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WWE NXT Results 03/07/12

Here are the latest WWE NXT Redemption results for the 3/7/12 episode on

Matt Striker started the show in the ring and introduced the new Match Coordinator, William Regal.  Regal spoke about wanting to deliver the best possible matches to the fans.  He was interrupted by Maxine who came to the ring.  She flirted with Regal saying she was looking forward to working underneath him.  Regal said he was looking forward to seeing her in action, against the daughter of the great Jimmy Snuka, Tamina.

Tamina Snuka def. Maxine by pinfall.  Tamina hit her Superfly Splash from the corner to win it.

Curt Hawins and Tyler Reks came down to the ring and started talking trash about William Regal being put in charge of the show.  Regal got fed up and stood up from the commentary area, pushing a mop bucket on wheels over.  He told them their job for the night would be to clean the toilets in Mohegan Sun, or else not show up next wee for NXT.  Hawkins and Reks reluctantly walked over and got the mop and bucket from Regal.

Johnny Curtis def. Yoshi Tatsu by pinfall.  Late in the match, Curtis went for a Superplex with Yoshi shoving him off the corner.  Yoshi went for his spinning side kick off the corner, but Curtis moved out of the way.  From there, Curtis followed with his finisher a suplex flapjack style move.

McGillicutty was backstage showing Matt Striker footage from their match last week and started telling Striker why Kidd's a loser.  Striker was reluctant to listen to him, and Kidd walked up.  Kidd told Matt to leave.  He told McGill he wants his rematch.  McGill laughed the idea off, so Kidd kneed him in the gut, and told him to give it a thought.

Backstage, Curtis was rubbing lotion on his body, when Maxine came walking up.  She told Curtis to play along and pulled him towards her so she could start pretending she was biting his ear.  Bateman came walking in from the outside and asked if it was an "NXT rerun."  He asked what they did to Kaitlyn since she wasn't there.  Curtis joked she got gingivitis after kissing Bateman.  Maxine said she hopes she shows up because next week they have a mixed tag match.  Maxine went to walk off and Curtis put his arm around her to go with her, then she shoved him off behind Bateman's back.

Bateman bumped into Reks who was mopping the floor with Hawkins.  He told Reks he stinks, then hit Hawkins in the gut before walking off.  Next Percy Watson came up and cracked jokes on how they looked like Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez.  As Percy walked away, Hawkins yelled "Loved you on Family Matters."

They showed the Raw Rebound covering John Cena and The Rock's latest encounter in Boston, MA.

Darren Young def. Jey Uso by pinfall.  Jimmy Uso was on commentary during the match with Regal and Matthews.  Late in the match, Jey had a comeback and started to rev the crowd up with the Us-O chant.  He went for the running hip check splash in the corner, but Young moved away.  From there, Young grabbed Jey's tights and yanked him down into a schoolboy pinfall.

Percy Watson def. Titus O'Neil .  Late in the match, Titus had a headlock on Percy.  He released it and went for a pinfall, then put the headlock back on.  The crowd tried to get Percy motivated, and he managed to break the hold.  Percy made a big comeback including a huge dropkick and his Showtime Splash for a near fall.  He hit the Percycution finisher and got the win by pinfall.

Post-match, as Percy was celebrating up on the corner, Hawkins and Reks rushed down to the ring with their mops and brooms.  They attacked Percy and tossed him to the mat, then out of the ring.  Hawkins and Reks got on the mic to tell Regal they cleaned up his mess and they're just getting started.  NXT closed with them backing up the ramp and Regal with a strange look on his face.

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