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Raw Results 03/05/12

Raw Results from Boston, MA:

Shawn Michaels came out to start the show, making his way to the ring after pyro and slapping fans' hands.  He said things got heated between he and HHH weeks ago, but that's all water under the bridge now.  He wants to find out why HHH changed his mind about facing The Undertaker.  Triple H came out dressed in a business suit to respond.

Michaels talked about how he took shots that were below the belt at HHH to try to get him to face Taker again, but HHH didn't buckle.  He called Triple H a man of honor and integrity.  After the footage from last week was shown of Taker suggesting to HHH that maybe he thinks HBK is the better wrestler, HHH finally spoke in the ring.

He told Michaels he's sick of all the talk behind his back by Taker and others about how HBK wasn't good enough to end the streak.  He said Michaels is the greatest in-ring performer of all time and he doesn't like seeing him as a loser.  HBK sarcastically thanked him for all that, and said it hurt him to admit he couldn't get it done and then see HHH dominate Taker at Mania last year.  Michaels said this year at Hell in a Cell he knows who's going to win and he'll be right.  Michaels went to ring, before pausing and coming back to say he's the special guest referee for the match at WM28.

Santino Marella defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall to become the new United States champion.  Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler were at ringside.  John Laurinaitis and David Otunga arrived during the match.  Eventually, the man in charge tonight, Teddy Long, came out with Kofi Kingston and girlfriend Aksana.  They confronted Laurinaitis and Otunga as Raw went to break.  Late in the match, Santino had the Cobra sock on and used it to strike down Ziggler from the apron.  Vickie got on the other apron and Santino went for her, but she dropped off.  Aksana rushed over and shoved Vickie to the floor.  Swagger put the Ankle Lock on Santino, but Santino managed to flip him into the turnbuckle then did a schoolboy pinfall to win the match.

Post-match, Teddy Long and Laurinaitis argued about who's show it was.  Long called security out to escort JL and Otunga away from the arena.

They had a segment with The Rock outside near Boston harbor from earlier in the day.  He gave his first history lesson of the night about the Boston Tea Party and chucked various John Cena memorabilia, wristbands, cologne and other items into the water behind him.  He told someone to go clean up the Cena trash from the water.

Eve Torres defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall.  Eve scored a quick rollup and held Alicia's legs down to secure the win.  Kelly Kelly was at ringside on commentary with Cole and Lawler and stared down Eve post-match.

Zack Ryder showed up to cut a quick promo.  He walked out on the ramp with a cane and said he's glad he never hooked up with Eve, because Bro-ski's before Hoe-ski's.  Later backstage, Eve caught up with Zack and said she had something to say, then planted a passionate kiss on him.  Zack was shocked by it and smiled as Eve rushed off.

John Cena was shown sitting in the stands in the empty Boston arena before Raw.  He talked about how big his match with Dwayne Johnson will be at WM28.  He talked about how The Rock's the most successful superstar ever in the history of WWE.  He spoke about how he doesn't just intend to show up at Mania, but to win.  He said Boston is the "city of champions" and brought up the Patriots near undefeated season which was ruined by the Giants in the Superbowl.  Cena said nobody remembers 2nd place.  He also suggested that WM28 will break ever record in the history of WWE and no one will remember second place.  He said that's why he needs to win and why Mania is so important, because it's his legacy on the line.  Cena was shown staring up at the Wrestlemania 28 banner in the empty arena as the segment ended.

Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho defeated CM Punk and Sheamus by pinfall.  Late in the match, Punk hurt his back, but gained control against Bryan.  He hit the Macho Man elbow drop from the corner, but Bryan kicked out of the pinfall.  Things broke down late in the match, with Jericho and Punk winding up legal in the ring.  Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, but Punk countered to a pinfall, but Jericho rolled through for the winning pinfall.  Jericho rushed out of the ring and picked up the WWE championship belt smiling at Punk in the ring.  He took the belt and shoved it under the ropes at a seated and dejected Punk.

