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2012 Elimination Chamber Live Results Updates

Welcome to the 2012 Elimination Chamber live results update page from WWE Characters the Blog!  Tonight's Pay-Per-View comes to us live from Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Bradley Center.  Several championships are on the line, with two chamber matches among those on the currently scheduled card.

Also on the card, is John Cena vs. Kane, in an Ambulance Match.  These two have been going at it for weeks, with Eve Torres and Zack Ryder caught in the crossfire.  Tonight one man hopes to end the feud by placing his opponent in the back of an ambulance and sending it off to the ER!

Daniel Bryan puts his World Heavyweight Championship up for grabs in Smackdown's Elimination Chamber.  He's going up against Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, The Great Khali, and The Big Show.  Just recently, Randy Orton was replaced in the match due to injury by Santino Marella.

Also, CM Punk puts his WWE Championship on the line in the Raw Elimination Chamber match.  He's got some tough opposition in the form of The Miz, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, and Chris Jericho.  Will Punk escape from the chamber as the champion still, or will a new champ be crowned?

Starting tonight at 8PM EST, match-by-match updates from the show will be provided below.  After 11PM EST, full results will be available here for all matches.

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The PPV opened with a video package outlining the structure that wrestlers must go through in order to get to Wrestlemania. Cole announced 15,306 on hand to witness tonight's event in the Bradley Center.

Raw Elimination Chamber for WWE Championship

The WWE Championship chamber match started things off. First out was Chris Jericho in his electric light show jacket. The Miz was second to the match, although it's his first-ever appearance in the chamber. Vickie Guerrero escorted out Dolph Ziggler, then R-Truth arrived out. Kofi Kingston followed him and surveyed the inner structure before getting into his pod. The final man to arrive out was the champion CM Punk who would start against Kofi.

Kofi and Punk exchanged pins and offensive attacks early on.  At one point Punk went for a suplex over the ropes, but Kofi landed on his feet than tossed Punk backwards to the hard grating.  Moments later, Punk catapulted Kofi into Jericho's pod, then followed with a huge suplex onto the grating.

The two kept at it, with Punk in control as the next pod opened: Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler immediately started beating up Punk, rubbing his face against the side steel chain wall.  Punk and Kofi went for side springboard moves with Ziggler in the middle in the ring.  Ziggler moved out of the way and Punk/Kofi collided.

A fourth man came in to fight, R-Truth, with no eliminations yet.  During the fights, Punk pulled off a superplex with Kingston from the top rope.  Punk had Truth down, and then went over to taunt Jericho before landing the Macho Man elbow from the corner onto Truth.  Truth pinned and eliminated first.  Another pod opened moments later, bringing The Miz into the match.  He immediately tossed Punk into the corner ringpost, then threw Kofi into a pod.

Punk had The Miz locked in the Anaconda Vice and Miz looked ready to tap.  The 10 second countdown started though, and Jericho came out of a pod, making Punk release his hold to go face to face.  The two battled with Jericho getting the upperhand.  After a near fall by Jericho on Punk, Ziggler tried to steal a pin on Y2J.  Jericho barely escaped then hit a Codebreaker on Ziggler to eliminate hit.

It's down to Kofi, Jericho, Miz and Punk.  Jericho went back into his pod at one point and Punk went after him.  Jericho got the upperhand and repeatedly smashed the door against Punk's arm and shoulder.  Jericho and Punk ended up down on the mat, while Miz and Kofi competed in the ring.  Miz went for the Superplex on Kofi, but Punk beat him from behind.  Punk grabbed Miz for a powerbomb to slam him for a near fall.  Moments later, Kofi leapt off the top of a pod to take out Miz and Punk.

Jericho managed to come over and grab Kofi, putting him into Walls of Jericho submission.  Jericho kept his knee on the back of Kofi's head and Kofi eventually tapped.  Even after the elimination, Jericho kept beating up Kofi in the ring and then tossed him out of the chamber.  Punk went up behind him and as Jericho turned, Punk landed a roundhouse kick sending Jericho out of the ring.  Jericho landed near the crowd barrier in a bunch of camera equipment, looking comatose.

