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WWE Superstars Results 02/16/12

WWE Superstars Results 02/16/12:

Josh Matthews welcomed fans to the show as Maxine made her way to the ring.  Striker and Matthews were on camera and showed Maxine attacking Kaitlyn last night after Bateman's tag match from NXT.

Aksana defeated Maxine by pinfall.  Aksana had control early with several submission holds and near falls.  Maxine managed to trip her up against the ropes to gain control and then worked a variety of holds of her own.  Late in the match, Maxine sent Aksana towards the ropes.  Aksana ran back but slid under Maxine's legs, then got up, grabbed Maxine and slammed her down hard with a spinebuster.  She secured Maxine's leg for the pinfall win.

They showed a WWE social media comparison of Rock and Cena's Twitter followers.  Rock currently has more than Cena.

Matthews introduced video highlights of Shawn Michaels' appearance on Raw this past Monday to try to get Triple H to fight Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  The video included the latest video message from Taker to Triple H as well.  Josh Matthews was back on commentary, but made no more mention of the Raw segment, just the Superstars main event.

Jack Swagger won via submission over Mason Ryan.  During the match, Ryan escaped the Ankle Lock and went for a Full Nelson, but Swagger managed to get over the ropes to the apron and then snapped Ryan's neck against the ropes.  From there, Swagger was able to smash Ryan's ankle against the steel steps, then clipped him with a dive in the ring.  Swagger locked on the Ankle Lock to make Ryan quickly tap.

They showed the Raw Rebound featuring John Cena and Kane's ongoing feud.  This past Monday also had Eve kissing John Cena after he saved her from Kane's clutches.  The show ended with Ryder getting shoved off the stage in a wheelchair by Kane, and taken away on a stretcher.

Primo and Epico w/Rosa Mendes defeated Alex Riley and Santino Marella by pinfall.
Late in the match, Santino did a head-first dive onto Primo.  He pulled out The Cobra sock and prepared to strike, but a distraction from Epico caused him to go punch him down.  Primo hit Santino from behind and he fell out of the ring.  Rosa yelled stuff in Spanish as he was holding his head on the floor and Superstars hit break.

Primo had control of Santino late in the match.  Primo took away the Cobra sock and stomped on it on the mat, then kicked it over to Epico.  The heels kept dominating Santino, keeping him away from a tag to A-Ry.  Santino eventually hit a move called "Santino Stunner," a jawbreaker on Primo to break away and make a hot tag to A-Ry.  Riley came in all revved up and beating up Epico for a near fall.  Primo came in to break things up.

Santino came in to attack Primo, but got sent out of the ring.  A-Ry turned his attention to clothesline Primo out of the ring.  Riley went for a finisher on his shoulders, but Epico elbowed his way out of it, then shoved Riley to the corner.  As Riley stumbled back, Epico hit the Backstabber on him for the win.

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