Friday, February 17, 2012

Smackdown Results 02/17/12

Smackdown Results from Fresno, CA:

The Smackdown episode opened with Teddy Long and World Champion Daniel Bryan backstage.  Security guards were guarding Teddy's office.  Long said he's concerned about Randy Orton's condition, so he's pulling him from the Smackdown Chamber match on Sunday.

The Big Show and Great Khali defeated Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes.  Post-match, Big Show turns against and takes out Khali.

Hunico defeated Ted Dibiase thanks to help from Camacho.

The WWE tag champions Primo and Epico defeated The Usos.

Daniel Bryan came out to talk about what he did on Raw, and vowed to win the Elimination Chamber Sunday.  He tells Lilian Garcia to announce him as the winner of this match by forfeit, but Teddy Long interrupts him, booking Bryan vs. Sheamus instead.

Daniel Bryan defeated Sheamus due to disqualification.  Sheamus kept attacking Bryan after Bryan spit in his face.  Sheamus also shoved the ref to cause a DQ.

Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett ask Teddy Long backstage who will replace Randy Orton in the chamber match.  Long says he's booked a battle royal involving Raw and Smackdown superstars to compete for the final spot.

Jinder Mahal defeated Ezekiel Jackson.

Tamina and Alicia Fox defeated Natalya and Beth Phoenix.  During the match, the referee was distracted by Natalya's farting.

The main event was a battle royal to determine Randy Orton's replacement in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match.  Santino Marella won, with the final participants David Otunga, Drew McIntyre, Ezekiel Jackson and Santino.

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