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Smackdown Results 01/06/12

Smackdown Results from Little Rock, AR:

Smackdown opened with a video to show what happened between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett's match last week, with Orton thrown down a flight of stairs, and Barrett exiting the arena.  Josh Matthews and Michael Cole were on hand for commentary, and promised to update Orton's status later on.

Cody Rhodes defeated Booker T by pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship.  The match finished with several reversals, before Cody hit the Beautiful Disaster kick to get the win.

Later, Rhodes was shown walking backstage, with Dustin Rhodes coming up to congratulate him for beating a legend.  Cody told him that if he wans to put on his gold paint again for another run, he'll take him from joke to laughing stock.

Backstage, Zack Ryder walked into Teddy Long's office and said he had to move on from being Long's assistant.  Ryder said he had someone in mind, but just then Drew McIntyre walked in.  Ryder said he meant Santino, not Drew.  Santino came in with his Cobra puppet.  Drew got into Santino's face leading to Long booking them in a match.  He said if Drew wins he'll consider not firing him, and if Santino wins he gets to be Long's assistant.

Drew and Santino left the office, so Aksana came in.  Teddy asked her out for dinner and she said yes.

Backstage, AJ and Alicia Fox were talking about Daniel Bryan with Alicia saying she hoped his ego could handle a loss tonight.  Bryan came walking up saying his ego has no worries, he's already defeated Big Show.  Alicia left, so Bryan chastised AJ for hanging out with Alicia Fox.  AJ said Alicia's worried about Daniel just like she is.  Bryan asked her if she thinks he can't beat Big Show, because after he does he's taking her out to celebrate.

Hornswoggle defeated Heath Slater in an Over-the-Top-Rope Challenge match.  Hornswoggle managed to grab Slater's hair when he tried to throw him over the top rope, then dragged him over and out of the ring.  Post-match, Slater tried to attack Hornswoggle with Justin Gabriel rushing out to make a save.

Hunico defeated Ted Dibiase by pinfall after hitting his finisher.  Dibiase had gone for Dream Street, but Hunico avoided it and shoved Dibiase into the corner shoulder-first.

Wade Barrett came out and had the video of him throwing Orton down a flight of stairs shown again.  He said he told the doctors to stay backstage because he can give the medical update: Orton has a herniated disk and his career is over.  Wade said if Orton comes back, he won't be the same.  Barrett said the 2012 Royal Rumble will be held in Orton's hometown, but he'll have to sit and watch with everyone else as Wade Barrett wins it.

Sheamus came out to interrupt the speech, and said Barrett's going to have problems at the Rumble, including himself.  Sheamus kept trash talking Barrett, until Jinder Mahal's music hit and he came to the ring to interrupt.  Jinder started beating up on Sheamus, but Sheamus fought back.  Barrett attacked Sheamus, but Sheamus gained control and almost hit the Celtic Cross.  Jinder Mahal kicked Sheamus, then Barrett did Winds of Change slam before leaving.  Jinder Mahal locked the Camel Clutch on Sheamus for a while then left him layed out in the ring.

Santino Marella defeated Drew McIntyre by pinfall.  Santino avoided a splash from Drew in the corner, then hit the Cobra to get the win.

Epico and Primo defeated Air Boom by pinfall in a non-title match.  The finish saw Bourne in control against Primo.  With Primo laying on the mat, Bourne climbed to the corner and went for Air Bourne, but Epico pulled Primo out of the way.  Bourne hit the mat hard, so Primo crawled over and secured a pin.  Rosa danced with her team to celebrate the win in the ring.

Backstage, Striker interviewed Big Show.  Show talked about his excitement over tonight's match, and called Bryan a good wrestler.  Daniel Bryan came into the interview saying he will be a great wrestler one day.  Bryan said he's had to work to get her, because he's not a genetic freak like Show.  Bryan said if he had Show's size and skill, he wouldn't have taken 9 years to win the title.  Show put his hand on Bryan's shoulder saying "don't make me hurt you out there."  Bryan told him to take his hand off his shoulder several times, so Show said "OK" and walked off.

Tamina defeated Natalya by pinfall.  Late in the match they collided as Tamina hit a flying cross body on Natalya.  Moments later, Tamina managed to gain control and did the Samoan slam followed by Samoan Splash off the corner for the win.

They cut to the Raw Rebound which showed all of the events from the main event six man tag elimination match.  It ended with Kane attacking Cena, then trying to pull Zack Ryder down into a hole in the ring.  Cena saved Ryder just before a huge pyro explosion came up through the hole in the ring, closing out Raw.

Daniel Bryan defeated Big Show due to disqualification to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.  Mark Henry was on commentary during the match.  At one point, Bryan had several submission attempts which Show got out of.  Bryan had a pinfall attempt but Show threw him up and towards the ropes.  Bryan fell to the floor, so Henry started talking smack to him.

Later, Bryan put on the Guillotine and then the Lebelle Lock, but Show escaped both.  Show went for a WMD punch but Bryan fled the ring near the commentators table.  Bryan walked over and talked trash to Henry on the outside, so Henry pushed him down hard causing the DQ.  Post-match, Bryan started celebrating by jumping up in front of the fans on the crowd barriers.  Bryan ended Smackdown kissing his championship belt on the ramp yelling "YES!" acting like he got a major win.

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