Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Santino Marella is New US Champion

Congratulations are in order for the master of "The Cobra," Santino Marella, who captured the United States Championship for his first-time ever on Monday night.  Santino won a match against Jack Swagger which involved a lot of outer interference, arguing, pushing, shoving, and attempted cheating.  However, the good guy was able to overcome all of that and get the schoolboy pinfall on Jack Swagger, after escaping an Ankle Lock.

Santino previously held the Intercontinental twice, and tag team titles once (with Vladimir Kozlov).  Santino's first IC reign came thanks to the help of Bobby Lashley during an event in Italy, where Santino was a "random" fan picked from the crowd to compete against Umaga for the IC title.  Lashley helped him score the big pinfall to win it though.

The great part about this latest win for Santino was despite all the outer shenanigans, he didn't need Kofi Kingston to hit Trouble in Paradise on Swagger to give him the pinfall.  Santino won on his own, which was well deserved after the show he put on against Daniel Bryan in the Elimination Chamber.  It's nice to see someone's hard work rewarded, and it certainly beefs up Santino's resume.  It also makes you wonder who he's being set up for to take the title.

Maybe it'll lead to a match at Wrestlemania 28.  Will Zack Ryder get the match since he was never truly able to compete healthy in his rematch against Swagger?  Will Santino be on the main card, or in a dark match ahead of the official Pay-Per-View.  WWE would be wise to have him on the card since he has been really gaining more and more fan support as he goes.  Yes, at times he appears to be a comedy act, but his work in the Elimination Chamber was among the best of the event.  Kudos to Santino for getting rewarded for that effort with another singles title belt around his waist!

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