WWE refs and a medical staff came over to see if Jericho was able to continue but he wasn't moving or responding.  The Miz and Punk fought inside the ring, with Jericho's status seeming to be out of the match.  Miz got the upperhand for a bit in the ring and seemed to be going ballistic attacking Punk.  CM Punk connected on Go To Sleep after avoiding Miz in the corner of the ring.  Punk secured the pinfall on Miz and was handed his championship belt as Jericho was still laying outside the ring.  Punk looked over at Jericho laying by the crowd barrier with medical staff, then walked up the ramp.

Winner: CM Punk wins the Raw Elimination Chamber to retain the WWE Championship.

They showed highlights of Santino Marella winning a Wild Card Battle Royal to become Randy Orton's replacement for the Smackdown Elimination Chamber. Cole said as Josh Matthews referred to it, a "Jeremy Lin moment" for Santino. They showed Santino backstage with a glass and a dozen eggs in a carton. He put some egg yolks into a glass and drank them, then puked them out.

They showed a lengthy video package about John Cena and his workout gym to showcase the upcoming Cena vs. Rock match at Wrestlemania 28.

Winner: TBD Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix
WWE Divas Championship

Beth had the early advantage with a side headlock on Tamina on the mat. Tamina fought out of it and managed to hit a Samoan slam on her. Tamina set up for the Samoan Splash but Beth went over to fight her down. The two divas ended up chopping back and forth in the ring.

Tamina got the upperhand with multiple chops and then a huge splash on Beth in the corner, followed by a Superkick. Tamina set up for the Splash yet again and hit it this time. She secured a pin but somehow Beth kicked out.

Moments later, Beth sent Tamina face forward into the corner turnbuckle. She followed by hoisting up Tamina for the Glam Slam to beat her by pinfall.

Winner: Beth Phoenix wins by pinfall over Tamina Snuka to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

They showed Santino backstaged punching a hanging bag of meat, "Rocky" style. He put on The Cobra sock and then delivered another shot on it.

Josh Matthews was shown backstage saying Chris Jericho was unavailable at the moment to comment on what happened earlier. Jericho was shown seated on a table in the background. Medical staff were still shown checking on him.

Justin Roberts introduced John Laurinaitis, the executive VP of talent relations and the interim GM of Monday Night Raw.  He talked about how Smackdown GM Teddy Long should be subject to the same scrutiny as him with the WWE board.  Suddenly, Alberto Del Rio's music hit and Del Rio came driving out in a fancy car and then waltzed down to the ring.  He talked about how awful Teddy Long is as the GM of Smackdown.

He suggested that Laurinaitis should be the GM permanently for Raw, but also for Smackdown.  Just then, Mark Henry's music hit and he came to the ring.  Henry talked about how Long assaulted him on Smackdown.  He said Laurinaitis has never thrown his weight around or abuse his power.  Henry said just like Del Rio he thinks JL should be permanent GM of Raw and Smackdown.

Laurinaitis started to speak when all of a sudden, Christian's music hit and he arrived to the ring.  Christian talked about the injustices committed against him by Teddy Long.  He said he also agrees about JL being the permanent GM for both Raw and Smackdown.  The segment ended with Laurinaitis gathering Henry, Christian and Del Rio into a group for Otunga to take photos of them.

Laurinaitis suggested they take a group picture together, and pulled Henry over to the group to get the photo.  Otunga snapped a few photos then one with himself in front of the group.  Cole chuckled over it all.

After a Wrestlemania video package, they showed another Santino segment.  This time he was running back and forth in front of stairs, then ran to the top of about 20 stairs before doing a victory celebration at the top including his trumpet sign.

Smakdown Elimination Chamber for World Heavyweight Championship

Big Show was interviewed backstage about his "less-than-stellar" Wrestlemania record. He said entering the WM28 event as the World Champion is his plan.

Great Khali was the first man to come to the ring and get locked into a pod. Next was Cody Rhodes, for his first-ever Elimination Chamber match. Santino Marella managed to get to the ring and into a Pod next. Fourth was the champion, Daniel Bryan. Wade Barrett arrived next and then Big Show.

