Monday, March 12, 2012

Raw Results 03/12/12

John Cena started off the show delivering his diss rap lines towards the Rock for Wrestlemania 28.  One part was censored out when he called Rock "Miami Chicken Fried ----."  However, the crowd seemed to give Cena applause for his rap which included remarks about Lebron and Rock both heading to Miami, and about putting his nuts in Rock's face at Mania.

Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.  Daniel Bryan and AJ were watching from a skybox up in the arena, with Josh Matthews there to talk to Bryan.  In the match, Sheamus went for a big move at one point but dropped Ziggler by accident.  Ziggler hit a Rocker Dropper but Sheamus kicked out.  From there he connected on a Brogue Kick for the win.

Mark Henry and David Otunga defeated Santino Marella by pinfall in a handicap match.  John Laurinaitis was there to watch from the commentary table.  Aksana came to the ring along with US Champion Santino.  The match lasted just over a minute with Teddy Long charging down to the ring to check on Aksana's safety.  He and Laurinaitis got into a shouting match, then Long shoved JL over the announcers table.  Santino got hit by World's Strongest Slam and pinned.

Post-match, Henry and Otunga went to rough up Santino more, but Kofi Kingston charged down to try to save him.  Kofi got attacked though and hit by a World's Straongest Slam.  R-Truth rushed down to try to help, but got beat down as well.

Brodus Clay defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall in about 30 seconds.  Clay hit a huge slam and running splash for the win.  Post-match he did some in-ring dancing with his dancers to celebrate the win.

Undertaker and Shawn Michaels had a segment in the ring, discussing all the talk behind Michaels' back about him being a failure or loser.  Taker vowed that he will win at Hell in a Cell to continue his destiny and The Streak.  He told Michaels if he gets in the way of that, he will end him.  After HBK left the ring and walked the ramp, HHH came out and stared towards the ring with Taker, then did a crotch chop at him.

James Roday of "Psych" on USA came out as guest announcer for the next match.

CM Punk defeated The Miz by submission.  Late in the match, Punk countered a corner move by Miz and put on his submission.  Miz tried to fight out but eventually tapped.  Post-match, Chris Jericho appeared on the big screen and talked about why Punk is straight edge.  He brought up Punk's father being an alcoholic and how he let CM Punk down every step of the way.  He taunted Punk saying he will take away his title, his sobriety and his bravado.  After the promo, Punk looked bothered by it as he got his championship belt.

Randy Orton defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall.  Orton hit a powerslam late in the match followed with his from the middle rope DDT.  He eventually hit the RKO in the center of the ring to win.  Post-match, Kane's pyro went off from the ringposts.  No sign of Kane though as a startled Orton kept surveying the area for him.

The Rock came to the ring to finish the show with a guitar in hand.  He played a song and had several comical lines about Cena being an Eminem wannabe, and about how Rock was going to be with Cena's mother tonight.  He also sang about Cena hooking up with Eve despite the fact Cena has a wife.  Rock got the crowd to do a "We will rock you...Cena Sucks" chant before the close of the show.  Rock vowed to go to Wrestlemania 28 and kick Cena's ass in the biggest match of all time.  Raw closed out with Rock posing in-ring.

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