Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chris Jericho Returns, Daniel Bryan Going Heel?

The big mystery was solved on this past week's episode of Raw when those video promos finally ended, and Y2J finally emerged.  That's right, Chris Jericho has returned to WWE Raw from the looks of it, but his return has many puzzled.

His spotlight moment featured Jericho pandering to the crowd, celebrating his return.  Jericho came out wearing a snazzy jacket complete with blinking lights, before his pyro and theme music hit.  Y2J did a lot of hyping up audience members, and yelling, dancing and walking around all excited, but said absolutely nothing.  Perhaps, his actions spoke louder than words?  He will likely have something to say soon, as fans know Jericho is one of the most talkative guys in the business, and one of the best on the mic in terms of his promos.

The best bet for Jericho is that he has returned as a heel once again.  His excited display on Raw is probably him mocking his own return and the fans for being excited about it.  Should CM Punk continue to hold the WWE Championship past the Royal Rumble, expect Jericho to be among the frontrunners feuding with Punk.  In fact, it would not be very surprising at all if Jericho wins the Royal Rumble and goes after Punk at Wrestlemania 28.

Meanwhile, speaking of heels, it's apparent Daniel Bryan is turning that way on Smackdown.  On Friday night fans saw more of his jubilant celebration after "beating" Big Show in a championship rematch.  He won the match because Mark Henry shoved him down at ringside, causing a DQ.  Bryan acted as if he had pulled off some amazing feat, when in fact he won by default.  Daniel Bryan didn't exactly have the best personality of all the wrestlers around, but the same can be said for others befor him, until a change.

It's now becoming a mainstay in WWE that if someone who is a face wins Money in the Bank, smart money is they'll be turning heel.  The previous example is none other than CM Punk, who went from heel back to face quite nicely, so this character change could be just what Daniel Bryan needs.  However, it'll take some rather treacherous acts to turn him heel, besides just making comments and winning matches by luck.  Bryan will need to show his true colors at some point, and will probably become the latest major heel on Smackdown, as there's not much else to choose from!

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