Monday, January 2, 2012

Raw Results 1/2/12

Raw results for 1/2/12 weren't posted due to technical difficulties.  Here's the quick version results for the latest show which featured CM Punk defending the WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler.

Cena started the show talking about how he won't change the way he's operated for the past 10 years because of Kane.  Kane's pyro interrupted as the arena went dark.  Kane vowed to show Cena all about Hate later on tonight.

Daniel Bryan defeated Cody Rhodes.  Rhodes had control after a Beautiful Disaster kick, but he paused too long on a suplex attempt.  Bryan rolled Rhodes into a small package.  Post-match, Bryan was celebrating ecstatically about his win, even up the ramp yelling "Yea!"

The Bella Twins defeated Eve and Kelly Kelly.  Bellas used a Switcharoo while the ref was trying to keep Kelly out of the ring.  The illegal Bella stole a rollup/small package pin on Eve to win it.

Wade Barrett defeated Santino Marrella after each cut a promo about winning the Royal Rumble.  Barrett hit the Winds of Change sideslam on Santino to get the pinfall win.

The Miz and Sheamus fought to a no contest.  Sheamus pounded away on Miz's chest from the ring to the apron causing Miz to fall to the outside.  Miz escaped into the crowd to leave, but then R-Truth came on over the speakers.  Truth was up in the stands and said Little Jimmy told him he was gonna get got.  Truth chased Miz down the stairs, and Miz got hit by a Sheamus Brogue Kick outside the ring.  Truth smashed a water bottle on Miz's head to finish things for the night.

Dolph Ziggler defeated CM Punk by countout in a WWE Championship match.  Punk got counted out after John Laurinaitis came to the ring and got on the ramp to adjust the turnbuckle cover after it had been removed.  Punk saw it and got irritated, then tossed Ziggler against the ropes to hit Laurinaitis.  At one point, Ziggler threw Punk towards the ropes and JL pulled the top rope down.  Punk fell out of the ring and got counted out.

Later on, Punk yelled at Laurinaitis backstage.  JL booked Ziggler vs Punk for the WWE title at the Royal Rumble.  He said he will be the special guest referee for the match.

A final mystery promo was revealed and said it was time for the "boy" in the video to return and claim what was his.  That lead to a dark arena, eventually revealing Chris Jericho.  Jericho came back in a suit with lights all over it, and he kept running around the ring to celebrate with fans ecstatically.  Jericho never spoke a word though and left backstage leaving fans wondering what's up.

The main featured a six man elimination tag match of Cena, Ryder & Big Show vs. Kane, Mark Henry & Swagger.  Kane didn't show up, so David Otunga came out to say it would be a 3-on-2 match.  Big Show and Henry got counted out at one point with Show attacking Henry outside the ring with a chair.  Swagger put the Ankle Lock on Ryder but Ryder managed to crawl to tag Cena in.  Cena came in and took control, ultimately hitting the AA on Swagger for the win.

Post-match, Kane's music hit, Cena went up the ramp looking for him.  Kane popped up through the ring mat.  He went to attack Ryder, but Cena jumped on the apron.  Kane chopped him down, then put his hand over Cena's face on the outside until Cena passed out on the floor.  Kane tried to drag a helpless Ryder into the hole in the ring.  Cena rushed in and grabbed Ryder's arms to pull him free.  As Cena and Ryder backed away to a corner, flames and fire shot up from the hole in the ring to close out Raw.

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