The Rock gave history lesson #2 in front of a statue of Paul Revere, talking about Revere yelling "the British are coming."  He said what if it was this guy yelling and showed a cardboard standup cutout of Cena.  He talked about how much things would suck now if Cena was Revere.  Rock said he would have to travel back in time to kick Cena's ass.  Rock gave his own version of "Yankee Doodle" featuring how he stuck a feather up Cena's ass and called him a jabroni.

The Big Show defeated The Miz by pinfall.  Cody Rhodes arrived out before the match could start to show a highlight clip of Big Show from Wrestlemania X8.  He wasn't at the event, but instead at the WWE restaurant eating and riling up fans.  That only angered Show more, as he eventually speared Miz down and then hit him with the WMD for the win.  Rhodes sneered about the result as he stared down at the ring where Show held a fist up and pointed at the WM28 banner.

History lesson #3 from The Rock came outside the Massachussetts State House in front of the Boston Common.  He talked about the Americans fighting for their independence.  Rock said that spirit lives inside of him.  Rock said something else is going to be overthrown, when he overthrows John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 after 10 years of him being shoved in the fans' faces.

They announced that Shawn Michaels will appear to confront The Undertaker on next week's Raw in Cleveland, Ohio.

Kane defeated R-Truth by pinfall.  Truth made a comeback with an elbow from the corner and went for the scissors kick to finish Kane, but Kane avoided it.  Kane came back with the big chokeslam to win it.  Post-match, Kane made the pyro explode from the ringposts.  Suddenly, Randy Orton's music hit and The Viper stormed down the ramp.  Kane turned to leave the ring, but R-Truth grabbed his leg and held onto him.  Orton got in the ring and hit the RKO on Kane as Truth rolled out of the ring.  Orton got a mic and crouched down near Kane then said "It's good to be back," before leaving the ring.

John Cena arrived out to mixed reaction in his home arena of the TD Garden.  He looked at the camera and said it's the "home of Larry Bird, Wade Boggs, and John Cena, can you believe that?"

Cena talked about The Rock's history lessons likening them to infomercials, asking fans to decipher what Rock was really saying.  He said Rock keeps talking about his penis and how many women he's had sex with.  Cena asked if he's facing The Rock at Mania or "Jersey Shore" star The Situation.  Cena said after he came out to confront Rock last week, Rock seemed shaken up and couldn't find his words.

Cena talked about what he was wearing and how ridiculous he looks.  He said despite all that Rock was shaken by him.  He also said lately Rock's best stuff has been pre-recorded or by satellite.  Cena said he needs to know who he's facing at Mania, the man who talks about Chinese takeout for 20 mins, or the greatest superstar ever in the history of WWE.  Cena demanded "The Rock" to come out there because he doesn't want to see the alternative in the ring.

The Rock's music hit and out came Dwayne Johnson staring down towards Cena in the ring.  He got in the ring and paced around with a mic in hand keeping eye contact with Cena.  Rock said he sees fear in Cena's eyes that he's taking everything away from him from the past 10 years.  Rock said he sees right through him and questioned Cena if he really thinks he shook his confidence.  A "Boots 2 Asses" chant started up to pause Rock's speech.

A "Tooth Fairy" chant started up which allowed Cena to ask even though they're near Tewksbury Mass, he wanted to make sure they were chanting "Tooth Fairy."  Rock said at his core he's a man who will whoop his ass, and at Cena's core he'll always be a little boy that will go down in history as "The Rock's bitch."  Rock said what he had to say then left the ring, mic in hand.

Cena said Rock's height and weight don't intimidate him.  He said Rock's lost his damn mind if he thinks he's scared of him.  Cena said at Wrestlemania he's the son of a bitch who's going to make history by whooping Rock's ass.  Cena went to do a pose on the ring corner, then waved it off and dove under the ropes.  He rushed over the crowd barrier and jumped into a bunch of fans to celebrate, then took a drink from one of their beers before going back in the ring to pose more.

Cena went over to hug his dad, and kiss his wife, and introduce his brother-in-law on camera as Raw ended.

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