Wade Barrett and Big Show started out, with Show getting the advantage, knocking Wade down several times. Khali, Bryan, Santino and Rhodes watched from their pods. Barrett soon turned the tables, grounding show and working over his leg to keep him down. Show regained control but the next countdown started up, and Show walked over to stare down Daniel Bryan, hoping he'd be next. Instead Cody Rhodes arrived into the ring.

At one spot, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett worked a high-low move on Show, with Rhodes clipping Show's leg and Wade clotheslining him down. Moments later, Rhodes was beating up Show, but got punched out of the ring by Barrett. Barrett kept tossing Rhodes against the Chamber wall.

Another countdown started with no eliminations yet. Santino Marella came into the ring to strong crowd reaction and worked his magic against Wade Barrett, knocking him down, then preparing for a diving punch. He turned around to rev up the crowd, then turned back around to see Big Show standing there. Santino tried a punch but Show got the upperhand. Moments later, Rhodes clipped Show's leg again to ground him and beat him up more.

Moments later, Rhodes and Barrett delivered a double suplex on Big Show. Some "Boring" chants started up after it anyways. Barrett and Rhodes tried to work together to drag Show into the ring for a pin. They couldn't so instead Rhodes attacked Barrett. He went for a moonsault and connected but Wade kicked out of the pinfall.

After more assaults in the ring, another pod was ready to open. Out came Great Khali who started to all-out beat down the other opponents. He hit a Punjabi Plunge on Rhodes, then Barrett, then chopped Santino down. However, Big Show was up and ran to spear him down hard, then pinned Khali to eliminate him.

Show climbed up on the corner near Daniel Bryan's pod. He tried to reach down and grab Bryan, then started to rip apart the chain links on top of the pod. He finall ripped it apart enough to climb into the locked pod with Daniel Bryan. After a few minutes of assaulting Bryan, the latest countdown started up, meaning it was Bryan's time. Bryan raked Show in the eyes to escape the pod, but Show tracked him down, then threw him right through his pod wall.

Show nearly had a pinfall on Bryan but Barrett broke it up. Santino tried to steal pin on Barrett but he kicked out. Moments later, Rhodes hit two Beautiful Disaster kicks on Show outside the ring. Barrett then hit a flying clothesline off the corner, and Rhodes followed with a DDT for the pinfall to eliminate Show.

Rhodes gloated about the elimination yelling for Show to get out of the ring and looking over the ropes as the refs escorted him out. Santino rushed in behind Rhodes and grabbed a surprise pinfall for the win. Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes on Santino as a parting gift.

Later in the match, it was down to Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett and Santino Marella. Bryan and Barrett kept fighting with Barrett getting the control of things and slamming Bryan against the Chamber wall with a Powerbomb style move. Next up, he slammed Brya's head with a pod door multiple times. Santino tried to get back into things but Barrett beat him unmercifully against the pod wall.

Bryan made a comeback as he jumped off the corner ropes to take out Barrett on the side area. He slammed Wade multiple times against the pod walls. Barrett managed to fight back with D-Bryan on the corner. Barrett managed to avoid a Superplex in the corner and shoved Santino down to the mat. He went for a huge move with Santino rolling out of the way. D-Bryan took advantage by jumping from off the corner to hit a finishing headbutt on Barrett.

Santino snuck over and grabbed the pinfall to eliminate Barrett. It came down to Santino vs. Bryan with Bryan not taking Santino serious and trying for an all-out attack. He had a pinfall but Santino managed to kick out. Later, Bryan went for a diving headbutt from the corner, but Santino moved away. He pulled out The Cobra sock and connected with a punch to take down Bryan. He had a pinfall with Bryan kicking out at the last moment.

From there, Bryan managed to counter Santino's move into the Lebelle Lock. Santino tried to fight out of it with the crowd going wild to root him on. However, it was too much for him and Santino was forced to tap out. Bryan retains the championship.

