Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New WWE Champion for Early 2012?

The new year 2012 could start off with a bang for Dolph Ziggler, as he's officially booked in a WWE Championship match.  It'll be Dolph Ziggler vs. CM Punk for the hardware, with many speculating that Punk will be dropping the belt.

Punk has held the belt since defeating Alberto Del Rio in a singles match, using the Anaconda Vice.  He successfully defended at TLC this past month after surviving all sorts of tricks and attacks from The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez.

However, the word has been that WWE Raw ratings, particularly for main events, has been suffering lately.  Those events have featured CM Punk, and WWE creative may have decided to switch the belt off him.  With that said, the belt would move to Ziggler, who would become a transitional champion.

That would mean that the guy who would take out Ziggler and get the WWE Championship is everyone's love-hate poster child: John Cena.  Of course, right now Cena is part of a battle with Kane, it would seem.  If Cena should win the title from Ziggler, that would position him to be the champion heading to Wrestlemania 28, when he will have his epic battle with The Rock.

So once again, the WWE Universe may see Dolph Ziggler holding a major title, but not for long.  This seems to cause an interesting grouping of events though, with Kane lurking, CM Punk as a former champion, and John Cena possibly gaining the belt back.  That's not to mention the fact that Alberto Del Rio will be healing from a groin injury and looking to make a comeback.

Wrestling fans, feel free to weigh in on this one:  Who will be holding the WWE Championship after the next episode of Raw: Punk or Ziggler?  Also, who will be the WWE Champion heading into Wrestlemania 28?

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