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Raw Results 01/09/12

Raw Results from Corpus Christi,TX:

Raw opened with Kane's music hitting and the Big Red Monster coming to the ring.  He delivered a promo speech about hate, and how Cena tries to represent the fan's hopes and dreams, as they aspire for success.  Kane said they really are talking about themselves when they chant "Cena Sucks."  He said as for Zack Ryder, the fans built him up as a symbol of false hope.  Kane said he nearly pulled him down to hell, but John Cena saved him, delaying the inevitable.

John Cena rushed to the ring to attack Kane and clotheslined him over the top rope.  Kane landed on his feet.  The two kept fighting ringside, and up the ramp, eventually ending up back in the locker room area.  Kane pulled Cena outside to the exterior loading dock and the fight continued with them nearly knocking each other off the dock.  Kane threw Cena into a box of trash and then disappeared.  Cena was choking and looking around for Kane.

Sheamus and Santino Marella defeated Jinder Mahal and Wade Barrett by pinfall.  Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Jinder, then tagged in Santino who did The Cobra for the win.

John Laurinaitis got confronted backstage by Miz, asking why he's not doing anything to protect him from Truth.  Laurinaitis said he's got a lot on his plate right now and tonight is Brodus Clay's debut.  Miz said he didn't care, but Laurinaitis said to go find his own protection, he's not Little Jimmy, but Big Johnny.  Miz stormed off.

They showed a video package of this year's first official WWE Hall of Fame 2012 inductee: Edge.  Edge will be the main inductee the night before Wrestlemania 28.

Miz was shown backstage trying to get Mason Ryan to serve as his bodyguard, but Ryan smirked and walked off, leaving Miz there.

They showed Zack Ryder backstage on the phone with his dad, discussing the situation with kane.  Eve walked up to him, so Ryder tried to play cool, and said he was doing fine.  He blurted out a question asking if Eve would go out with him tonight, because he doesn't have a match.  Eve said sure, but she has a match with Beth Phoenix so it'll be later.  Eve left, and then Ryder did.  Kane was shown in the side area nearby.

Daniel Bryan defeated Kofi Kingston by submission in a non-title bout.  Bryan was able to intercept Kofi on a crossbody splash, then locked on the Lebell Lock, eventually making Kofi tap out.

Post-match, Big Show came to the ring.  Bryan interrupted Show before he could speak, saying he hated how their title match ended on Smackdown, and would give Show a match anytime.  Show said Teddy Long agrees and they have a rematch on Friday, a No DQ, No Countout match for the title.  Show gave Bryan a firm handshake, pulling him in closer as Cole said he thinks Bryan's flue title reign is coming to an end Friday.

Brodus Clay finally made his debut, as a face wearing a red jumpsuit costume, arriving out with dancers.  He won his match against Curt Hawkins using his trademark finisher seen on Superstars.  With his opponent stunned, Clay hits a huge jumping splash move on him for the pinfall.

Backstage, Zack Ryder was brushing his teeth, but then the camera showed Kane standing there behind him in the mirror.  Ryder ran out of the bathroom with Kane nowhere to be seen.

Backstage, Miz approached Epico and Primo with Rosa Mendes to ask for their help as protection.  They ignored him.  CM Punk walked up to Miz, laughed and walked off.

John Laurinaitis arrived out before the CM Punk vs Jack Swagger match.  He said he wants to show his impartiality since he'll be the ref for Punk vs Ziggler at the Rumble.  Tonight, if Punk beats Swagger, he and Vickie are banned from ringside at the WWE title match at Royal Rumble.  Also, Ziggler will face John Cena in a match tonight, to stay prepared.

CM Punk defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall.  Swagger attempted a Superplex from the corner, but Punk blocked it to send Swagger down to the mat.  He followed with his Macho Man flying elbow for the pinfall win.

Miz convinced Ricardo Rodriguez to go out to the ring and draw Truth out with insults on the mic.  Rodriguez did so, bringing Truth to the ring.  Truth got Ricardo to sing "La Cucharacha" for him.  At one point, Rodriguez slapped the mic away from Truth, but that made Truth hit his finisher on Ricardo.  Miz stormed the ring and attacked Truth, with the fight going to the outside of the ring.  Truth ended up gaining the advantage over Miz, and his music played to finish the segment.

Chris Jericho came out again, but did the same sort of routine as last time.  He merely posed with various fans at ringside, and eventually got in the ring saying "Wow" several times.  He pretended to be teary over the response.  He had the mic but dropped it and never spoke.  Jericho walked backstage as Raw went to commercial.

Eve came out for a match against Beth Phoenix.  Kane's music hit and Eve tried to hide.  Zack Ryder rushed down to save her and take her away from there.  They showed back in the parking area, where Ryder tried to drive off with Eve, but his rental car had a flat tire.  Ryder tried to change the flat as Eve looked panicked in the car.

The Four Horsemen will also be inducted at this year's WWE Hall of Fame.

The main event match was a no decision between John Cena and Dolph Ziggler.  During the match, Cena started up a comeback, but then the camera started showing backstage where Kane went after Ryder in the parking area.  Kane chokeslammed Ryder to an area below the loading dock.  Cena escaped Ziggler to rush out there.  The show finished with Kane putting his hand on Cena's face again and making him pass out.  Raw ended with Kane breathing heavily and Cena comatose.

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