Bryan kept celebrating triumphantly in the ring, but was interrupted when Sheamus' music hit. Sheamus marched down to the ring and got in with Bryan. He got Bryan up and then slammed him down sideways before roaring out with his arms like a cross in the ring. Cole said it seems like Sheamus has let us know who he's going to challenge at Wrestlemania 28.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via submission over Santino Marella to win the Chamber match and retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

They had a segment backstage with Hornswoggle wearing a cheesehead. He said "cut the cheese" and offered some to Natalya, but she said "I swear to God that wasn't me." Natalya farted, then got embarassed and ran off. Justin Gabriel came up to Hornswoggle who started saying what cheese he likes. Hornswoggle said he likes Jack cheese and then "cottage cheese" and pointed to Vickie's legs. Jack Swagger and Vickie came up. Smackdown GM Teddy Long came into the picture and told them to settle their differences in the ring. He booked Gabriel vs Swagger for the United States Championship, next.

Justin Gabriel vs. Jack Swagger
United States Championship Match

Hornswoggle came to the ring with Justin Gabriel. Early on Swagger had control and started to do pushups on Gabriel to taunt. The crowd seemed quiet during this one as Gabriel mounted a comeback including a corkscrew spinning move over the top rope onto Swagger outside the ring. Hornswoggle cheered on Gabriel from ringside. However, back in the ring Swagger was able to clip Gabriel's leg and then locked in the Ankle Lock to make Gabriel tap out.

Winner: Jack Swagger wins due to submission over Justin Gabriel to retain the US Championship.

They showed a video package of the latest moments involving John Cena, Kane, Eve Torres and Zack Ryder. On Raw, Cena rescued Eve from an ambulance and she gave him a kiss, with Zack Ryder nearby to witness it. Later on Raw, Ryder came to the ring to confront Cena for what happened. Kane came out and shoved Ryder in his wheelchair off the top of the stage, causing Ryder to get sent away in an ambulance.

John Cena vs. Kane
Ambulance Match

An ambulance backed into the arena for the match with Justin Roberts announcing the rules of no countouts, pinfalls or submissions. The winner is the one who puts their opponent into the back of the ambulance so it can be driven out of the arena.

Kane made his entrance first, and then John Cena. The two started off exchanging punhes and hits in the ring, then eventually moved up the ramp and near the crowd. Kane went over and opened the ambulane door early and started to get the stretcher. Cena tried to fight him, but Kane shoved the stretcher into Cena's gut. Kane yanked the stretcher out and went to drag Cena into the back of the ambulance. Cena fought him off, grabbed the backboard from the ambulance and smashed it into Kane.

The standard "Let's go Cena - CENA SUCKS" chants started up as Kane and Cena battled back down the ramp area. The match included a series of interesting spots, including Cena smashing a TV monitor into Kane's face. Another spot, had Cena put Kane into a wheelchair and shove him into a bunch of tables near the crowd. Down at ringside, Cena tried to rip apart the Spanish announcers table and walk up half the steel steps with Kane for an AA. Kane got out of it though and chokeslammed Cena through the table. At one point in the match, Kane had Cena into the back of the ambulance, but as he went to close the door Cena used his foot to prevent him and kicked out of the ambulance to keep fighting.

The final moments of the ambulance match saw John Cena smash Kane face first into the side of the ambulance. From there, Cena opened the ambulance driver's door and climbed from the seat onto the top of the cab, and then taunted Kane to follow him up there. Cena got onto the roof, and Kane followed. Kane tried to grab Cena for a chokeslam up there, but Cena kicked out. He hoisted Kane up for the AA and hit it, throwing Kane down to the hard floor below.

From there, Cena managed to load Kane onto a stretcher and shoved him into the back of the ambulance before closing the door. Cena wins the match. Cole talked up Cena's big win ahead of his huge match with Rock for Wrestlemania 28, as the PPV went off the air.

Winner: John Cena wins the ambulance match after putting an incapacitated Kane into the back of an ambulance and slamming the doors shut first.

 Thanks for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for your 2012 Elimination Chamber results! Remember to check back after 11PM EST for all of the match-by-match recaps and results from tonight's show. Also, Raw goes live at 9PM EST on USA Monday night with all of the fallout and follow-up from tonight's huge Pay-Per-View!

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