Monday, February 20, 2012

Raw Preview 02/20/12

After an exciting and brutal Elimination Chamber 2012 Pay-Per-View, the Raw superstars will return to do battle on Monday night.  In the final match of the night, John Cena took on his evil foe, Kane, in the vicious ambulance match.  Kane nearly had Cena shoved into the ambulance, but Cena managed to kick his way out and fight back.  In the end, Cena was able to "rise above the hate" and delivered a huge Attitude Adjustment to the evil monster, throwing Kane off the roof of the ambulance.  From there, Cena was proclaimed winner after shoving Kane into the back of the ambulance and slamming the door shut.  With that matter finished, it seems Cena now can solely focus on his upcoming Wrestlemania 28 opponent.  Will Cena have more to say about The Rock on tonight's Raw?

Also at the Elimination Chamber, CM Punk managed to successfully defend his WWE Championship.  However, he never officially eliminated Chris Jericho.  Instead, Punk delivered a huge roundhouse kick to Jericho's head to send him out of the chamber and to the outside floor.  Jericho was never cleared to re-enter the match as he wasn't responding to medical officials.  Meanwhile, Punk defeated The Miz in the final moments of the match.  With that in mind, will Jericho finally have something to say on Monday's Raw episode?  Will Punk show remorse for his actions which sent Jericho out of the match?  Also, will Kofi Kingston retaliate after what Jericho did to him in the chamber?

One other match saw Beth Phoenix defending her divas championship against Tamina Snuka.  Tamina was able to hit her finishing move, the Samoan Splash, on The Glamazon.  However, Beth amazingly kicked out of the move.  Tamina nearly went for another one, but Beth escaped the ring and regrouped.  Moments later inside the ring, Phoenix hit her signature move, the Glam Slam, to finish off Tamina.  It seems as if there are no divas left to challenge Beth Phoenix for the title, or are there?

Catch tonight's episode of Raw on USA starting at 9PM Eastern Standard Time!

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