder.

On the outside, Del Rio tried to slam Punk through a table, but instead, Punk hit a neckbreaker on him.  Just then Miz rushed over with a chair, which he missed hitting Punk with and hit the ringpost instead.  Punk kept smashing the chair against Miz to the crowd's delight, then sat Miz on the crowd barrier.  Punk set the chair up then did a running knee move to send Miz crashing over the barrier.

Punk to the ladder and set it up in the ring, then made his climb up the ladder with nobody in sight.  Punk got near the top, but suddenly Ricardo Rodriguez rushed into the ring and handcuffed Punk to the ladder!  Del Rio rushed in and beat up Punk, kicking away on him.  Del Rio started to climb up the ladder thinking he had the match won, but Punk got up and kicked the part of the ladder he was cuffed to until it broke.  Punk finally managed to knock the ladder down then used the handcuffs as a weapon to beat up Del Rio.

Miz got back in the ring though and hit Punk with a ladder repeatedly, then set up a ladder to make the climb.  Punk quickly got up and yanked him off.  He went for GTS, but Miz avoided it and got to the corner, where Punk rammed into him several times.  Later on, Punk got knocked off the corner area by Del Rio.  Punk went crashing through a table on the outside.

Del Rio beat up Miz up near the ladders on the ramp, then locked Miz into the Cross Armbreaker in a ladder.  Miz screamed in pain and tried to tap out, but that didn't matter.  Del Rio picked up two steel chairs and walked over to where Punk was crashed through a table.  Del Rio threw a chair on top of Punk then smashed the other on him repeatedly, before kicking Punk.  Del Rio put Punk's arm through a chair and locked the armbreaker on him.

Del Rio got in the ring and with the ladder set up, made his climb.  Miz and Punk both crawled back in though and tipped the ladder over, causing Del Rio to get crotched on the top rope.  Punk and Miz started to battle in the ring.  Rodriguez got into the ring and climbed the ladder, but they saw him.  Punk and Miz shoved the ladder to the ropes and Rodriguez fell out then crashed down hard through a table outside the ring.  The fans gave a "Holy S--t!" chant.

Moments later, Miz wisely was able to handcuff Punk to the corner turnbuckle area.  He stood in front of him to taunt Punk, with Punk finally delivering a big kick to knock Miz down.  As Punk struggled with the cuffs, Del Rio and Miz set up several ladders in the ring to try to climb for the title.  However, Punk somehow was able to pull apart the section of the turnbuckle/corner he was cuffed to.  Punk rushed over to the ladder.

Punk was able to fight off Del Rio at the top of a ladder, sending him down to the mat.  Miz had been knocked off but yanked Miz down.  However, Punk gained the upperhand down in the ring and delivered GTS.  From there, it was all Punk with both his opponents down.  He climbed the ladder and unhooked the championship belt to retain his title!

Punk celebrated on top of the ladder hoisting his championship belt up.

Winner: CM Punk wins the Triple Threat TLC match to remain WWE Champion.

Thank you for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2011 WWE TLC PPV results! Make sure to check out Monday's episode of Raw for all of the fallout and follow-up to this latest Pay-Per-View!

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